Wednesday, February 08, 2006

summing up this week

ok gila lama tak update blog nih...dah dengor bunyi cricket dah pon..anyway aku lambat update cause mmg aku bz bz bz gila nak mampuih dan tiba2 demam sampai muntah2(no joke) oleh kerana aku takmo cerita kisah personal sangat dlm nih maka aku just sum dengan mengatakan happy birthday pada eda! seronok mkn Chili's ngan ko 2 weeks back, dan duk teragak2 nak mintak refill(tul ke leh refill air?...duk tertanyer2 lagi nih)...dan happy tunang day pada kor embor...AKA FARAH HAZWANI yg dapat 2 bentuk cincin...(ngengadanyer kor) nih jer satu gambo yg survive time tunang kor...gambo lain fail cause kor dengan bestnyer duk gerak kiri kanan...gambo nih pon ada tangan gerak2 noi kat hujung tuh control macho seh

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apa lagi...oh yeh pastuh gi juara lagu 20...not bad ah, ok lah, yg kecewanyer tak dapat tangkap amy yet again!tapi best ah dengor ning baizura nyanyi...walaupon aku taklah gemor dia tapi, lagu tuh best benor sampai "whatever lah..aku nak gak kor menang"...but then came jac...terus tak terkata apa2 yg confirm aku rasa jac akan menang, overall oklah kot dianyer keputusan cuma best performance mawi? kira kalau orang tuh taknah nari then tiba2 nari sakan kira best performance lah yeh...waaah tak sangka...

satu lagi best mlm tuh izar ngan hebatnyer pull a rohana jalil...aku chicken out last2 minit...takut ah, dah ler duduk tul2 kat tiang memandang orang2 dapat vip...tak pesal2 semua pandang ke muka aku lak nanti..dah ler ada sorang kat area2 aku tuh muka cam sara yakoob...brrr chills...anyway full report masuk ah blog izar...semua agak aku setuju ...oh link dia kat tepi masuk gi.

now lets get back to movies or music topic...actually i don't have the mood to continue the best of 2005 post,but someday i assure u it will be finish...for now I wanna list down some of the upcoming movies of 2006 that i really really want to c

1. When a Stranger Calls

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Cast : Camilla Belle(chumbscrubber), Brian Geraghty(no no its not a movie title)
When : It's opening in the States about now i think...hehe lets see how long can I wait till I try the alternative way of watching it
What : It's a remake, I've never come to watch the original one, but from what I heard the first 30 minutes is one of the scariest moment in thriller history which inspire the opening scene for SCREAM (my all time fav movie)It's about a babysitter who babysits 2 yuppie rich kids who then is harrast by someone that keeps calling her .What she doesn't know is that the killer is already in the house...*GASP*(ahahaha poyo)...then begins the cat and mouse chase scene.
Predict : I think it'll do fine...the trailer is good enuff for me especially the part "the caller is in your house!!"

2.Final Destination 3

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Cast : Ryan Merriman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead(gwen of Sky High)
When : This Week in the US
What : Well basically the same, I dont think it has anything to do with the previous installment.This time the opening scene involves a rollercoaster(great, another thing to be scared of)
Predict: I think the opening sequence will be great, but other kills looks dull,I'm hoping there are more death scenes than the ones that are shown in the trailer...but I really think the rollercoaster scene will rock, look at the images likey the 5th image.


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Cast : Kristen Bell, Christina Milian(heh), Ian Somerhalder, Steve Talley, Rick Gonzalez, Samm Levine, Jonathan Tucker(i like this actor)
When : Next month in the US
What : It's a remake from a Japanese film called Kairo, I saw the Japanese version before(thanks to azmir) but seriously, I never really understood the story, all I know is that the ghost scared me shitless. This is what I know; Students of some college or university discover this eerie website which sorta opens a door to the dead realm.Those who came from this realm slowly "consumes" anyone who comes into it's path.
Prediction : Can't really predict cause I havent seen the trailer(someone pliss point me to any links) but it's possible that It may suck.

4.The Hills Have Eyes

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Cast : Aaron Stanford, Ted Levine, Kathleen Quinlan, Vinessa Shaw, Emilie de Ravin(she's a cutie), Dan Byrd, Robert Joy, Ezra Buzzington
When : Around Next month ...yet again in the US (cepat lah skit maysia nih pon)
What : Another remake (wow shocker), like When Stranger...I've never seen the original,though I've wanted to see it sooo much..I guess I have to deal with the remake for now,just like House of Wax(luckily HOW is cool).Well the story is somewhat like Wrong Turn, a family who is stranded on a dirt road and chased by some man-eating cannibals(cool)..will they survive?This is intresting though cause if it's family it will be hard to predict who will go and who will live..but i guess i'm going to stick to who's hot and have the most lines.
Prediction : HAVEN'T SEEN THE TRAILER ARGGGHHH!!!....but I'm going for it will be good.

5.Silent Hill

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Cast : Radha Mitchell(wohooooo! hot chick from Pitch Black), Sean Bean, Laurie Holden, Deborah Kara Unger, Kim Coates, Tanya Allen, Jodelle Ferland
When : APRIL...near my ehem birthday wohoo!!
What : Based on a popular game about a mother and her daughter who had an accident near Silent Hill;a sleepy town which will scare the hell out of me if I get stranded there.When Rose (Radha) woke up from the accident, her daughter is lost and nowhere to be found and so begin the quest to find her in this eerie town with many secrets.
Prediction : The trailer rowks, the movie will rowk..I love the game! so I'm hoping it will rowk...end of rocking...additional note...loved the demon nurses!


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Cast : Richard Dreyfuss, Kurt Russel, Emmy Rossum, Mike Vogel, Josh Lucas, Mia Maestro, Freddy Rodriguez, Kevin Dillon, Jacinda Barrett, Jimmy Bennett, Andre Braugher...and I think I saw Fergie in there.
When : MAY
What : A remake yet again, what draws me to this movie is because I simply love the original, I saw it with my bro when I was young and 1 scene in particular was so sad that it stuck in my mind forever.So on with the what...A luxury cruise ship is capsive by a big wave(and i really do mean BIG), the few remaining survivor must reach the bottom of the ship for salvation(because the ship is upside down)
Prediction : Looks mighty fine...and I do notice some similar scenes in this remake...and if the red girl really is fergie i guess she might be playing that god annoying whimpering girl from the original...i do hope they'll change the character,Fergie can't be annoying, and that's final.

7. XMEN 3

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Cast : Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Shawn Ashmore, Daniel Cudmore, Famke Janssen, James Marsden, Ian McKellen, Anna Paquin, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos
When : Phoenix will rise in MAY
What : Erm I really dont know, it's the 3rd installment (duh) of Xmen, but from what I heard and saw in the trailer.It's about XMEN versus the many mutants of Brotherhood of Evil Mutants...seriously, there are a lot of bad guys...even the supposebly good guys in the comic (psylocke and stacy X to name a few) are in the brotherhood...hmm outlook looks grim
Prediction : I was skeptic at first...but it may go well.What i do know is i'll be one of the people rushing to buy the tickets when it's out

so that's bout it...see u next going camping this weekend...wish me luck, i've never gone camping before...hohoho


thanezra said...

kerana tuh semua upcoming lah kak

jue (bukan nama sebenar) said...

hey.. kenape aku tak tgk lg seme movie2 itew..

adieha said...

reza. you have been tagged. sile tgk blog aku utk maklumat lanjut!

Razli said...

Jom tgk Pulse ramai2. Tgk, impact dia sama tak dgn impact kita tgk Kairo dulu.

reza said...

aku rasa takkan

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. film editing classes