Monday, July 29, 2013

Damn, this is some scary shit! - Brenda from Scary Movie

this is the poster I gave to Lyn as a thank you for being an awesome movie bud..and now I want one too! LOL

Well hello there world! How have you been?

Been awhile I know, time is a factor...but not today! I have a horror flick to review, which I think is a good genre AND flick itself to jumpstart this blog since hey, I started this blog cause of my love of horror flick.

Anyway I saw James Wan's flick The Conjuring earlier. So far the dude has never failed me, all his flick rules, even the lesser liked ones (Dead Silence). Saw it with horror fan Lyn and Fadz who were equally excited to watch this flick.

Flick's bout this very adorable family who moved into a pretty run down (where you guys find this house!) house in the country. Life's all fine and dandy for the family until strange things started happening, knocks around the house, door shuts and opens by  itself, clocks stops at 3:07 (witchin hour yikes!) etc..and then...well, more shits happen.

So the flick? Bloody scary! Last movie I got really spooked was Insidious (another James Wan flick yay!) ..and maybe a little bit by Sinister 2012. It started out good with the haunted doll story told by these two roommates (yes more dolls, dude got a hard-on for dolls I suppose) then creepily the title pops up..yes I find the title card scene quite eerie..brought me chills. I guess it was the creepy score plus the word "based on true events" that appeared hauntingly before the tittle...whatever it is I got real chills there and then.

Story flow was good, minor scares at the beginning until the demon made it known it means business. I can honestly say that near every night time scenes,  something scary is bound to happen. The ghost/demon ? Plenty of em, which is why I like James Wan, he gives you a bevy of em all equally scary looking (I notice I'm using scary a lot) but the big bad..WOAH! Bitch have seen better days, it's also cool that the director never really gives how the whole ghost/demon looks's usually glimpse or very fast cuts or ghost in dark corners which really is spooky cause you don't know what to expect.

Fadz asked me earlier which scene scared me the most, now I got time to's definitely the peeking underneath the bed scene..that scene was brrrrrrrrrr! Kudos also to the kid that played that part Joey King (also in White House Down) When the kid was peeking to see what the heck was pulling her..I was like no no no! and started looking up ( I do that when I'm genuinely scared..less scary cat looking LOL)...

What else..the characters! Nice! . I was rooting for the whole lot, their backstory was heartwarming and honestly while I was watching I thought "if anyone dies I'm gonna be soooooooooo pissed"..but do they die? Now that you gotta go and watch it youself. Oh it also helps that the youngest kid looks like a young Drew Barrymore (cute!). Oh another Oh!, Lili Tomlin deserves recognition (preferably a nomination) specially for the last few final moments of the movie.

So overall..solid flick..I give it a 9 and thus far is my fav movie of the year (It was Star Trek II before, just so you know) now I can't wait for Insidious Chapter 2, I dunno how James Wan is gonna upstage this.

P/S: thank you for the great time Lyn and Fadz, and the very delightful people of Wangsa Maju who watched the flick along with guys were FUHNY! "NO NO IT'S LYING!..DON'T BELIEVE HER! NO NO! " screamed a fellow random movie go-er in the cinema (translated it's originally in Bahasa)


Henzy said...

Patrick Wilson layan horor skrg kan? Insidious pun dia (or James Wan punya rekomendation kot?)

reza said...

aku suka dia...he seems nice..ehehehehe

asrap virtuoso said...

Hoho... aku ingatkan minggu ni baru open, rupanya ada sneak peak minggu lepas. Walaupon aku penakut aku mmg nak tgk cite nih. Last cite seram yg aku tgk, Sinister thn lepas.

reza said...

itu pon TGV jer, kawan sorang ni la..semangat check..tgk2 ada

Sinister was a good one as well, puas aku tgk cerita tu...atmosphere dia menjadi

Ed said...

nak tengokkkkkk!
gsc x leh booking pulak.
bongok tul la.

reza said...

tu la..aku call aritu xnah angkat, sombong..mentang celebrity