Sunday, April 12, 2009


3 thing I wanna say in this post..firstly the aahh better thingy. Just finished watching Feast 3, if anyone remember which i doubt anyone does...i hated Feast 2...a lot lot, 1 was the bomb..but 2 sucked balls. Nway..watched Feast 3...and thank god it was better...not the best...but definitely better. At least there wasn't any baby throwing to be mauled scene involve. I don't think any of my close friends will like it though..except Azmir..but he went M.I.A recently, but if anyone actually decides to see this...ada hot babes ok!

Now the 2nd, my house got broke into..I was at office during that time, and me ma just reached home after 2 weeks of leaving me alone (drama seorang anak mak). I guess the culprit was watching me for quite some time. He knew when I was in the house or not. Nothing big was stolen...just piggie bank was taken...2 months collection worth, ada lah around rm40 kot...and he/she/it left me rm1 ringgit which made me laugh. At first me ma said he/she/it came from the attic which majorly screwed me mind the entire day cause last week after watching Martyr i heard noises in the attic which sorta freak me out awhile (this is true story..aku tak drama atau mimpi)..imagine if he/she/it (eh takmo it) was watching me from the attic the whole time. But after investigating, ma called back said it's the side sliding door, and beforehand he made a hole in the fence. It's a long story, don't wanna bother going into a lot more details, but when I heard my house got broken into...first thing came racing into my mind is?......That service announcement me,babes razz, Dels, Syah and Syarifah Sheznie tak undang time kahwin did for MPA.."why is the door ajar.." LOL dela dela.

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** JT ** said...

err...the 1 wearing white singlet, is a GUY or Girl eh??!
or SHEMAN!?!?!?!

thanezra said...

she lah...butch saja...actually i should re-edit my comment to hot babes with one butch lady