Monday, September 15, 2008

Top 10 Clique to hang with

Lama tak blogging seh...lupa leh? LOL..nyhoo..puasa kali nih cam last year gak ah...tak terasa...mana taknyer keje mlm...pagi pengsan atas katil..terawikh harapan weekend jer ah (dimana belum lagi ada kesempatan..weekend nih insyallah) Ha smlm tgk Sex n The Ct...dah lama nak tgk tapi quality fail..aku mmg ikut SATC nih..cause agak lawak dan aku suka Samantha..but i swear that's my last all female tv series me watching..liptstick jungle & cashmere (however u spell it) tak layan yeh..walaupon ada lucy lui (demnit!) Anyway SATC movie..agak bagus..pehal rating tak seberapa entah..part Big tak datang tuh agak sedih..dan pastuh ngan Charlotte nyer evil eye nyer..yo..nih baru friends..and at this time aku cam...hmm top 10 cliques!

10. SATC ladies..

Why..sure they are woman..but why not? However gotta add some men in there..kalau tak....akkkkwaaarddd. Me thinks me would really enjoy Samantha + Charlotte...but i got Charlotte down in real life (mandela)..samantha jer takder.Me also thinks it'll be fun hanging out with em @ new restaurant catching on life. Another great thing bout this clique is that they are really2 close..sister like close..sapa2 in trouble mmg zoom laju ke sana..sure they are the lil fights here and there but the patch things up realllll fast..and the best scene i've seen in SATC mmg part Carrie pukul Big ngan flowers tuh pastuh kena tarik balik ngan Miranda ngan Charlotte..again yo! charlotte those eyes..if looks could kill. Now this is what friends are for.

9. New Muntant Kids

I know whaa..?me didnt specify kena movies or tv jer kan?..New Mutants is my fav X-men teams ever..second to Australia X-men lineup. Simply cause they're kids, they have powers and they had fun. Kalau lah masa kecik2 dulu aku ada kawan2 cam miker..+powers..masyukkkkkk.The world is ours to take. ehehehe..but it all went down after doug is killed..sapa nyer idea tuh BODOH! But still, kenangan baca kisah these kids akan ku cherish selamanyer.

8.Empire Records airheads

Masa kecik2 tgk cerita nih...mmg aku cam teringin nak bukak kedai records camnih..just because it looks cool.(tapi susah yeh!..nak bukak pawagam pon susah)Kalau lah tempat keje aku this fun...not a care bout the world..specially politics bullcrap.Now these people are living..+ they all have the same interest..well nearly.Sigh if life is THAT easy.

7.Ally Mcbeal's short skirts and friends

These people are weird...but me really really think me can get along with John and Ally.They're weird and have the imaginary of a 3-12 year old kid...which is fine by me. Their lives are pretty sad..but every evening they meet up downstairs @ the pub dancing away/drinking...while i don't really dance and never drink..but to hang out with friends every night is

6.The Goonies, bunch of brats

Sigh, only if my life during 8-15 is this exciting...I would have said "i've seen it all" by now. But takper lah at least childhood days selalu gak cycling merata2..cuma takder lah sampai mencari buried treasure.Only if time machine if time machine exist mmg aku lempang aku di 17/18 thn suh jgn masuk pizza hut..ahahaha.

to be continued


Che underscore Lee said...

aku ske SATC pliss!
n teary part Charlotte emo dgn Big before her water broke..

she said "I always on your side, but how dare u did that to Carrie. I curse the day u were born"

memang cam hallaa.. walaupun kau ni bimbo dan perky, tapi kau sayang gile kat kawan kau...

reza said...

yep SATC agak best..tak selawak ah...but everytime Samantha muncul ada jer lawak bongok dia wat...dan charlotte impressive gila kali nih..acting wise...jarang tgk dia emo..tuh mmg kawan betul lah...

dan i curse the day u were born tuh agak lawak bagi aku...specially coming from lah kawan2 carrie..aku suka

duan said...

omg aku pon suka part carrie pukul Mr Big dgn flowers tu and then charlotte buat mata jegil die tu..priceless! (aku rewind scene tu dekat 5 kali ok, sangat dramatic)

tapi Samantha jadi single balik macam tak best hoping for a better happy ending for her.

oh yea sex and nude scenes byk :D

Che underscore Lee said...

ouh i heard the new 90210 sucks to the max ye ke?

fourfour.typepad kutuk gile babis

not watching ANTM, just tgk sape eliminated, n tgk pics2 sahaja kat website. so far no fav

p/s: sorry x dpt join the berbuka puasa hari tu, merayau kat the curve n berbuka dgn bakh n ira

Reza said...

5 kali rewind?....

anyhoo, 90210 premier best actually...tapi it got typical after 2 eps...buhsan...recycled plot..nasib kellie ada lagi..kalau tak..oh silver hot gak..tapi perlu ke aku ckp kat kor?

ANTM, erm dah buhsan actually..masih tgk tapi tak se-excited dulu..ada jer modeling show baru..aku malas ckp apa..tapi me thinks u know..

erm me no care ba, dat day suresh day..dan aku ada kat curve pon mkn ngan famhi and friends from school..elok jer pon derang ada sana..kalau tak mmg tak gi

Ed said...

ala admit jer la all female show is your guilty pleasure... hehehe... like since forever... hehehhe...

reza said...

not really
aku tak tgk lipstick jungle dan cashmere....AND sampai sekarang aku tak sentuh gossip girl.