Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ci ci ci Ca ca ca

Guess the topic?HEH...this is one of those sounds that if I hear anywhere i'll jump up with joy and do a split screaming FRIDAY THE 13TH!Yup todays topic is Friday the 13th.This is because I just received the last one that was missing,which was Jason Takes Manhattan.Yeah I know Friday the 13th is somewhat a joke.Yeah there big boobs girl running around,then these paper thin characters and dont get me started with the logic.BUT all in all most friday series really entertain me...and that!is what matters the most.

Here are the friday the 13th series in order,rates,plot(hah!what plot) and best bits.

Friday the 13th : 1

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Plot : Here's where the legend begins!Camp Crystal Lake reopens after 2 decades of beeing close.Some happy go lucky campers who seems to be high most of the times(they are toooooooooo happy...ok maybe only annie)reopens the camp ignoring the locals warning.Sooner than they can say "Let's have premarital sex" the killings started.One by one is off till one is left to fend him/herself(oh u know it'll be a she)

Verdict: I'm gonna say this is definately one of the best slasher films.Though its old...the mood of the film is so gloomy so eerie that it sometimes made me feel tense.Especially nearing towards the end when there is only one left.Then the great heroine,so innocent and not at all pretty(in other words,NOT typical)...first time I saw this film I wouldnt have expect her to live till the end(well maybe halfway through the killings).Definately she did a great job.Gorewise is pretty tame..but I could let it go since it was the early 80s.But appart from that..a great start to a great slasher series.

Best bit : Kevin Bacon's scene is the best..and it's kevin bacon getting whacked!Who wouldnt want to see that.

Friday the 13th : 2

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Plot:Months after the bloodbath,Alice is still recovering at her home..the sole survivor..but not anymore!(awww)Then fast fwd 5 years later...the camp is open again but its for another use,A counsler training centre(like that is any diffrent)..again with the warnings from the locals(that idiot should be killed earlier) and lots of horny kids.They are stalked one night...getting off one by one until one is wait a minute...its the same as the first one!

Verdict: Well it does started out slow,but when the killings start..wohoooooo,awesomeness.Same as the first it still have the gloomy eerie feeling of nothingness,and I actually cared for some of the least they have a bit of a story,the virgin ,the crippled, etc.And like the first...when the last one is left that where the "dont go in there,run bitch run!" starts(that's me screaming).

Best bits : Skinny dipping scene...i will never forget that lady.

Friday the 13th: 3D

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Plot : Some stoned kids went up to a cabin near a lake(yeah near crystal lake) to have a weekend of fun.Unbeknownst to them Jason is lurking in the shadows...and he wants more blood.Oh i fail to mention that this is made in 3D.

Verdict : Well...erm i kinda dont like this one.Heroine was fine,but she was the only one who was fine..the others are either annoying or not that well written(give more dialog to VERA!)...the kills are great though..more bloody...but sometimes over the top..i mean an eyeball been poped out of the eye...u gotta be kidding me.And basically it's pointless to kill these airheads..,why the need.Go kill campers! that's fun!

Best bit : Definately Vera's scene...ouch!...and she was soo sweet.

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapther(yeah ass final chapter)

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Plot :This movie follow up fast after the 3rd one ends.After killing all the 3rd party people.Jason makes he way back to the lake to kill some more horny bastards.This time...some kids having a party and a family who lived nearby.Oh and this is the first appearance by Tommy Jarvis...acted by Corey Feldman.

Verdict: Me likey this one..Gorewise is one of the best..for that time.Acting...not too shabby,nudity...hoho lots2...but that isn't a plus..just wanted to tell(yeah rite!)Heroine is a cutie...and I was actually confuse who would survive at the end cause there are 2 likeable non-bimbos in here...which is good cause I like to guess who will survive rather than who's the killer.All in all this is a great chapter.One of mah favs.

will be continuing after me come back from work tunite...demn working lak arinih