Tuesday, October 15, 2013

So it's Halloween

It's Halloween month baby!...unlike last year in which I have ample time to watch movie daily..(yes daily) this year am not gonna do a weekly horror movie pick..not time ma. Fortunately .. this week, with the long weekend and all (oh Happy EID Qurban) ... I managed to catch...Insidious 2 (weee!) , V/H/S 2 and The Purge..so of to the movies.

Insidious 2

The other movie I've been waiting for this year. Continuing right after the events of the first flick..Elise is still dead (awwww) but all is fine with the Lambert family..they got their kid back...unfortunately an entity hitched a ride back to the real world..ooweewwuuuuweeeeee

Let me start with;
I preferred the first one..no surprise there cause it's really hard to surpass the 1st flick for any franchise (or a 2-part flick) The lady in black is less scary this time around..in #1 I was shit scared with that ghost...then the other ghosts that linger around the Lamberts..yep nothing much..the only truly scary parts are when you don't see these ghost but can tell that they are around the dark corners..but when they show their ugly mugs..meh.

I also did not like the addition of the time traveling concept..hello this is not Back to the Future 2 where it is slightly connected with the events of the first movie. Plus, this is a horror movie...however there are an aspect or two that I like bout this concept, will get to that later.

The Further world, I did not like this mambo jumbo world in the first one, which I felt dragged the film down a lil. This world is still featured in #2 and yeah..me still no likey. And lastly 3rd act felt a bit meh

Now the good, Patrick Wilson is the man! There's this one scene where his face expression change from a sickly man to a somewhat devilish grin was so awesome it brought me chills!..I was scared! Patrick..you rule man!

The ghostbuster dudes in the first movie that provided few laughs are back, and they are funnier! Love em. They provided much needed relief during those tension moments. The new medium was just okay..I still love Elise.

Now back to the time traveling aspect, I don't like it but..it is cool cause it felt like the movie was planned to have a sequel from the get go, just like say....How I Meet Your Mother... :)

Overall it is still a good flick, just not as good as the first and The Conjuring ; 7/10

The Purge

I'm gonna make this short cause I have no time now all of sudden.
Once a year Americans are allowed to commit heinous crimes w/o being convicted, this day is called The Purge, and it was sanction by the government

The Purge has a great premise, great idea ... an idea where movie fan can talk bout "what if..this was real" ... "is this politically correct" ...however I was not rooting for the family in trouble here..especially the kids...my friend and I who watched this flick thought the same thing.."just sacrifice the kids and make a run for it!" ..the villain was cool...he looked / sounded menacing. His team was also awesome. And then we have the 3rd act which sucked so hard...the makers tried to add in a twist but yeeeesh..the twist sucke!

Overall 6/10

V/H/S 2

5 shorts in 1 film..all flicks are kinda like those found footage film which stories ranges from ghost to aliens! ..yes aliens!

I liked the 1st one better (big surprise) ..the zombie and alien story kinda suck. The ghost and cult story (cult flick is Indonesian made!) was good. I wanna focus on the Alien flick..it sucked..the hand held cam was shaking everywhere to the point of annoyance ...honestly there's no redeeming qualities from this short alien flick.

As for the Indon cult flick...wow!...gory...weird..gut wrenching you got it!..The only problem I had was the demon that appear at the end..ha yeah that's it gotta leave

Overall 6/10


asrap virtuoso said...

There's an Indon flick in V/H/S 2? Funny how all 3 films were actually released already some time ago. There's not enough horror film for Halloween this year!

reza said...

tu lah nyer...but local flicks a lot coming out during halloween