Monday, January 06, 2014

Worst Movie Ever - Comic Book Guy

Hey hey, it's that time of the year again. We'll start the new year as usual with Top 10 Horrendous flick of the year.Basically this year most of the ones in my bad movie list are the ones I'm disappointed with, not necessarily bad but disappointed. Also sadly, most of the bad movies in this list are horror flicks, I guess I'm more judgmental on horror genre.So here goes 

10. Riddick
It's not really a bad movie. However ...well let me quote the reviews that I agree with from the net "this is not the Riddick movie I wanted" & " I waited 14 years for THIS!!!"  ...It's a letdown to say the least.

Saving grace : surprise surprise the addition of  Katee Sackhoff as a kickass macho chic was superb. You see once upon a time I hated this chic, HATED! It's all because of her so annoying character in Halloween Resurrection. I swore her off there n then. But in Riddick? Such a vast improvement, Kudos to her

9. Penanggal

I don't wanna say much bout this one other than "this is my new Saint Ange" ..those who are close to me would understand.

Saving grace : well at least visually it's stunning..I'll give em that.

8. Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

So...where the monsterS? Plural ok! Percy 2 is not really THAT bad, but I'm disappointed with it. To compare with the first flick the budget looks to have been cut down massively , heck they even replaced Pierce Brosnan with Anthony Stewart (which is not bad but I want Mr Bond!), and the challenges Percy met in this installment was downright laughable , the big bad was defeated by just one stab..COME ON!

Saving grace : the cameo from Nathan Fillion ..funny!

7. G.I Joe Retaliation

Bad guy sux, I don't feel any dread from em. I believe from the get go the GI Joe's are gonna beat the living crap out of the bad guys. There's no sense of danger at all...and...I fell asleep like the first 15 min..LOL

Saving grace : the fight scene at the mountains was kinda cool...KINDA

6. Hansel and Gretel : Witch Hunters

Great concept but BADLY executed...awesome looking witches, NOT USED to the fullest!, ya that's it

Saving grace : there's an troll named Edward, I laughed so hard

5. Among friends

Oh my what the hell is this crap, I watched this solely cause Danielle Harris helm the director's chair. And for someone very familiar with the horror genre, I can't believe this is the best that she can come up with. The acting was appalling the shock factor was...well non existent. Bad bad movie

Saving Grace : nada

4. R.I.P.D

I guess Ryan Reynolds don't have much luck in comic book adaption flicks. He should stop now cause RIPD is just lame. It's the kind of flick that you watch and 10 mins after you forget all bout it.

Saving grace : like my last statement above...I don't remember anything.

3. Fright Night 2 2013

I...I.. sigh, this one was bad. Could the just have made a follow up to the first remake flick. Sure it ain't a masterpiece but at least people can relate to it more. What we got is a kinda rehash idea from the original 80s flick but set in foreign country (not US)!

Saving Grace : 1 name , Jaime Murray

2.Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D

The quality of tcm flicks seem to go lower with each new entry. A pity cause I dig leatherface. This new entry is just blagh..they should just stop trying hard and just focus on the chase and kills. Look at Friday the 13th flick, it's not mindblowing but at least you got the awesome kills! And add more cast member, remember what randy said in Scream 2. Body count should be more!

Saving grace : the dames in the flick, they're hot!

1.The Last Exorcism 2

I'm well aware that this is not The Last Exorcism 2 poster, but it should've been!
Tsk tsk such a waste, the first flick was good. The last few frames are one of the most $$#×ed up images in horror history. So you can imagine my excitement going in the cinema to watch this. But I got none of the elements I like from the first flick. The makers should have just stayed back at the farm, the different approach/angle they were going for

Saving grace : eh none of that here

so that's it...horrible mentions : Oblivion and Epic for being so bloody boring.  Sharknando for being way too silly. The Purge which was saved because of the interesting concept and also it made me think."what if" ..and Olympus has Fallen for being stupid boom boom flick. Vikingdom could've made the list as well but I feel asleep throughout the movie so that does not count...or does it? hmmm


asrap virtuoso said...

Aku berjaya avoid kebykkan movie yg aku tau aku x kan enjoy. Mungkin pasal experience movie-goer sbb tu mcm bole tau mana flick yg kita anggap sucks.

Pasal aku avoid byk... x pasti worst movie yg aku tgk thn lps. "Mama" bole masuk kot... x seram langsung n bosan gile... aku seronok pasal kena hug ngan my pengecut ex-fiancee time tgk je kot ;P

G.I. Joe.... second one was better than the first... but still sucks!

Beautiful Creatures pon bosan... lain... x ingat... tp kalo cite2 yg best thn 2013... ha... yg tu byk!!

thanezra said...

aku...entah lah..I just couldn't help GI Joe tu..mmg ada bakat cam hampeh
eh aku lupa sangat beautiful creatures, buhsan gila cerita tu..tapi ada Emily apa entah nama belakang

As for Mama, i kinda dig it though..haha