Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Me no more skeptic of X3

yeah i promise to post more on best of 2005, but let's just put it on hold for awhile ya?...i'll promise by this weekend i'll post more on 2005.
ok regarding the topic above, I was sooooooo happy that finally i got to catch a glimpse of psylocke in the upcoming X3,finally something that attracts me to X3 (before this i was really really skeptic)FYI Psylocke is my fav character in the X-men comics...along with Havok, Polaris and currently Dust(sooraya qadir)
anyway as i saw this pic inserted below, i gotta say, yeah psylocke is hot enuff...but it seems like they skip the transformation of british psylocke ---> asian psylocke, oh well...can't have it all...
oh another thing...before this i've had seen the teaser trailer of xmen and notice the woman on the far left(from pic below not trailer) in the trailer b4 and couldn't figure who she was and boy was I shock to learn that she was stacy X(ugly much?..sorry to say but she looks somewhat she-male-ish)yeah I know that stacy isn't THAT pretty in the comics...but i didnt think she would look like THAT in real life.
and another thing...calisto is damn pretty!but i guess like psylocke they went straight to how she looks now(in comic) rather than the early version of themselves

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oh another thing, just stumble upon the silent hill fan made poster...and i'm pretty impress.it isn't official which one they'll pick but this is 3 of the final 5 (in which i like all 3...but personal fav is that far right one),do check out the trailer...it rocks!looking forward to it

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yukio said...

sooorayawhooo???? me not really into xmen but at least psylocke is hot!
me into that silent hill thing....right poster is kewl, the left one too...apsal tak link kang je trailer ???

reza said...

sooraya qadir...antara pelajar2 baru kat x-men institute, berasal dari arab, kuasa pasir(typical gila)
dan ku tak reti ah link2 nih lagi...takper mlm kang ku bajar dari jurina

kekasih lama said...


iizar said...

silent hill nyer poster cun seh!!

Anonymous said...

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