Sunday, June 17, 2007

The 8 Horror Film Festival

Allrite here's me being emotional first before I go on rambling, photobucket sorta kinda in a way...sux?Can anyone plsss provide me any other alternative like photobucket...that site is one of the reason me post some stuff late...cause to open just the main page will take a day...and that's not even a god! many times i need to refresh...shesh!...ok now i want wolrd peace.

So remember weeks back i post a review for The Abandoned...well surprise2...actually that movie was 1/8 of the movie showcased at a horror festival..(nak harap Malaysia ada...mimpi!) I began my hunt for the other's also thanks to Wikipidea for the info..without it I also won't know bout it..and fast fwd till now..i manage to locate 4 more movie..Dark Ride, The Gravedancer, Wicked Lil Things and Unrest... seen 3...if got the chance tonight i'll see the last one.

First up

Dark Ride

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This one,it was the first one that attracted me..about this bunch of kids went to some funfare which is famous for one of the ride,Dark Ride..this "rumah hantu" is famous for the brutal murders that took place in it.So fast fwd many now..these college kids wanted to go in and see what all the fuss is about.What they don't know is that the killer just got out of the mental institute and is currently knife happy

Verdict :
1. Gruesome killer : check
2. Gore/brutality : 1/2 check
3. Memorable kills : check, there's one very memorable
4. Nudity : HOHOHOHO ada what's wrong with this movie?let's start with the acting...LAUGHABLE!!!..but in their defense, the characters was kinda stoopid,lame..and annoying.what else..though the idea being trapped in an abandon ghost ride is kinda cool...but I can't see much of the action...maybe it's the direction fault as the camera goes round and round like crazy till I dont give a damn already(hey that rhymes)..the gore was great...we got beheaded heads, a fake impalement...mostly seems fake.which kinda a letdown..but there's this one scene in which this gal got thrown massively to the that's awesome..

all in all i kinda hate it...:D..and the twist doesn't help either...4/10

Next up

Wicked Little Things

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Firstly,me likey the title..better than the first one suggested..which is simply...zombies..snore.Ok about this wee lil kids when years years ago,got killed in a mining accident.What are they doing there u may ask...well these kids are slaves (cheap labour :) )..and when they got killed ..they awoke and become lil pissed zombie..Fast fwd now...a mother and her two kids move to this place.And those want to eat times.

Verdict : This is a step up from Dark Ride.At least the acting is ok, and one of the teen is a cutie.Gore was great, seeing kids eating people is somewhat poetic(leh?)..and the makeup of the zombies was good enuff, however!..i do wish it was the walking zombies rather than marathon runner zombies.Erm what else..well that's bout it i guess...tame scares,cool gore...good acting..ok plot..all in all 6/10

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Last is

The Gravedancers

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Ok this one a good one, 3 friends came back to their childhood hometown for their friend's funeral.And for the special occasion, guess what they did?They dance on the graveyard...niceeeeeeeeeee.I guess plain reunion at the bar isn't as fun.But what made them dance...well they found this envelope with some poem in it,while reciting it they need to dance on the convenient..and they just play along with stupid can you be.Then the haunting begins and these people started to whine...why us why us...sigh...i see stoopid people.

Verdict : Believe it or not...i loveeeeeeee this one, its kinda original and it got some pretty good scares, all thanks to that wailing bitch of a ghost.She's scary man...even with that funny ghost face mask one point she kinda channels Linda Blair from exorcist...huhuhu takut.Now the bad, the characters are plain stupid...oh lets dance on graves, why are they doing this to me??, why me, why aren't u helping...why why why..this got to be one of the most annoying bunch of characters i've seen for awhile...then there's the ending...what's with the big ass head and hand...spoilerrrrrrrrrr!hish...but all in all the crazy wailling ghost was enuff to spook me into giving this flick a 6.5/10

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delamyra said...

ermh..ko tu kalo movie yg ade unsur2 nudity nak aja.

delamyra said...

rezaaaa...akak kor ari tu pi disney orlando ke?

reza said...

nudity tuh hanya nak bangkit interest setelah yawn ratusan kali

and yeh kot akak aku gi disneyland
tak sure

delamyra said...

aku ada baca satu entry dia tuh. a short brief one.

best nye pegi disneyland...:((

delamyra said...

ohhhhh aku dah tgk f4 yey yey yey yey......ada akak aku dalam tu...

reza said...

hoi satu2 post da, hai minah nih
akak kor yg ne?tak nampak pon donna summer