Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Screams that gives u goosebumps

My new goal for blog is 5 post a month,since i got like 4 and its nearing the end of the month...i guess i can spend time for my top 10.
Today's top then is in regards to the greatest and memorable scream I've seen in the movies.Basically i picked the scream that makes me go brrrrrrr or the ones that are memorable...from the dames of scream...here comes the list.



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Movie is Urban Legend..kinda ok movie...but sooooooo not logical in sense of who the killer was...but whatever..anyway lets start with i dont actually think tara reid is a good actress in fact she's one of the worst for me..but apart from that she's one hot lady...and her voice....sooooooo sexy.When she was chase in the movie her screaming and weeping voice is so sexy I cant help feel sorry for her character...and the fact that she runs and went boink boink boink...tee hee hee...im sorry i cant help it...but that's what make me remember this scene.

9.Mark Patton

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Ok ok i know i promise dames..but I cant help it..this dude screams like a girl...and I really laugh out loud the first time i heard it.Seriously it really does sounds like a girl...so let's just say he was memorable cause he sounds like a girl and if compare to other guys...he's scream is the most chilling...ehehe..oh ya I forgot what movie this was...it's Nightmare on Elm Street part 2(like the claws werent a clue)

8.Jennifer Tilly

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Miss Jennifer Tilly...such a sexbomb...and those screaming lungs!...fuhhhhhhhhh!..kinda like tara reid but a bit better.The scene was in Chucky 5(tiba2 lupa tajuk leh?)..where she runs from chucky...my god does she bounce!...though it does looks funny...but her scream was actually kinda cool...a mixture of cuteness and sexiness but scared shitless(what the heck am i talking bout) and for that she deserve a spot in the top 10.

Jen Love

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I dont care what people says..IKWYDLS is an awesome movie...though not great..but its over the so-so bar for me.Both Jen and Gellar delivers..screaming wise.Actually I loved Gellar better(duh)but Jen's scream is kinda good..its more like a high pitch shriek..which can make u jump(i did...).End story

Courtney Cox

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Ahhhhhhhhhhh Scream...mah fav movie..but who was the best screamer?Though I wont be finishing the list by the end of today...let me keep u in suspense..BUT for me Courtney Cox was one of the better screamers in the movie..in fact in the whole trilogy combine..and she can act!Now that's a plus plus..Basically she brings more of the mature scream...not toooo over the top...but good enough to give us chills.

well that's the first 5...will be coming back for the rest of the 5. Oh and I hate my work.N

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