Thursday, July 01, 2010

It's July and....

Scream 4 is still a go! excited for this soo excited..even more excited when I saw the new addition to the cast.

"Joining up are dudes Adam Brody and Erik Knudsen and babe Marley Shelton." from Joblo

I love the addition, I think Marley Shelton is fairly underrated and most of the movies she's been in bombed ...or doesn't really show her acting skills..Valentine?...pfft forgettable (sort of)
As for the dudes..Adam Brody? soooo awesome!!! liking it..the other one I dunno who..

"According to THR's Heat Vision blog, Brody will play a cop and recent college grad "who was raised on the 'CSI' TV series." Shelton will play a deputy who knew Neve Campbell's character back in high school (the well-endowed Lake Bell was previously attached to this role). And finally, Knudsen will be the film's comedy relief, filling a role similar to that of Jamie Kennedy's from the original as someone "who is familiar with horror movie conventions". " more from Joblo

...the full cast includes the original trio - Sid-Gale-Dewey will be back (yay!), Hayden Pannetiere and Emma Roberts (yay gak!) kill off Sid already!..that'll be fun!