Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Real Time with thanezra

Ok currently watching Scream Queens, a reality series which was made known to me on MTV. And since I'm into screaming queens (not those sort of queens), horror and a reality show junkie..I was sooo unboard. Last season tak tgk full sangat, cause you know MTV timeslot kekadang entah apa2..and with my work shift and all makes it harder for me to watch it religiously. Last season's winner was Thanidra (i think that's how its spelled), she had a minor role in Saw 6 and would be returning for the next installment, honestly she did sorta bad in Saw which was surprising cause I really dug her in Scream Queens. Anyhoot i'm watching in real time (sorta) ep 3 of season 2 Scream Queens now so here goes

Begins with a recap of last ep which shows how badly Dela..oh btw am gonna name the contestant anything I want cause I find it much easier that way..continuing on, Dela (go figure) had 2 bad weeks in a row, last week she wanted to try harder a look at the outcome (see pic above)..what the hell is up with the headgear (they had to make their own costume)

Meanwhile, Whatsherface had problems standing out eventhough she ate raw meat (below) in last week's director challenge, which was impressive but still she fades in the dark. (no X factor kot). But it was Shorty that got the axe due to her lack of enthusiasm.

Show begins with Dela whining bout Shorty (they're BFFs) and more whining from the other bottom of the list actress; Cuttie with Jugs(below)..she's in the bottom due to her not so fast ability to cancel out her ChicAAgo slang. Hey I have no problem bout it...but u know it's what the director other chix in the house-surprisingly (cause it's a competition) helping CwJugs with her accent.

tak penting tak penting tak penting and WALA we are now entering the acting challenge. Hostess; Jaime King (undeserving if u ask me) is there explaining what they have to do this time. The challenge is for the chix to tell a story by movements which then will be translated to the big screen, u how Smeagol is created. First up was Shaniqua (below 1st pix), did decent..well actually near all of em did good enuff with exception from CwJugs..but there are Dela (below 2nd) which surprises me due to her past performance..I guess she does listen..good for her. Another standout is Jenna (3rd below) which did a cartwheel instead of jumping out of the window..the others all opt to just jump out of the window..but that doesn't sit too well with Jaime King

Jaime King said it didn't fit with the story..which for me is pure bullcrap. I guess Jaime King is just jealous she can't do cartwheel. I don't see any wrong in doing that, baaah Jaime King (bring back Shawnee!) but what follows after Jaime's comment is one of the funniest facial expression from I've ever seen in the series (refer below)'s like "ok i'm pissed about ur comment but keep it together try to smile-try to smile...wave if u have too". U know what I've would done the same..and bitch later..(oh p/s: Dela won the challenge)

..which is what she did in confessional!..haha. I'm with her though..what she did shouldn't have really been ridiculed.

"oh no she didn't!"said Jenna (i know it's Allison)

Then comes the acting coach James Homa..this dude scares me. I don't think I can get along with this dude. Anyhoo this weeks acting is about just crying on q..which was understandable hard for all of em. But after much coaching and evoking emotions most of em shed tears..except whatsherface cause she was trying way too hard (history :she's been trying too hard to stand out in previous eps) and sausage lips who just can't cry (weirdo). Stand outs were surprisingly again Dela, and Jenna for coming out with a LOL comments about crying when Homa mentioned having babies, she cried cause she don't want any!

this chic is sizzling hot!

Then more whining and crying from what's her face cause she didn't stand out again..I feel for her really..but suck it up woman!

Today's ghastly surprise is a bloody box..which moves. Understandably, the girls didn't really wanna open that box..but did eventually..while reading what's inside..a sinister looking clown appeared from behind scaring the crap out the girls. but seriously..these girls were way too overacting bout being of the clown..and they all in unison sounded like a flock of seagulls while screaming which made me ears more of these pls..i had enuff of screaming seagulls from ANTM.

Finally it's the director's challenge by Tim Sullivan, director of 2001 Maniacs 1&2. Challenge is for the girls to walk in presumably their house and found it's in total chaos due to excessive partying from her presumably housemate. They only have to say no in each scene but in different tone...angry (because house dirty) - angry - angry -shocked (found dead body) .. and scream as their co-star (maggots..yikes!)..drop on em. Yeah I would be screaming too..maggots..yeesh. No one really stand out for me this time..but CwJugs really really did bad (4 pix below) and whatsherface again tried wayyyyy too hard..doing wayyyyyyyy too much.

Judging time!...and shock me shock me...CwJugs and whatsherface is in the bottom 2. But before that the top performer..which was Jenna and Dela. While being praise Jaime King found the time again to recount the stunt Jenna did during the first challange.

And backflash to Jenna's cool facial expression after being it...anyway Dela won..well deserve..she has indeed grown.

Now the bottom two..CwJugs is criticize bout her acting ability and that her real acting is her not showing how scared she really2 was about the maggots (forgot to mentioned that she has anxiety problems..and maggots triggered the problem that day) for whatsherface..yeah the trying to hard came up..which was sad cause she really really tried which looked force. So who goes? Really can't decide..cause kesian for whatsherface but CwJugs is good to look at..andddd..


Whatsherface got the boot, she really looked sad..but what to do..that's life. She left gracefully..good for her. Well I guess looks are still important..anyway..that's it..till next time!..if I get bored again...ta!