Monday, December 23, 2013


God honest truth, I did not expect such great movies this year, I dunno bout you guys but it's really hard to narrow down to a mere top 20 flicks of the year...but right now like what I previously did on this blog (except last year) I'm noting down the flicks I can't wait for in 2014. So here goes 2014 flicks in random order (except #1 :D)..

Nurse 3D 
I've been waiting for this one since 2 years back, it was even in my 2013 movie to watch out for. It's your typical thriller with a mad chick antagonist really..but it's the kind of flick I dig. So.. (the 3D kinda pushing the envelope a lil bit too far though)

300 : Rise of an Empire
Tonight we dine in Hell! There! so there!

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
More ape-shit fun! Plus I wanna see what is in store next for Ceaser

Godzila 2013
I had no beef with the previous US version, It was a fun ride. But this one looks far out! Gotta check this out for sure

Devil's Due
One of the more better looking horror flicks for next year

Rec 4 : Apocalypse
I'm so excited for this one, Angela was a strong and cute lead..and I love all 3 previous flick + plus the american remake. Hope this one comes out at the cinema

Friday the 13th 2014 (if it comes out 2014)
The 13th Friday the 13th!...of course I wanna see this one, hope it's a battle royale between the previous survivors and Jason...wooot I'm peeing in my pants just thinking bout it.

Hunger Games Mockingjay I
I was just okay with the first flick (it felt like a tame down version of Battle Royale) but the 2nd one woaaah. Was impressed with Catching Fire, I saw it twice and really really can't wait to see what's in store for the next flick

The Hobbit : There and Back Again
Like Hunger Games, the first flick was meh, And then came Desolation of Smaug and woaaah was that a great flick..and the ending was one of the most !@$!@% ending screaming "we want more" ending ever! yeah I want to see the last Hobbit flick ASAP

X-Men Days of Future Past
Hello, big X-men fan here .. some fanboys are unhappy with the direction Singer is going with..but hey the dude gave 2 great X-men I even deemed as the best superhero flick ever. So give Singer a the trailer rocks hard! *please...we need you to hope again*

Honorable Mention
Maleficent  : looks hot
The Amazing Spiderman 2
Guardians of the Galaxy : good comic book could be a great movie
Wolf Creek 2
How to Train Your Dragon 2
Edge of Tomorrow : tom is good in picking great action flicks (well except Oblivion)
Paranormal Activity : Marked Ones


asrap virtuoso said...

Nurse 3D... hey it's that hot chick from 30 Rock!!

Aku terlepas 2nd installment of both Hunger Games and Hobbit.... tp semua kata maasive improvements from the first! Sempat lagi nak tgk Hobbit kalo cam nih!!

Godzilla.... sejak tgk openning scene Pacific Rim makin excited nak tgk this one!

reza said...

which one? the baddie with the sexy lips or the blonde?...tak tgk 30 rick

eh bro, hobbit pi tgk...syoook...part barrel tu ku suka gilaaaaaa

asrap virtuoso said...

The blonde chick... katrina bowden... dah lama dia xde kat 30 Rock kot... aku last 2-3 season terlepas...

reza said...

hooo ingatkan the one with the lips, sexy tuh...hehe