Tuesday, January 14, 2014

FIRST (remembering that awesome mag)

I was doing a little bit of spring cleaning and stumbled upon this stack load of Magazines which brought back fond memories. It's First!, the mag I followed religiously back then. In my opinion this is one of the best SEA based mag ever published. It has everything in it plus monthly freebies (which one of the major reasons why I love this mag). Near each month there would be a (or 4) movie postcard(s) stapled in the middle of the mag. Each time buying the mag, I go straight for these postcards first. Thankfully it looks like all the postcards I've collected is still intact, never used ..never stick up my cubicle.

But mark my work, one day. I'm gonna use all these freebies when I have my own media room. This will all go up my wall..yeah one day...one day. Haiyoo when am I gonna have my own kick ass media room?
ANYway...the First is a Singaporean movie mag that comes out monthly from Dec 2002 - May 2009. I only started collecting in 2006 by chance and continued buying it till it ended it's run. Total mag bought 32. Apart from the freebies the other reason I love this mag is because of the monthly ..top 10 or top 100 list of movie related stuff. I live for these lists. Most blog / movie website I follow are because of the top 10/100 list..well mostly, I do like reading reviews as well. But list? YUM! Recently I've started collecting FILM Malaysia, it's OK but really pale in comparison to First..heck even The Score another mag I used to collect (after First) is kinda better than Film Malaysia. FILM Malaysia looks pretty but lacking in content. And most of the reviews are kinda back dated, I know cause it's "Malaysia" but still....man how I miss First Mag...bring it back!

p/s: if anyone remembers there's this Singaporean Mag during the early / mid 90s which was also good but I forgot the Mag's name. I remember once they Photoshopped Meg Ryan + Slash's mug together...any ideas anyone?


asrap virtuoso said...

majalah2 berkaitan muvi mmg susah nak tahan lama kat mesia.... niche market yg terlalu kecik

org lbh suka kpd majalah2/cerita berkaitan gossip artis... mcm... er... galaxie? explains why reality shows like the kardashians are popular

reza said...

galaxie ku layan gak zaman riang remaja..haha mungkin sebab kemampuan dulu2....but galaxie bagi ku hot enough...kalau tak kerana ia aku xkan usha Scream ..aku ingat lagi cause dia list out horror flicks to watch out for during halloween