Thursday, April 08, 2010

Bored, so this is what I'm watching..

Hey all, I'm not in the mood to write stuff actually, buuuuuuttt! I'm freakin bored in office right now. And this 1 stupid helpdesk kept coming back after 10 minutes is not helping me mood either. So, what shall I write? I've just finished watching Lost Ep11 and went woooooooahhh I might add. I thought to myself, ok recommend tv2 series aku layan jer lah. Leh?

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Still watching after loads and loads of confusing plotline twist yada2 crap. A lot have given up hope. But I didn't, I wanna know the ending, I wanna know what heck is up with this weird island. And hopefully it all ties up well in the end. This season is the final season (thank god), and in 7 weeks all will be revealed (thank god gak). At least it ends properly unlike some series that ends without any conclusion.

Why I love lost? : Story is good, every turn they make, there's a new mystery and sometimes they way they reveal it (spooky/non spooky scene) just creeps me out. I blame the themes they use in this series. Eventhough sometimes I had enough of the twist and turn they manage to make me interested again with the new plots/twist. Another thing I love bout the series is the cast..great cast they have here. Good esemble . My fav characters would be the Mysterious Juliet (miss u lots!), the anti hero Ben and the always lovable Hurley. Man I can't wait till this series end..and hear the last "previously on Lost" caption.


I was skeptic at first with this. Premise sounded lame, and the cast looks how should I put this..tooooo for the girls? But as the story progress, I found myself loving the show. Though I hated the current turn of events that is happening this season (angels in the loop?) I'm still drawn to this show.

Why I love Supernatural? : I liked Sam and first but then Dean really grew on me. And his constant references to Pop culture is maddd cool! and unexpected!And nods to some horror movies in some episodes is also cool. I still love that episode that resembles Assault on Precinct 13. Apa lagi yeh? Oh and the show solely relies on the two brothers, no other main cast is required.Thats cool in my book.

Ghost Whisperer

Wanted to see it just because Jen Love is in it.And it's a mystery why until now I'm stuck with the show. There are great moments in the show, the build up to all the season finale thus far was intriguing but alas the finale itself sometimes were a bit lackluster (except season 1, season 1 was the bomb!) And sure, i do like a bit of sappy story from time to time. Doesn't hurt to feel for the ghost.

Why I love Ghost Whisp?: Jen Love and the Husband, they make such a great couple, believable. And sometimes some episode does shock me. Season 1 finale and the death of ehem Jim (ah by now everyone knows!)


From the makers of Lost; ok SOLD! Like first episode of Lost, I got hooked after the very first scene. Chaos everywhere! really really well made. And some of the cast of Lost have transition to this show. The credible Charlie of Lost fame is in this.

Why I love Flashforward? : ok won't actually say love it, but it's growing on me. Like Lost the mystery is there, lots of jaw dropping moments and also like lost..a great ensemble of actors. Also the Flashforward concept is pretty cool.


Ok shoot me now for admitting to this. I love the original 90210; Kelly is my all time young boy fantasy..and when I heard they're gonna relaunch it, I thought to myself why not? And after season 1, It's actually pretty good, sure it relies on pretty faces A LOT. But there are some good stories in there.

Why I love 90210? : Aku perasan muda. Fav cast member is Silver and Adrianna. hotttttttt!

Vampire Diaries

Blaming June for this one, she said "got vampire u sure like leeyyy". I saw the adds and promo and was turned off by the pretty faces cast in this show. Serious Ian (Damon in the show) can u wear anymore lipstick??????? But besides that, the show is actually quite good. But seriously Ian..loose the lipstick...pleaseeeeeee!

Why I love Vampire Diaries? : It's fast pace, every episode is a cliffhanger. There's always something brewing from the vampire clan. Like Lost, a lot of "would be/potential" main cast gets killed off really fast. Then there's the vampire, the look given to the vampires are simple..yet cool. I like it, it's not really exaggerated. And lastly, the lead chic is no bimbo..she rocks! kick more vamp asses girl! U rule.

I will continue if tomorrow still sucks. Bye -n-


Siberkop said...

HeHe. Tak sabar utk penghabisan Lost.

Mari buat spoof utk Lost bertajuk Kehilangan.

reza said...

kehilangan too general
lain skit...kehilangan doh.. ke?
eh aku dah ada cast tuk hurley...cepat teka sapa...LOL :P

Ed said...

tahun ni 2 fav series aku abes... Lost dan Betty... aku nanges la betty abes...... uwaaaa!!!!!! tiada lagi penyeri malam2 kesepian ku....!!!!

thanezra said...

hmm betty abis cool tapi tak sesedih aku tgk ending supposedly scrubs finale season...
but im hoping lost will end with a bang!...hope sangat nih...jgn tiba2 semuanyer mimpi udah..leh tikam diri