Friday, June 23, 2006

The Wonderful 80s

Alop,long time no update..i'm surprise jurina didnt comment bout that(the lalang thingy)...anyhoo...regarding me I still hate my job...anyone have any info on an opening plisssssssssss tell me..I am so desprate.Anyhoo im gonna spend most of this weekend watching movies...most are it from the 80s...just finish watching 2 and god how i loveeeeee the 80s...u guys know how much i love the 80s rite(khas tuk izar dan razli..kalau korang taktau mmg aku leh lukakan korang)anyhoo gonna review it just for fun cause i havent do much updating.

Chopping Mall

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Who: I have no idea who these people are but for reviewing sake...Kelli Maroney, Tony O'Dell, Russell Todd, Karrie Emerson, Barbara Crampton, Nick Segal, John Terlesky, and Suzee Slater.(yeah i know whoooooooo?)

Plot : 8 teenagers stay back at the shopping mall to have a nite of fun and humping(6 out of 8..u can guess who'll survive from here).What they dont know is that 3 robots design to protect the mall has gone haywire a.k.a the kill everything in stuff.

Verdict : This is an awesome isnt scary or spooky or anything its just plain fun.Personally I really would like to see this movie to be remade, seriously...i mean if u remake house of wax,when a stranger calls...blah3 it's one of those movies that u know or have heard of b4,hence the groaning from many...but this gem,I dont think a lot of people are aware of isnt that well known.Though very typical in sense u would know who'll die and who'll live,and has lots of stupid characters at the end I still like this movie and at the end i give this movie a 3 out of 5
My fav scene is definately the first girl who got off...such a riot...reminds me back when I was watching Dawn of the Dead (the original one)...when a lady was shot at the head and exploded(logic giler!!!!)

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Tourist Trap

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Who:Chuck Connors, Jocelyn JonesJon, Van Ness, Robin Sherwood, Tanya Roberts(BEASTMASTER HOT CHICK), Dawn Jeffory and Keith McDermott.

Plot : 5 teenagers is stranded and helped by a local while been stalk(actually not stalking more like "jaga tepi kain orang")by a scary looking dude...or dudette.oh lupa...who can control mannequins...brrr

Verdict : This is one eerie movie,seriously .. all the scenes which involves mannequin gives me the shivers.I didnt know mannequin can be that spooky.It does have the feel of House of Wax here but diffrent Motif and powers(skill whichever u would like to call it).Though the downside of this movie is, the actors are pretty god when they tried running away cam nak taknak...just like Paris Hilton when she got off in scene in particular is when tanya roberts was jumped by the killer,she was sooooooo wonder she gets caught.Shesh..other than it beeing a bit too draggy near the end...I have no issues with this movie so i also give it a 3.And whoever in hollywood who visits this blog(in ur dreams ..i know)...plissssssssssss remake this deserve a remake.

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ajurina said...

lalang pun takut aku marah..

Ed said...

reza, kasik la review phantasm. ko dah tgk semua kan.... tuh kira 80s what...

reza said...

ok,phantasm 1 good,phantasm 2 best,phantasm 3 cam celaka dan phantasm 4 pelik leh

Razli said...

Aside from 80s, satu lagi menda yg Reza suka amat; Blonde.

reza said...

oh puhlezzzzzzzz aku suka rambut kembang cam A-HA

Anonymous said...

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