Thursday, March 18, 2010

Eh...Wonder Years!

Dunno why I picked this picture

Not really much work it seems today, so I was flipping through OMG blog (yes I read OMG blog sue me) and me eye strayed to this one article. "Danica McKellar expecting 1st child", and I was like whoooooo??? But then I notice the smaller description below, "Wonder Years star", and I was like OMG (coincidence?) that chic in Wonder Years!..I remembered watching this Rad show way back when I was..I dunno 6? maybe circa 6-10. Cute show, truth be told I actually envision myself as the lead, heck someone even told me I looked like the dude, u know big eyes, big hair all the right moves (ok aku pon muntah baca nih).Then the Daydreaming non stop,drama blah3..figures how come to be now huh? Anyhoot..this one lil trivial article (FRED SAVAGE!..just suddenly remembered the lead's name..ahahaha!) made me whooosh flashback my childhood years watching this show. I especially remembered the zit episode, funny shit. Eh net should have the dl-able episodes right?..well that's the first thing I wanna do when I get back from work today..Hotfile don't fail me now!..oh and p/s: Winnie aka Danica McKellar is looking mighty fine.