Sunday, May 28, 2006

Another One

Have u heard the news?...There's a 3rd installment of the I KNOW franchise(woooopie?) really, actually i was like finally!we need an ending for that franchise..last it end with huge thingy beeing pulled under the sheets(groan)...but it is a little too late,not to forget none of the previous cast is called back(not that I'm looking foward to Brandy's screaming)and!the fact that it went straight to video is soooooooooooooooooooo not a good sign....I didnt check the new cast yet...but the plot is somewhat like the first..."hit a fisherman...throw his ass into the sea...angry fisherman came back to hook them".

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oh oh and I saw this poster and a dvd cover?'s awesome!i leave u guys with that

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Friday, May 26, 2006

X-men :Disappointing?

Actually not really.But there was something lacking from X3 and it does seem different from the rest of the Xmen series.Would i say it's the worst of the series?...yup.But is it that bad?Nope.

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This is what i think....

Basically the thing I love about this movie is because they made a bold move..God was I surprise when...lets just say something happend to a couple of characters that made me go :O.Secondly...DARK PHOENIX..costume aside...she was AWESOME!now that's the dark phoenix i want...then there was the this dude is really potrayed as what he is like in the comics...when he said "oh my stars and greatness.."(i may be wrong with greatness) i smiled coyly.fight scenes are awesome...but! there is a but.i'll continue with that later.And finally Storm! that is the strom I know...before this she was like a second lame ass character.
To end it let me just say it started out really good...end kinda kewl but not to my liking...and mystique...:(

Now the bad...hoho,MOST of the side characters...i dont know who the heck they were...b4 this bryan singer made it kinda clear who was that and this...and even have some of the mutants name shown through a computer screen e.g;karma,gambit(yg nih pon jadi lah) but this time "entah sapa2 muntant2 tambahan" first I saw this big guy..and i went ohhhh the blob...then!he shrunk!(so that really wasnt the blob...unless brett changes his power...grrrr)..psylocke!soooooo psylocke is my all time fav character in xmen...but in here she's underused and not forgeting she doesn't look anything close to the comic psylocke.And why the heck is quill picked to be one of the core bad guys!shesh! new xmen he's not even the core characters....I would have prefered the core guys like Sooraya Qadir or Wallflower...heck even Rockslide will do.Finally...there was no one on one scene(great scene) like in the previous xmen (wolverine vs mystique; wolverine vs deathstrike)...though there were lots of one on one but boy was it brief.And phoenix is not! a split personality of jean! sheshhhhhhh why was that change!oh well...

So i end with X3 is good,but it aint all that...many characters could have been used here but it WASN''s to hoping that bryan singer's superman to screw up!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Top Ten Kiddie/Teen movie part 2

let's finish it!...oh btw shout out to azmir...u were close...really really close


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Who : Jennifer Love Hewitt, Charlie Korsmo, Seth Green, Laureen Ambrose, Ethan Embry, Peter Facenilli and lots lots more.

Where : Jen still kinda hot, currently in Ghost Whisperer,Charlie Korsmo doing nada, Seth Green still doing his stuff(kewl guy), Laureen Ambrose finishing Six Feet Under, Ethan can be seen in the first ep of Master of Horrors and last I heard Peter Fecenilli is married to my pre-school crush Jeanie Garth

History : I wanted to see this with my pet sis,but I ended up buying a vcd first and watch it alone...and lovin it!

Plot : A party is held and everybody at school is going.Centers around 6 main characters.Each have his or her own agenda at the party.Some scores to be settled,some hearts to break and some relationships to be made.Who leaves the party happy?or the exact opposite (cam cita horror lak)

Memorable Scene :2 scenes comes to mind.
A: Seth Green scene;
Seth Green: 'Sup, ladies? Yo Jana, wanna dance?
Clea Duvall: I'm allergic.
Seth Green: You're allergic to dancing?
Clea Duvall: Yeah....(walks off)


B: The would u like to touch my penis scene!Hillarious!

Y? :Truthfully I dont know why.I just love this movie.I've seen it loads of time.Love the dialog, love the premise, love the characters!every each of them..lots of stars who are now making it big(sorta), TONS of fun! and not to forget the awesome awesome soundtrack...Last thing is I really kinda like go back to the last days of my high school years wondering what if?when i watched this movie.


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Who :Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates and Corey Feldman

Where : Last I saw Zach was on astro starring in a B-rated horror movie called infested(sux major), Phoebe's cute that's all i know.Corey(see stand by me)

History : My Bro(again!), taped it from tv..then he urge me to see it..then I see it again and again and again. and waited for the sequel which was nearly as good

Plot : A father went to chinatown to sell his invention,but ends up buying a christmas present for his son.A pet mogwai..before it was sold he was warned about the rules that must be followed,if not chaos ensues

Memorable Scene :The gremlins attacking the mom, pretty scary dol.

