Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Map, Fire, Knife, Key...for real

So...I watched Sucker Punch was..interesting to say the least.

Kuar dari pawagam agak mix feeling bout the film, in one hand I sorta like the movie...but on the other..well you know how it goes.

The good :
- The intro..was really really well the song choice! Watchmen...the intro is spot on! love
- The F/X, but at certain times it does get a bit tiring (will get back to this on the bad)
- Carla Gugino
- The ending when some stuff finally made sense and come full's a pretty sad ending

The Bad :
-The over elaborated fantasy was cool at first...but then it got a wee bit tiring...I was like shit I have to endure 4 more of these?..BUT on the upper side the Knife fantasy scene was a bit different near the end..nice change there.
-The fight scene was a bit blah...I actually said, 300 well choreograph scene was way superior..which later later I realized Snyder made that film sangat..

Overall it's an ok ride..what I really love is the ending..felt perfect. ok tuh je..minggu nih tak berwayang cause semua cerita cam hampeh...unless...ada sapa2 nak banjer?