Thursday, August 05, 2010

Melinda Gordon Mode : Chix That Kick Ass 2

Ok lets get this over with. Am compiling a list of mah own fav Kick Ass Chix, a couple of days back me listed out 10-6, here's the remaining 5..(ada cheating skit, but u'll understand..kan siber). Anyhoot the list!

5. River - Serenity

Gotcha there right? Never heard of Serenity right?Me likey2 this movie, wanted to watch it solely cause Joss Whedon penned it. For me the dude can do no wrong. Love his stories (hello Buffy) and he really knows how to create strong woman characters. Strange this is...the movie didn't garner much buzz..also the series Firefly only lasted one season..I find this weird..cause both shows are great! Anyway, coming back to River, first outing of her in Firefly she's this weird awkward-aloof-meek chic, she didn't do much then..just being mysterious a freakishly thin, but then she did a 360 in the movie and by god does she rock, kick-ASS!..when her assassin-mode first manifest...fewittttt! and the final fight with the..alamak I forgot what's it called..I think Marauders..whatever it is..she fight em all nearly alone and won the fight...wooo!..also she's rocking a very stylish outfit..sorta like what Mila wore in Resident 1-2. Also do note that she also kick ass as a Terminator in the Sarah Connor Chronicles; however..she's better in Serenity.

4. Mystique - X-Men/ X2

While the chic before wore a cool outfit (and the next one too) this chic wore nothing! Just patches here and there to cover up her delicate parts. It's Mystique, personally she's the only character (eh actually Toad pon) from the x-men comics that is made cooler on the Silver Screen. Before this reading X-Men, Mystique doesn't do a thing to me, she looks old dull and the skull at her temple..baaah! But then her appearance in the movie...woooooooooot! hot hot hot! Whoever came out with the idea for this Mystique I applaud u people (mungkin laga2 pipi sekali) Then the ass kicking she did to!This is an ultimate X-Men showdown, even Sabertooth didn't do much damage(in which he should!) + It beats out Lady Deathstrike vs Wolverine anytime. In X2...she's too cool but not much scene, her only great scene was the short fight with Stryker's grunt..and flipping them the finger at the end!!..alas she was rendered powerless in X3 - United...but whatever..she has already made an impact early on.

3. Leeloo - Fifth Element / Alice - Resident Evil 1-3 and a possible 4

Milla Jovovich; hot..and she kick ass in nearly everything she does..nuff said..hahahaha. Fav performance still and will always be Leeloo cutie pie Multipass in 5th Element, I went gaga there and then, as I said earlier..nuff said. U hot!

2. Sarah Connor - T2 Judgement Day

This is a typical choice sure (tunggu arr #1), but she did kick ass in T2 and I still remember it till now. She was pretty lame in Terminator like Randy Meeks in Scream 2 quote..."sarah connor????....yess?...BLAM!"....basically thats all she does in the first and be lame. But in T2 woff!, miss macho defining moment is when she cocked (i said cock hehe) her shotgun multiple times (i think 3 times) using her 1 still usable hand, and shooting T-1000...seriously...macho more "Sarah Connor...???...yess? BLAM!"

1.Lt. Ellen Ripley - Alien-Aliens-Alien3-Alien Ressurection

Sigourney Weaver played Ripley perfectly. She was sorta bitchy in Alien at first, I was more of a Lambert fan (that is until she can't stop whining..and died!)..but her final confrontation with The Alien is pretty cool, great acting chops too. thats where she started kicking some major ass, going into the nest guns blazing (and flame thrower) looking for Newt...and single handedly kick the Queen B ass...woof..macho sial!..Alien 3 she did well too, I actually like Alien 3 dunno why it was sorta pan, lack of gun fights kot...but it got the feel of Alien. Then the last Alien where she is brought back to that...fuyooo the scene where she pulled out the alien's tongue?second mouth?..tough during that time she's pretty much looks old..I still dug her tough-macho exterior.

*here's a some, when I was a lil boy, I used to play around the washing machine and imagine that it was the console Ripley used before blowing up the aku lupa nama ship tuh..but it was the big ass ship in Alien..freaky kan?

So that's it...till next time; kalau rajin throw me something for the next top 10.kalau rajin. Oh honourable mention; Laurie Strode in H20, Go-go Yubari, Mitsuko Battle Royale and Buffy (i didnt put in cause she's in tv...and i DO NOT accept the Buffy movie)