Y? :Firstly these gremlins scared the shit out of me when I was young(excluding gizmo that is).Another thing is that appart from beeing scary,the movie is really2 fun(the old lady comes to mind).And GIZMO!!awwwwwww so cute...i would take care of that too.Then there's the amazing Phoebe Cates!HOTTTTTTTTTTT!


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Who : Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd, Stacy Dash, Brittany Murphy and lots lots more

Where : Alicia..cute..why isnt she acting much lately?.Paul Rudd,Friends's Mike.Stacy this girl is one of the it thing...the others are also making it big in hollywood like Jeremy Sisto,Brenkin Meyer and Donald Faison(Turk of Scrubs)

History : Mega tv(ingat lagi tak kewujudan cable tv tuh? :))Was channel surfing and saw alicia in her red dress..HOT!!!,then waited for the next show to see more of the movie.

Plot : A girl thinks she knows it all; school,life,etc.But she's actually clueless in love.

Memorable Scene :LOTS to choose from cause basically the quotes in this movie is the bomb.Lots of lines learned from here e.g "AS IF!"

Y : I think I loved this movie a lot is because of the fact that Alicia is hot as hell.It's about teens my age and what's in and out(like im living in america jer but basically there are similarities).The quotes!Lots of it to pick up from here.And the awesome soundtrack(though not as good as Can't Hardly Wait)


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Who : Liv Tyler, Ethan Embry, Robin Tunney, Renee Zelwenger, Rory Cochrane, Johnny Whitworth and others

Where : Liv (arwen nuff said), Ethan (c above), Robin Tunney...still hot wondering what's she doing now, Renee won an oscar, Rory's the dead CSI Miami dude and Johnny no idea

History : Rented it out when I was 14 if im not was one of those monthly holiday my school had.I was bored..i went out to rent vcd from this awesome store in Kampung Pandan(wonder what happend to that store)...the cover instantly caught my eye...and it's one of my fav movies to date.

Plot : Empire Records is near bankrupt...the workers there dont know it ergo they keep up doing what the do best at the store...which is to party on!lots of great music ensues. "DAMN the man!SAVE THE EMPIRE"

Memorable Scene :Well i gotta say every scene with Rex Manning is ammusing BUT...i trully love near the end credits when every store members dance up the building...freestyle...oh not to forget...Coyote Ugly's performance here is the bomb!

Y : I start off saying I love the of my dream goal is to buy the poster on ebay...hopefully that might happend.How much do i love this movie?Well i bought the CD twice!,both went missing,luckily i'll always have the gin blossom song in my playlist everyday.VCD!also bought it twice and lost yet again!..currently trying desprately to find anyone who always buy DVD on EBay(so that i can tag along).

OK moving on...the music!AWESOME all in capital!plotline actually not much.But the characters!loved em'.everyone was weird!even the store manager!basically this movie is about having fun...i would call this movie a dumb fun!movie.


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Who :Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, Jeff Cohen, Kerri Green, Martha Plimpton and Jonathan Ke Quan.

Where : Sean is Samwise Gamgee...who would have thought!he looked soooooooo different.Last i saw Josh was as the hero in Hollowman...other are child stars... a pity i actually wanted to see more of Ke Quan and Martha(last seen in 200 ciggrates)

History :If not for me bro...I would have not(or just) discovered this awesome movie...he taped it for me through vhs.Actually he taped it from himself..but when he watched it one time I tag along..and I was glued!..awesome adventure these kids had...which I had that childhood.

Plot : The goonies set out on an adventure to find the treasure of the pirate One Eyed Willy in order to stop a developement co. from tearing down their neighbourhood...great adventure with traps ensues.

Memorable Scene :The organ scene!woooooooo scary and awesome set. and the blender scene with "chunk"

Y :Nostalgic factor.Great imagination for my childhood days.Great cast...excellent sets,great plot!nice traps.everything about this movie is great!and the DVD of my fav DVD ever!

soo that's it....gotta say that there are some stories that are great which aint here...and I know some will bring it better i say it now the Y and the What...Labyrith : toooooooo musical, Never Ending Stories : saw it once..just once...didn't grab me that much,great song though...erm apa lagi yeh..i think that's bout it...if I dont remember any kiddie/teeny movies plis remind me..btw dont put She's all that...i dont actually like that movie.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

TOP TEN is back!

ju dah hint tuh...dia kata dah what ju says,GOES!so kena bukak topic baru secepat mungkin.actually takder idea..tapi just bought this DVD and it striked me...A NEW TOPIC,ni nak lari dari genre that i mostly cover.

remember the time cam kor groan atau whateverkan nak tgk wayang cerita2 teeny atau girl powered theme konon abih articulate lah..dont worry i do that too sometimes...and secretly loved most of the here are my top 10 teen/kiddie flick dat i love,dated back to the early 80's and the late 90's...


