Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Anak didik Jigsaw

Milking money from the success of Saw, here are 2 graduates of Jigsaw's School of Torture.

Nine Dead
9 strangers kena culik - digari kemudian dicampak dlm some secluded room.Every 10 min sorang akan dibunuh, until they figure out why are they there in the place.
Well cerita nih agak tame dari segi gore/kills(jigsaw wouldn't be impress). Cerita nyer pon cam agak low budget, most kills are offscreen or implied.Tapi cerita nyer ada lah, walaupon slow moving menarik gak ah nak tau apa masalah kidnapper nih. Para pelakon sekor pon tak kenal with one exception, Melissa Joan Hart of Sabrina Teenage Witch fame. Tuh pon antara sebab aku nak tgk cerita nih, kalau tak confirm leh skip. She did ok jer. Yg lain2 pon ok jer, nahthing impressive.And in the end, overall ceritanyer oklah..cerita ada. Tapi ending dia sangat lah bodoh aku taktau apa motive penulis cerita nih. End.

Pencuri masuk rumah satu family nih nak curi some diamond. While in the house dia perasan something is off, rupa2nyer family dah kena bound and gag kat basement kena torture slowly...ooooh HOT!
Now this I love a lot! The villain is Brutal yo! (Jigsaw would be impress) His traps
were nuts!..bear traps/wires/knifes galore. And the look they gave him pon cool gila. He got Riddick-like (Pitch Black) eyes. How he killed his victims are brutal!He's like Jigsaw and Michael's son if they would mate (and if its possible)Suspense wise was good gak since main lead dia effective dan agak likeable. Oh minah "Fucking and Punching" from Californication pon ada, watak slutty of kos.Err..apa lagi yeh..ah senang kata aku suka cerita nih, doesn't hold back..love love love, one complain though is the logic camner sempat dia pasang trap yg sangat awesome tuh in one night.Tuh jer..lain thumbs up.