Saturday, July 22, 2006

Rounding it all up in one go.

Seems like ages but,it's just been like 6 days i haven't posted anythin..well working still a little bit better this week but i still wanna leave..if i can that is.

now to my fav thing in the world..well i watch a bunch of latest movies that has , just and will be release.basically most of them are fact great which i gotta review..but i'll try make it short and sweet.

Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest.

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Well to start off, I gotta say it ain't as good as the first one.Don't get me wrong,the latest one is good enuff but in comparison with the latter one.Me rather see the first one like 10 times than this one.Y?...well..the thing I remember most about the first one is the LOL jokes round the clock...and I trully love it.For the second installment I mostly laugh about Capt Jack's antics,which was ok...but I'm missing all the side character the parley(i dont know the spelling..sue me) joke in the first one...Apart from that somewhere in the middle it gets a wee bit boring for me..until the Kraken came that is! that was awesome..the villain?not likey the first one better..this one is more slimy than scary....all in all a good installment..but i was expecting more..3/5.Oh if u havent seen it yet..plsssss stay for the credits..there are some more in it.


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After going out of the cinema I instantly say that this movie is like Alice in Wonderland gone bad(and let me make a note here,I didnt!copy anyone with this quote)..anyway is that good or bad?Well I would say good..Recycle is soooooooooooo visually stunning!But i'll get back on that later.Firstly i would like to point out..this is actually not!a horror movie..i came in expecting's more of a fantasy movie..kinda like a Alice did.Now here's the timeline of my reaction watchin this movie SCARED SHITLESS --> WEIRDED OUT --> HUH -->OHHH FANTASY --> KEWL VISUAL --> AUWWW THAT'S SAD --> WHAT THE F@!$!@! that's what i felt watching the movie..and let me say its such a roller coster ride of emotion,really didnt expect that and for that i love this movie.BUT!what's with the BANG BANG BANG BOOM ending! now that is such a turnoff.Now visually..oh god so fav place was the stairways place..such great visually...and this movie isn't lacking with it..i'll finish it with me likey the movie..but change the ending...4/5

Lake House

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Ok jap nak kesat air mata...cewah!Oh btw ju nangis tgk cerita nih,AHAHAHAHA.Ok on to the it's been a long long long time..i've not fell so mushy about a romantic movie..and i thank whoever that's involve in making this movie(and the original one) in releasing this movie..such an awesome movie.Long time I haven't felt this way...I went awwww at the end of Never Been Kissed,felt lots of emotion at the end of Cinema Paradiso,wishin i was the guy in 100 Girls confronting all the 100 girls,felt so sad and yet wanted to slap Ben Affleck's character in Chasing Amy,getting all giddy when Sandra said I was wished for u in Practical Magic...and went all lovey dovey in Great Expectations.Now I have The Lake House to put into the list..such a great love story.Lovin every minute of it.Though Keanu was a bit stiff at times..he did manage to pull it off...and Sandra such a sweetie,LOVE her.and making the lake house as the medium..nice touch.And to input Paul McCartney(sorry spelling)song in between the movie...god! im loving this movie soooooooo much!My only turnoff is not including Keane song into the any parts.And let me say far this is my fav movie for this year...AND fav trailer...5/5

that's it for now...let me just say also..finally some good movies coming in!.and also..i saw silent hill...but i wont review it until im satisfied with the copy i will watch


ajurina said...

yeh.. aku bace review ko dah.. thanks recommended kisah cinta megik itu.. oh ya.. aku jamin ko gi tgk skali lagi sorang pastu nangis puas-puas.. AHAHAHAHHAHA..

izar said...

aku touched juga bila Sandra ckp I wished for you dlm Practical Magic...

Demm nak tengok Pirates dan Lake House tapi masih lom sempattt

reza said...

izar : yep part sandra cam kata dia dulu wish tuk laki cam dia tuh,gila beria lah wish for the impossible...tapi dapat gak orang yg camtuh

ajurina : kornyer turn..comment..

ajurina said...

comment? aku tak wat review sbb aku dah wat 2 review lake house sebelum ni..

Anonymous said...

nak comment citer pirates.(sebab reza paksa letak comment sian kat blog dia sunyi sepi katanya hehehe)citer tu best, klakar tapi paling best hero2 yg ensem n cute abis hehehe.emmmm endingnyer agak mengejutkan hopefully sambunganyer best gak.pastu kan aku sekarang agak geli nak makan sotong sebab teringat kat sotong beso tuh.

Siberkop said...

I love Re-Cycle. KInda love I think.

reza said...

anonymous : ngengada nyer tak letak nama...dan kor senang terpedaya..sotong pon leh minat?

siberkop : kor tetap hot

let me just say..ada yg kata lake house tuh remake tiru tak bagus.well nih first time aku tgk cerita nih..koreanyer tak aku nak ckp.SOOOOO?abihtuh selama nih cerita lain kena tiru tuh fail gak ah?ngengada..

Siberkop said...

Aku dah tgk Lake House. Kinda okla walaupun yg tgk sama aku byk mengomel tentang ketidaklogikan dan cara mereka boleh chat sambil berjalan2 di kota. Bila org dah lebih ngomel dari aku dlm hal2 yg mmg pasti ngarut, aku terus jadi defender utk movie itu sendiri.

Anyway Reza, You're hotter seperti Lotter.

reza said...

meh sini aku lempang derang..sah sah tak logic..but magical..beautiful...takder perasaan lah tuh..robot