Monday, January 20, 2014

The Best of 2013 : Part 1 20 -11

I'm just gonna go straight to the point. Hard it may be, I've finally finalize it. Top 20 of 2013 Part 1, here it goes ...

20. The Wolverine

Aaaah The Wolverine, my least favorite X-man that is overly exposed in both silver screen and comics. With that said, I like this one, it's less mutant oriented and at least the continuation  from other X flicks are better thought out. It could have been higher up my list if! .. both Silver Samurai and Viper characteristic, powers, look etc followed more closely to the comic..oh well at least Yukio is somewhat similar, you can't win it all.

Best scene : if not for the bonus scene at the end, this movie won't be in the list, I was such an excited fanboy when Prof X popped out..(well that and the fact that this is an X-Men flick)

19. Pacific Rim

I had a wonderful time watching this alone at the cinema on IMAX, the IMAX experience made me enjoy the movie immensely ..and then I saw it at the tv screen. Honestly Pacific Rim is best enjoyed at a big screen with Kick-Ass audio system (3D is optional)....the flick is tailor made for it. It is however an enjoyable monster-robot flick. Who doesn't like watching robots and monsters duking (if that's even a verb)
 it out. And good choice of words naming the monsters and clicks.

Best Scene : The brawls were excelent, but Mako's flashback scene during her first encounter with a Kaiju was well made, and sad

18. The Heat

The Heat is a fun buddy cop flick with chics in it. Sandra Bullock had played this sort of character before but the addition of Melissa McCarthy made the movie stood out a tad more. Both leads played the role down to the tee. McCarthy's cussing made me blush and Sandra is just a wacky girl next door which I would date, eh?

Best Scene : McCarthy may have stolen the show, but every time that albino cop appears..he made me lol

17. Stoker

Once a while there comes  a horror (or thriller if you really wanna be technical)  flick that totally blows your mind even though it takes your hours to interpret the flick. Stoker is it for me in 2013. All 3 leads played their roles very well. Specially liked Matthew Goode in this one. I don't wanna say more but go watch it.

Best Scene : The opening scene..beautiful

16. Kil

This sounds pretentious but once a year I promise myself to watch a malay flick at the cinema, last year I dunno what possessed me but I saw 3 local flicks at the cinema..1 was average, another made me scream oh god why! (refer post Worst Movie Ever early this year) and luckily for me...another one was a gem. Kil is a gloomy flick which I enjoyed. It's certainly different from your average local flick (eventhough I can smell the ending a mile away), if more local movie makers try something like this I might just go see more local flicks at the cinema. Oh another thing, the two leads! Specially the chic thats ooze that New Girl chic ( I suddenly forgot her name) aura.

Best Scene : the first date, just cause Zara oozes Zooey (yeah I finally googled) during this time

15. Iron Man 3

Not an Avengers fan but Iron Man 3 was a fun ride. If this is in fact the last  Iron Man flick then It ended well, a good full circle. And good job making us Marvel fans believing The Mandarin was The Mandarin ...really did not see that coming. Some fans hated it, I didn't. Oh I want to add, who swoooned when Gwyneth punch a hole on one of the Iron Man suits??!.. I know I did, the lady is fit!

Best Scene : Monkey in a barrel scene

14. Maniac 

Elijah Wood is a question mark for me. Sometimes I hate him and sometimes I don't..but I do think he's a good actor. And his portrayal of a shy-awkward-maniac was believable. He nailed it...and the gore, me like! Some scenes are kinda hard to watch but I still dig it. I bet all the feminist in the world hates this flick..blah, to each their own.

Best Scene : When he scalps the lady agent, yoikes dude means business!

13. Rush 

I know jack bout F1. A colleague of mine wanted to watch it, so he asked me to tag along. So I did and ended up loving the flick more than the F1 fan. I don't really know how close the movie is to real life and don't even want to check but what I saw from the flick bout the rivalry and some history of F1..I like it. It is much easier to watch AND understand than watching these F1 drivers go round and round during their matches :P. Oh Daniel Bruhl was good, why he didn't get an oscar nod? Weird.

Best Scene : hmm I dunno if there's a best scene for me in this one. It's just all around a well tailored movie.

12. Evil Dead remake

A lot of fans hated it. I did not, I watch this with an open mind knowing IT'S A BLOODY REMAKE. And I enjoyed what I saw...well except the what in the world is happening last 15 minutes (it involves blood rain..go figure) ..I thing missing though..the scare first I was kinda afraid watching it alone at night cause I remember watching the original Evil Dead back then all alone which scared the living daylight out of me. It was yikes-able at the beginning but then you get use to it.

Best Scene : Any Mia self inflicted torture scene..I said BRRRRRRrrrr

11. Ender's Game

I like to dubbed Ender's Game as one of the great movie of 2013 that no one saw. Seriously I asked around and no one saw it. Only my cousin and another movie friend saw it..and that's it. It's a good movie bout morals. What is right and what is wrong. And the quote from the beginning of the flick really made me think. I love that quote. Acting wise..the lead kid rules..and also the bully, eh let's just say all the youngsters played their roles well...the veterans though...korang tido ke apa? thing though..I did NOT like the ending...WTF was that?

Best Scene : the final "simulation"

next post ..Part 2 ...are you excited as I am? #tetiba


asrap virtuoso said...

Aaah, come on.. Wolverine is the most exposed because he BAD-ASS... haha..

Would have loved to have seen pacific Rim on IMAX... my 1st IMAX experience was Gravity... n nak pastikan tgk byk lagi cite dlm format tuh...

Aku ada baca pengarah KIL mmg cast Cristina Stockstill (Zara) tuh pasal dia punye quirkiness resembles Zooey. Plus dia buat cite tuh pasal inspired tgk (500) Days Of Summer.

I guess I loved the Mandarin twist because I don't really follow Mandarin in the comics. I understand why hard-core fans are upset, but I thought it was hilarious!

Love Rush but keep holding off tgk new Evil Dead. The original is a childhood favorite tapi the new one seems too brutal... aku x suka sgt gore2 nih...

Henzy said...

I'm always excited for you Browny.

reza said...

Oh no no, Wolverine is a overexpose mutant ho that likes all the underage girls whom thinks he's mightier than thou whom with any chance he gets steal Jean from Scott memacam lah..bottom line..he sux..he used to be cool..not anymore..btw Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is cool..I just don't like how they made all the X movie bout's called X-men for a reason

The issue with IMAX is that it's overly pricy, Gravity is good but say 12 years a slave? X ke rugi tgk Imax? But blockbuster flicks highly recommended..ku tgk Star Trek into the Darkness kat Imax juga

Kisah KIL, I did not know that..but seriously n honestly lepas tgk KIL, terus cam eh eh Zooey..

Mandarin, I liked it, cause x xpect..dan lawak gila Ben Kingsley! Evil Dead remake mmg brutal...ku SUKA! Ahahaha..tap kurang takut ah, tu yg sayang if not sgt best!