Sunday, July 16, 2006

More of the Ci ci ci and Ca ca ca

okok lets finish this tribute to the Friday after The Final Chapter..basically most of the sequels after that is a letdown especially...

Friday the 13th : A New Beginning(nice comeback tittle)

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Plot : Tommy Jarvis one of the survivors from the 4th chapter is back and he's in a loony institute..and since he got there the killings started to happend it him..,is it jason or is it another person pretending to be jason so that he can avenge his sons death.(psssssst it's the last one)

Verdict : Ok the reason I gave out the twist(twist lah sangat) because it was soooooooooooooooo stoopid.Seriously,what were they thinking..not calling Jason back is one thing but to have a copycat with a lame ass excuse is so...insulting!And to have that person so inhuman like is also stoopid.Everything bout this movie is stoopid..the characters are stoopid,the yankee family is stoopid,the plot is stoopid,the revealation is stoopid and the all the friday series combine she is the one that I have the hardest time remembering the face and what she did in this movie.The plus..well I gotta give credits to some of the kills...pretty brutal but other than that...a crap of a movie...avoid at all cost...even it's the last dvd on the shelf.OH OH I MIGHT WANT TO ADD...that killing some bystanders who doesnt have anything to do with crystal lake or the loony house isn't cool.Bengongnyer killer

Best bit : Ethel getting killed!Like Finally!

Friday the 13th : Jason Lives.

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Plot : Tommy is back,played by a better actor than the previous one.He accidently brought Jason back to live(smart is where Jason starts beeing immortal.And coincidently a new camp had just open.So Jason is going machete happy again.

Verdict : This is one of the better sequel.It does have the eerie feel to it that the early friday series have.Just FYi i did have some genuine boo's here and there that made me jump.And!most of the characters are likeable.Which is a rare case in the Friday series.All in all a good effort...not too shabby.

Best Bit : The redhead girl scene...I know she will get it...but I was hoping for a what if..she's so nice

Friday the 13th : The New Blood.

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Plot : Tina a troubled girl who accidently killed his father(she has telekinisis,erm maybe telepathy too and prem...ah senang ckp mental powers ah)..comes back to the place where she killed him and accidently brought Jason back to live(another smart one).Nearby a handfull of kids are celebrating a friends birthday.Well terror ensues.

Verdict : is cool to see finally someone who is a bit of a match with Jason.But other than that its the same thing as the others.Character wise...well they arent that develope,most of them only have one about character developement.Plotwise nothing to scream about.Basically it seems this series is concetrating more on the kills than the plot(ahaha like I'm expecting The Others from The Friday franchise) was too damn fast.

Best Bit : The nameless girl(i think its nameless)...who got slam at a tree while in her sleeping bag...Ouch much.

Friday the 13th : Jason takes Manhattan.

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Plot : Dont let the tittle fool u.Manhattan is only seen like the last 30 min.Most of it is on board of a cruise ship.The graduates of Lakeview High boards a cruise ship to celebrate.Unknown to them Jason also boards the ship because he missed his prom before this.

Verdict : From my tone above,u'll probally guess I kinda hate this entry.It's full of nothing...nothing new is brought on,just some mindless teen and 3rd party characters waiting to get hack by Jason.Lameeeeeeeeeeeeee.And the ending What the Hell!.

Best Bit : Any scene with Kelly Hu,such a hottie/cuttie.

Jason Goes to Hell(go go I'm not stoping u)

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Plot : ....sigh....

Verdict : This is one of the lamest Friday series ever!.Full Stop!What's with the family stuff blah3...what's with the new powers that Jason posses.What's with the big boobs bimbo,oh that one is ok.But really...this is really stoopid...Jason only makes an appearance the last 10- 15 min oh yeah and the first 10...Oh god!this entry is soo stoopid..I just wish this is a bad dream.Nuff said!WAIT I GOT SOMETHING MORE TO SAY...I said earlier that avoid part 5 at any cost...well avoid this one at...erm,any rate?ah apa2 pon jgn tgk!unless ur curious...or bi(aku dah gila)

Best Bit : The girl that got slice in Half...oh my.


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Plot : It's the future..Jason is found by students of New Earth(frozen), and brought aboard to be tested.Once awaken he's so pissed that he sliced and diced everyone in his sight.Good times.

Verdict : I LOVEEEEEEED IT!I dunno why but I trully love it.Love the idea, love uber-jason,loved the cast(ok not all)loved the set..i'm loving it!It's more of a fun movie...I wasnt really scared or anything...but i genuinely had fun.I want more Uber-Jason!.On the downside...the dialogs..oh god.But some one liners are great.

Best bit : The hot mama in the lab that got killed!WHYYYYYYYYYYYY so early...and such a new kill(never seen it before this).I'm loving it


ajurina said...

review pirates of carribean plis.

reza said...

weekend?boleh?sekarang melayan emosi keje

izar said...

tapi aku ske Jason Goes To Hell sebab ade mamat nudity yg hebat bersama minah terbelah dua itu..

reza said...

u know what...i really was expecting u to say that...tapi mmg best bit aku minah terbelah tuh..sakit

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