Thursday, September 16, 2010

Milla Jovovich is still a hottie no?

Dear Milla Jov,

Since Fifth Element me thinks u - r pretty much a hottie. Me even like to quote regularly your Multipass scene to those who understands / just for the fun of it.

Then came Resident Evil. ..
U in that Red dress = a sight to behold...woof! And when you did that 360 kick to that devil dog...double the woof!..u were born to be Alice. I thank Paul Anderson for casting you..but I won't thank him for marrying u..that lucky dog.

2nd Resident Evil came and u still kick ass, unfortunately the 2nd installment was sorta a letdown for me....but I still remember u running down the building...woah much?

3rd resident evil came and ur still hot...however u tried to act in resident evil 3...seriously a no-no...u only excel in kicking butts...less the dialog the better...oh and whats with the constant flawless skin in the 3rd installment?...ur afraid of Ali Later stealing the show? contest.

Now the 4th, was so xcited to see it I book the show for 1st Syawal at gardens in glorious glorious 3d!...and it was great. I thank you Paul Anderson again for losing the clones cause seriously it was such a drag...even Milla Telekinetic powers deserve to made her TOOOO amazing....after all of those crap was canceled me started to enjoy the gets better when milla reached the citadel and boy did she kick a lot of ass love love. I remember whispering Hot to AJ 3 times in reference to Milla...cause lets face it....u -r HOT. Thought RE4 isn't actually that hot...bottom line is....u rock my make more RE movie...but please don't gain any more powers. And I hope u kick Jill's ass.

Yours forever (pfft),



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eDa said...

yes milla is HOT HOT HOT..but i envy Ali's body! I want her body, I want her boobs..erk..lucah? hahahah

reza said...

inaz : :D

eda : memula aku ingatkan eh sat...mila ada ke boob? :P, oklah ada mmg ada tapi tajam.. BWAHAHAHAH