Saturday, January 28, 2006

Best of 2005 part ii

I am doing favourite tv personality for part ii, basically semuanyer dari tv ah senang cakap...cause if nak list person from movie mak aih banyak!...rachael mcadams, cilian murphy, nathan fillon, sheri moon(hmm idea for another best off nih) ...list goes here it is, part 2 of best of 2005 "FAVOURITE TV PERSONALITY" ...ehem ada 3 jer cause entah takder yg layak lagi

no .3

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rachel bilson
Who : Summer from the O.C
Y : O.C is like a guilty pleasure for me, i've never really admit that i watch this show(until now). 1 thing that attracts me most about O.C is Marissa,at first!Then came god how i loved that girl since season 1.She's funny, a bit bitchy(but hey aren't we all) and so sooooo cute at times and most important...i have never so far seen her behave like an ass or even backstab anybody...unlike marissa.So that's y she's no 3
Defining moment : It all stands out, but in season 3 i really loved her catfight scenes with taylor

no .2

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yoon jin kim
Who : Sun of Lost
Y : This lady rocks! She's very-very sweet(there's trend here) and likeable.And the way she shows her affection towards her husband always makes me go awwwww.If they(the producers/writers) pull a shannon on her i'll be really really mad and possibly stop watching lost cause i dont have anyone else to watch for(ok maybe hurley and libby but...).
Defining moment : Two scene' better make that 3; i) i cant remember which ep...but it's sun/jin plot related episode..the scene is where she goes to the beach at the end of the episode and just let loose like she always wanted to, her facial expression really shows that she's now "free" also doesnt hurt that she was in a bikini(tee hee hee). ii) the goodbye scene where jin decides to follow michael on the boat...this scene is very sad that i nearly shed a tear after hearing jin's last word(i said nearly!) iii) spoiler alert!!!!......when jin found his way back to sun after he was lost at sea


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Who : The Hidden Bitch of cycle 5
Y : Ok some people may hate me for this choice(no 1 lak tuh!), but i trully like fact love!.She's spunky ,she's cute,she's adorable, a bit bitchy (ok a lot) and she does produce great pictures in my point of view. Yes i know she's bitchy at times but give her a break, i mean most girls in the house hated her and talk behind her back, no wonder she's bitter.And i have to ask why kim can get away with back talking while people always only see the bad in i understand what Lisa means..."people tend to see more of the bad side rather than the good side of another".Oh well...for me Jayla is still no.1 in my book of 2005 no matter how bitchy she is.
Defining moment : Though this is actually not a pretty side of Jayla, i think people and me will remember her most for her "STOOOOOPID STOOOPID BITCH" comment to nik...still love u though :P


azumiru said...

hehehehe dah agak ko akan letak punk rocker tapi takleh lawan Nicole cycle 3. now thats a punk rocker! hahahaha...Nicole Nicole Nicole Nicole!
aku setuju ngan Sun from Lost...maybe coz shes the only asian, yummeh! v(^o^)

kekasih lama said...

eh.. aku cam sun from lost je.. lain2 aku tak tengok..

reza said...

awww korang dua mmg rajin melayan blog aku nih....thank u thank u, anyway...azu; alaaaa jayla punk rocker gak pe.. dan nampaknyer ramai suka sun yeh...ehehehe suka dia...
ju; takper tak wajib pon tgk cerita2 lain...melainkan kor nak pinjam dari aku?

Che underscore Lee said...

jayla bitch!
though aku ske gaks dia still she called "my Nik" stupid... beeyatch!!!!!!!!

Che underscore Lee said...

dan rachel bilson finally topless.. aku jamin pasni ko search net pasal tu kan?

reza said...!