Monday, January 23, 2006

first post! The Best of 2005 Part i

erm hi, aku saja2 jer wat blog nih cause buhsan dan kerana aku jealous tengok izar ada blog, tak lupa razli pon tak abih2 (bila nak wat blog nih, bila nak wat blog ni)...dan tak lupa azmirnyer "DONT GET IT TWISTEEEDDDDD", anyway saja nak start first post ngan benda aku mmg passionate about...iaitu movies..."duh" bagi rerakan aku, bahasa digunakan adalah mix bm english...cause aku mmg suka ckp camtuh...erm rasa tuh jer kot..oh well aku start ngan the best of 2005 movie, my top ten...oh side note tadi aku main rollerblade setelah sekian lama tak gilaaa(aku tau...poyo) anywayyyyy....


Image hosting by Photobucket high

Expectation : high, especially when i saw the trailer
Outcome : awesome!
Y is it no 10. : Well for starters, its about mutants!
(superheroes to be exact).And those who r close to me know i fell bout 'em!Though the story isnt as funny as I wanted it to be...but it'll do.
Best Scene : the hero/sidekick "labeling" scene
Superstar : the hero, whatever his real name is, i didnt bother to look :P(sorry), ask izar...i guarantee u he'll know

Image hosting by Photobucket wars 3
Expectation : sudah pasti tinggi kan
Outcome : hot enuff
Y is it no 9 : truth be told. im not a fanboy of star wars...take note of that...but i do like to watch it cause it brings many memories when i was a kid
watching star wars with my bro (embarassing note :aku perasan luke boleh time kecik2?)as for this chapter oh star wars...yeah I guess i was satisfied enough with the outcome(though i know most fanboys out there think is sux bro btw)
Let's just put it I enjoy the effects...loved the drama...loved the fight scenes BUT... i wanted more from the other jedi's(hot blue babe yum!) oh well i guess i can just rewatch clone wars again.
Best scene : anakin and obi wan's final battle
superstar : obi wan aka ewan mcgregor

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8.emily rose
Expectation : boleh tahan tingginyer, tapi dengor ayat exorcist terus rasa cam "ishk mencuba"
Outcome : way glad i was proven wrong
Y is it no 8 : at this one point after going out of the cinema i actually said "yo man, this shit is thight!".... kidding :))...i actually said this flick maybe better than the original exorcist...but after much conflicting moments in my head, i gotta say that exorcist is still the best BUT emily rose is much real...y? ...come on do u really thing anyone that is posessed will do a 360 degree head real life....i dont think so
and another thing...laura linney and jennifer carpenter really delivers...i loved linney's closing statement scene...and i loved jennifer carpenter when she's posessed..she rowks. all in all i would say emily rose is eerie and real.
Best scene : "the six names scene" brrrr
Superstar : the emily chic(jennifer carpenter) and laura linney both tie

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7.saw 2
Expectation : tak tinggi cause sequel and u know how sucky sequels usually are
Outcome : aku pengsan masa tgk last2
Y is it no 7 : it started out really like a typical sequel...more blood, more body count...blah2 but when it reaches the i said above...aku pengsan
Best scene : ending, no contest
Superstar : the chic that played amanda (Shawnee Smith)...side wonder she seems familiar, she was in The Stand

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6.war of the world
Expectation : spielberg...need i say more?
Outcome : hot enuff
Y is it no 6 : come on's a good story...appart from the ending i think WOTW is really a good show, i dunno y most people said this movie sux..i can accept ok...but sux?i mean just because tom cruise has gone nutty lately, automatically the movie he's in sux?
Best scene : dakota getting all teared up when she turns to the backseat and saw the city destroyed(dakota u rock!)
Superstar : im a sucker for dakota it is

