Thursday, June 07, 2007

Really really had enuff!

Ok i know i promise i wont touch much on personal matter on just 1 post, normally i add anything movie /tv related...but now i'm coming back from home feeling really really pissed at my work place i really have to post this...

I finally tell my boss off in an email..i dont give a damn more mr. very quiet hiding in the shadows ignoring the people around me...well most of em...i'm showing my horns and raising hell...and they really really asked for it

Started with that cancer Bitch TLL and ended with that two face muah2 Veron..hish!...really this type of people are cheappppppppppp and always consider themselves right...i started my war with Veron...i'm waiting my time for TLL...
anyhoo here's my mail...i'm not proving anything...i just wanna show that i'm pissed..and i finally wanna give my two cents...

Personally I can't memorize everything, even if I have the pwd list handy, sometimes it's incorrect as.. could be I forgot to update when the pwd expires.

And what u want us to do if that happens, just let the ticket be stuck in limbo for days,till other support can help us???

But since it is such a BIG issue, u can bill me, I don't mind



-i know it isn't much...but it's a start..
-wanted to add more...but let just keep it short and sarcastic for the time beeing
-this problem is cause by the big big head asshole...who doesn't understand why we need to reset pwd...yeah we all great memories!
-the reason he's upset is because everytime we reset a pwd of our own...RM ..whatever is donated...and that rule is set by booooo hooooo...who ask u to make such rule...stupido..

ahh whatever gonna take a shower and think of mah next action


delamyra said...

bodoh nye sistem derang..?

Razli said...

Good move btw. Let them now.

p/s: Kem salam dkt Linda.

reza said...

tq for the support guys

p/s razli : Miis boink lama tak nampak dah...aku pon pelik

joey said...

Whoa! Just stick it to the man! (i dont mean this literally)

Btw, it is a common knowledge in m'sia tat gnileks adalah pekerja yg paling tak leh dipercayai.

PS - it was short n sarcastic

Razli said...

Mungkin dia kecewa aku tak reply SMS dia kot.

Siberkop said...

Ko shower sambil menangis ker?


Jurina said...

do not emo too much..
make a move..