NO 10.

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Who : Bette Midler , Sarah Jessica Parker , Kathy Najimy, Thora Birch, Omri Katz, Vinessa Shaw

Where : Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker is deffinately one of the A list actresses while Thora Birch is doing ok i guess.Vinessa Shaw, finally! i saw her in the Hills Have Eyes remake,and I thought she quit acting.

History : Came out 1993,saw it with my bro..funny thing is he never ever..take me out for a movie or anything...except this one time which is to watch hocus pocus..i guess that's why(partly) this movie is one of my fav teen movie

Plot : Three witches is accidently brought back to life after a virgin lighted a sacred candle.The witches only knows one thing,to stay young forever..and in order to do that...they must suck the lives of children..kewl ya?

Memorable Scene : I like the dance number the witches did of "I put a spell on U"
I'll always remember the scene where a girl dress up as an angle came up to the 3 witches and said "BLESS U"

Y? : Well for starters, the nostalgic factor.This is the first movie I saw with my bro at the cinema.In fact,its the only time I and him went out to Ipoh together.2nd-ly...Bette Midler is a great actress!I totally love her.3rd-ly...lets just say I love the jokes in this movie

NO 9.

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Who : Matthew Broderick, Allan Ruck, Mia Sara

Where : Matthew Broderick is still doing well and married Sarah Jessica Parker.Allan Ruck..last i remembered him is in Twister where he plays a nerdy science guy. Mia Sara?..has lost her cuteness..when this movie came out she was just fresh from legend..damn was she hot then.

History : I dont know when, but I remembered I saw it on tv and idolize beeing Ferris Bueler

Plot : A troublemaker, schemes his way out of school and plans a day off enjoying life..with his friends

Memorable Scene :I will always remember..and laugh at the scene where Ferris's sister,kick the face of the unexpected principal

Y : In all seriousness, Matthew Broderick rules in this movie,I wanted to be him(the character).Such a role model at that time. :P, charming and cheecky(tul ke ejaan ni?izar!)Though the movie isn't actually from my time..but I watch it during my

NO 8.

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Who : Rick Moranis and Kristine Sutherland are the only stars that I know

Where : Nothing much for this cast...Kristine Sutherland played Buffy's mom Joyce.And that's it i think

History : Saw the second half of the story alone on tv(i think i was 10 or 11?),luckily my cousin record it and I finally got the chance to see the full story

Plot : 4 kids got shrunk and thrown out the backyard,and so begins their adventure to reach the house which normally could have taken 10 steps to get there turns into a couple of days journey

Memorable Scene :Anty(i think that's how u spell it) died...sad sad scene.

Y: I saw it like a gazillion times...nuff said.Let's just say this is one of my guilty pleasure movie

NO 7.

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Who : Will Wheaton, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, Jerry O' Connel and Kiefer Sutherland

Where : River's dead,Will...erm dunno,Corey's a child star..nuff said.Jerry's doing mighty fine..marrying the former Mrs. Stamos,lucky guy..and Kiefer's doing well with his 24 tv series

History : bro said it was good..guess what?it was...still is

Plot : 4 kids set embarks on journey to find a missing kid..a coming of age story

Memorable Scene :Any time someone mentions Stand by Me i'll always remember the scene where Jerry and Corey sang Lollipop on the train tracks...dont ask me y,but that scene and song really stuck with me

Y: Ok I know most people would say whattttttt!not in top 5?Here's my reason,though it is a great movie!great lines,great scenes,tender moments and the fact that this is one of River's greatest works...not to forget the nostalgic factor.I didnt really rush to buy this movie as I grow old,not vcd not even dvd.It just didn't hit me as hard as the other top 5 movie.But in all seriousness,the lines were awesome,totally humourous and mind blowing(yo-yo mind blowing)

NO 6.

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Who : Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, Catherine O' Hara

Where : No need to say anything bout Culkin i guess, the others are still doing fine in acting

History : Cinema! I saw this alone...boohooo(masa kecik2 pon sanggup tgk wayang sorang weih,hebat tak?)2nd one saw with a group of friends.

Plot : A boy gets left behind(unintentionally) by his parents as they went for the holidays.Though scared at first he slowly finds ways to have fun.Unknown to him,his house is targeted by burglars.The second one is nearly the same

Memorable Scene : H.A 1 : The traps...u gotta love the traps.
H.A 2 : The part where Kevin plays the tape to fool the hotel workers.

Y: Come on,which kid born in the range of my age hates this movie??Really? Apart from Never Ending Stories etc,me thinks this is one of the most memorable movie of my time.Though watchin it now u may think "oh god this kid is annoying" but it does bring back memories,where the slightest stoopid,funny scene will make me rool around the floor.ahhhh those days...

side note : I end with wishing Happy Birthday to DELA..aka Delot and sorry no screen caps..aku malas