Image hosting by Photobucket eye
Expectation : agak low (after cursed who would blame me)
Outcome : another movie that i was glad to be proven wrong
Best scene : last battle between racheal and cillian
Y is it no 5 : after SCREAM fav all time movie...nothing from craven seems to be good(cursed anybody?), but red eye really really pretty straight foward withouht any twist like"im ur father"(tee hee hee) BUT i find myself really enjoying this flick
it isnt scary or gory but i really find my self rooting for rachael mcadams to beat the shit out of cillian...the last battle with cillian really seems she's really fighting for her life(if ur wondering which...its the scene involving swinging hockey stick)
Best Scene : stick scene
Superstar : cilian murphy and rachael mcadams both tie

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4.batman begins
Expectation: so-so jer, bukan big batman fan pon
Outcome : GREAT!
Y is it no 4 : ok i wanted to state that im not not not not a big fan of slow pacing introduction(king kong..snorefest) i got that...but though it started out really slow, i wasnt bored at all...maybe its because it has an intresting premise, i dunno, i really cant point my finger on what that kept me awake but, basicallly batman is one hell of a show
Best scene : erm erm ...ahahaah i dunno...erm i guess .... eh taktau ah i give up, semua scene lah senang ckp
superstar : christian bale lah kan

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Expectation : heard rumours it was good, so expectation high
Outcome : best sampai terangkat kaki dengan tissue2 sekali(satu scene je)
Y is it no 3 : welllll , fist of...the story is seriously unbias... yeah u can say that, that race sux cause blah2, and that race sux cause blah3, but seriously...sometimes it is true what people say about another...u just got to know it and owe up to it, this is what happens here hispanic black muslim etc...are potrayed as what they are...both good and bad characteristic in each race. and this is why i like this movie so much.And i also like the irony factor that is brought into this movie...hmm i think that's it eheheh
Best scene : a tie between thandie newton car scene & "daddy's not wearing any amour" scene
Superstar : hands down , thandie

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Expectation : childhood memories, so mmg aku expect bagus gila
Outcome : good enuff for me
Y is it no 2 : i enjoy fantasy movies, as a kid i saw another version(cartoon) of this movie a trully like it, then i read the book and also like it, and sedar2 ada lak kuar movienyer, heh boy was i excited. 1 thing though...the pace of this movie is kinda slow...but whatever, it's narnia :D
Best scene : the queen wielding the sword scene ...i was wayyyyyyyy impress
Superstar : tilda and lucy (nama dlm movie...malas check nama dlm imdb...yeh aku pemalas)

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Expectation : masa aku nak start pasang aku bisik kat hati "THIS BETTER BE GOOD!", mana taknyer...pas the cave
Outcome : fuh nasib best sakan!
Y is it no 1 : it's scary as hell!it's gory nuff said...go see it...oh yeh actually kureng pueh hati ngan ending, tapi oklah kot kalau fikirkan balik...takkan semua kena menang kan(ooops i said too much)
Best scene : first appearance of the f-ing thing
Superstar : the girls all did very very well

worth mentioning :

the devils rejects
house of wax
the longest yard
assault on precint 13

b4 aku end saja nak nyatakan sorry spell apa2 ke salah, malas(that word again) nak recheck...and see u in the next post of best of 2005


ajurina said...

oh.. aku pengomen pertama.. kewll.. jgn lupe komen filem melayu pliss

thanezra said...

ok SNAP gila...okok tahun nih nekad tengok movie melayu tapi aku tgk per anak mami kembali(actually malu nak nyatakan), cuma tak sampai ah top 10...mengarut pon if masuk

thanezra said...

takper wolf creek aku masuk dlm this year ah...if masuk lah pon takleh iktiraf?btw thanks ju dan azmir kerana supportive

Azmir said...

ok aku setuju 'the descent' no 1 but u should see 'wolf creek' !! sori reza aku beli dulu...anyway i dun find star wars 3 really that good...ahahaha...bottom line; 'the descent' mmg among the best last year! dude i love strong chicks! (aku tak tiru 'arrow in the head' ok)

Razli said...

Wow kekewl. Dah ada blog. So lepas nie ape, fotopages?

iizar said...

Hehhh anyway nama hero dlm Sky High ialah Michael Angarano yang kiut miutt!