Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why was I so excited to watch this?

I can confidently say that pretty much all the movies released for the past 4-5 weeks back was pretty dope. Seriously, every week there's one horror flick..started with Piranha then Resident Evil Afterlife and THEN Devil which rocks so much it hurts...the chic beside me screamed till me ears bled (true story , not the bleeding part though) but The Devil really really delivers; I was in suspense mode near all the time and the twist? Not too shabby...didn't see that coming.

Now last week after Elmo's open house, me being the usual kiasu guy...booked movie tix for the weekend like nobody's business (fav HSBC staff word..go figure). But didn't really invite anyone this time, except for my ever reliable movie go-er cousin of mine. Cakap or sms jer "jom wayang" 90% of the time she would say yes, senang..easy, breezy beautiful...xyah drama2 nunggu jawapan org. So after Elms place..I went, a couple of MMU friend came as well last minute...oh I forgot the movie title..It was the Hole..I was excited to see this cause it was made by Joe Dante.

Since It is Joe Dante's product I expect the movie to be pretty mild in the scare-fest department but at least enjoyable...u know..Gremlins? So it started out pretty cool...reaction for audience was cool..we hear whispers/whimpers/laughs here and there...and I gotta admit..some parts really did spook me. It was intriguing as well...The Hole..the heck is that thing?..what's the mystery surrounds it?...but THEN...halfway through the movie...MASYALLAH...stress! it went spiraling downhill.

Bila everything was revealed it was pretty...meh? And all the ghost..spooky clowns got ridiculous. Maybe I was asking too much..since it does look like the movie is targeted for kids. Iwan even mentioned it looked like an episode from Goosebumps which I totally agreed on. By the end of the movie you can tell that the whole cinema was pretty much in disbelief cause halfway till the end...no one talked..it was total silence..pretty a rare scene for a cinema in Malaysia. Oh..and I even said sorry to Iwan for the movie I chose (Iwan wanted the Devil..tapi Hello aku dah tgk..lain kali book sendiri) Overall...it started out really good..I was intrigue but then...WTH...oh and the fantasy world really didn't work for me..pretty meh