Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Which is the better prequel?

Had a long weekend and no where to go hence staying in it is, which is fine by me cause I need to start clearing files from my ext HD..saw a number of flicks but the highlight is definitely The Exorcist Prequels..yes plural.

Was aware that there are 2 versions of the Exorcist Prequel but never got the chance to see the 2nd version, the Paul Schrader's version...until now. But before that I decided to watch Renny Harlin's version first which is the official flick Exorcist: The Beginning for comparison's sake,and after watching both versions I found the near resemblance of each flick's still different in a way but the idea is basically the same. Let's compare shall we?

Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist Schrader's Version:

Based on Rotten Tomatoes it's the better version of the 2, but I disagree. I prefer the the version with the better budget (not this one) Let's start with the


- Gabriel Mann is the better Father Francis, he's more sympathetic
- The possessed one actually got me scared it's different
- it's not overly sensationalized, production value is simple at it's best
- more on the story rather than the shock value
- Stellan Skarsgård is great!


- biggest issue; for me it does not feel like a exorcist could be just any exorcism flick
- I know I said the tone down production value is a breath of fresh air but and some parts the fx was really sucky!
- I don't see the inner conflict Father Merrin is facing..
- the female actress...ugh

Exorcist: The Beginning Renny Harlin's Version :


- now this one felt like a Exorcist flick, I can see how this version continue over to the Exorcist that we all love
- faster pace, easier to understand flick
- there's a twist! no matter if you've guessed it or least there's a twist!
- gory I like
- Father Merrin's conflict is more visible here
- Stellan Skarsgård is great!
- the devil token is visible

- at times it looks like the makers are more interested in the shock value

hey...guess what I have not much beef with this version

in both version Stellan rules

So go figure I like which one better...honestly I don't understand the flack Harlin's version got back then..but I liked it..still it is interesting that they have 2 versions of this flick on the same year. This could make an interesting thesis or topic for movie makers

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