Sunday, May 28, 2006

Another One

Have u heard the news?...There's a 3rd installment of the I KNOW franchise(woooopie?) really, actually i was like finally!we need an ending for that franchise..last it end with huge thingy beeing pulled under the sheets(groan)...but it is a little too late,not to forget none of the previous cast is called back(not that I'm looking foward to Brandy's screaming)and!the fact that it went straight to video is soooooooooooooooooooo not a good sign....I didnt check the new cast yet...but the plot is somewhat like the first..."hit a fisherman...throw his ass into the sea...angry fisherman came back to hook them".

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oh oh and I saw this poster and a dvd cover?'s awesome!i leave u guys with that

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ajurina said...

aku kene tengok dulu baru leh komen..

Anonymous said...

tetiba teringat rasa berdebar debar masa derang cari pembunuh yg tangannyer bercangkuk dalam perarakan in i know.. 1st.tgk reramai kat hostel.indahnyer masa tu...sekarang tgk vcd sensorang jer.ape pun aku nak tengok citer ni walaupun sensorang. terkomen dulu baru tgk boleh??

reza said...

nih tentu yan kan...lain kali letak lah nama tuh...dan yeh time cita tuh kuar kitorang masa kat kan

izar said...

Wahaaa poster I Know nyer franchise tu sangat cheesy pliss! Baik soh Isma buat.. ahaks!

Ed said...

wohoo... smart giler poster the descent.. tapi line "the best horror-thriller since Alien" is a little bit exaggerate tak? ataupun over-rated... but for me... still... this movie is actually must see movie... tapi tak ramai yg tau... why eh?

Anonymous said...

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