Monday, October 07, 2013

In a nutshell

Ok a fast one, 2 ++ since my last update..yikes!'s an short update of the movies I saw circa last month till now..some of em are actually short updates of mine via twitter.

I waited 13 freakin years for this?!?!?!? yeeeeeesh! (no I won't count Chronicles of Riddick)
Rating 4/10 (yeah I was really upset with this one)

The Lords of Salem
Sheri Moon - Sheri Moon! woo wooo! Lords of Salem is a step up from that WANNABE Halloween 2 remake, not saying it's really good..but Rob Zombie is heading the right least this flick is original..never seen something like this
Rating 5/10

Predictable ending but the flick have one excellent on screen kill..oh Stephen Moyer sucks in this..made me wonder how he's one of the leading dudes in True Blood (never seen TB btw)
Rating 6/10

This is the End
 It's funny but I think I'll enjoy The World's End (which haven't even premiered in Malaysia yet!) better 
Rating 7/10

The East
 Political flick, I myself wondered how I managed to finished this but I was intrigued , flick lost it's steam though near the end
 Rating 7/10

 Struggled at the beginning cause I was dead tired after doing overtime but the payoff at the end was so good that alone made me give this a good rating..but again, if only the pace is faster at the beginning.
 Rating 7/10

Hangover 3
Zach Galifianakis character now officially got on my nerves..what an annoying dick..but on the plus side at least this one was better than the 2nd
Rating 6/10

 For someone who does not know JACK bout F1..who lobbied the channel to be changed to MTV Movie Awards when everyone else wanted to see the race...who had to be dragged into the cinema to watch this...I kinda like this flick...great story
 Rating 7/10

Could've been better, great gory kills though
Rating 5/10

Curse of Chucky
 Chucky gets a facelift, I didn't like the new look..but try sticking out till the end..good ending, did not see it coming.

Rating 6/10

Fright Night 2
 Did NOT like this...after it ended I asked my friend the youtube link for Mr. Vampire 3 to cleanse myself off this shitty movie...a pity cause flick had Jaime Murray (whom I love from Dexter) in it

Rating 4/10

Houston in the blind....THIS IS AN AWESOME FLICK with great visuals / story / character development and suspense..I especially like the fact that we rely on visuals instead on sound when the satellite blew up ..this one is  a win!

Rating 8/10


asrap virtuoso said...

Out of the 12 featured here, I've only seen 3... Gravity, Rush, and Prisoners.

It October already.... Halloween... bet your favourite time of the year right? :)

eDa said...

Reza! YEah out of all I've seen only 2 bahahahaha..

FYI I had some thoughts of the movie later that day. And some of what this astrophysicist said is the same as what I practically questioned.

However..ME love love love the movie

thanezra said...

en asrap : yes...still deciding which old flick to watch..or new..depends..saw that a malay horror flick about highland towers is premiering on intrigue

eda : ha okok i'll check out the link..tq tq

Henzy said...

Saya tengok This is The End.

You, Seth dan I, Jay.

Irwan ada sikit mcm James.

Fun ride.

thanezra said...

hello saya James
iwan michael cera

dan aku tau..kor tgk sbb BSB kan