Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Breed

The Breed

Funny thing, a month or so back,I've just wrote in a topic regarding characters beeing off horribly "hina",like in Cabin Fever,the hottest chick got eaten by a dog. ouch.Then came The Breed.

The Breed is bout 20 plus year old kids ,went to a remote island, to have a weekend fun.Consist of 2 brothers, 1 the badboy type,the other is the more level headed one,there's this kinda tough chic,the hot girl and the blackie.Of course you can predict who'll survive or not from here,but character wise, it aint that bad.Specially liked the hot chick cause at her character is not like beeing pretty and going "ohhh,my gawwd" each time.But we talk bout that later,so these younglings went to the island,what they don't know is that the island is full of man eating dogs *gasp.These dogs are vicious and partly smarter than the usual ones.So here begins the battle of survival between man vs dogs.

It's a good thing that they dont mutate this dogs,let say...they can stand on 2 legs,or the size of a werewolf.These dogs are just the way dogs are intended to be.However they are vicious,kudus for the trainers for training great acting skills to these dogs.They potrayed pissed and hungry dogs pretty well.Also the constant shot of these dogs eye do bring a chill to my spine,can't believe dogs eye can be so devilish.

Acting and characters in this story is not bad,at least they have a story.I specially like that hot chick,her potrayal of a pissed and deranged chic in the second half was dead on,her one on one with this one dog was awesome.Michelle Rodriguez played the semi macho chic,that's good,cause she overplayed her machoness in most movie i've seen from her.Here,she's a bit feminine which was good.At least we can see she has range.Usually we see her walking all macho,like what Janice said to Michelle S4, "Ur walking like,(suara dalam) I'm hiding a big secret"(lawak nih akan faham kepada sapa yg menonton).The others did ok,though the black dude was wayyyyyyy typical.Of course u could sense who got it first.

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Rodriguez taking a dump?

Gorewise pretty tame,oklah,some bitings here and there,oh but there was an impalling*(i'll check on the spelling later)scene that was great.CGI was good,sometimes I can't tell which is animated,and which ones are the real thing,though there is one scene you can tell it was a CGI dog.Suspense was good in the middle,when the dogs begin attacking....ok now here's the problem with the story,it kinda start out a bit slow,and the early thrills are kinda lackluster,luckily they made it up with us near the middle-end.

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Oh like any other horror movie,there is the first kill,it was ok,but typical like any other dumb blonde going out alone in the woods,and hello here and there...but quality wise,ok for a starting,my favs are still the first Scene in SCREAM and Urban Legend(logic aside)hmm topic.

In the end I enjoyed the movie,good for a lazy afternoon in the weekends.I'll put it as an OK.passable and entertaining at parts.The end.


skrin said...

aku ada tertengok trailer dia hari tu. nak tengok jugak. btw, review ko panjang la pulak kali ni. bagus2.

reza said...

eh tak berniat,panjang2...aku lagi suka if pendek,cause otak aku cepat meliar...if baca benda panjang2...jgn lah salah tafsir aku trying lak not that deep

Che underscore Lee said...

Ahahaha typical blackie ek? Aku rasa either dia mampus last2, atau survive untuk tidak dilabel as a racist movie...

reza said...

agak ah,aku baca review sebelum tgk cerita nih,dikatakan black tuh tak typical

tapi sesungguhnyer tak,ngan mati firstnyer oooooooops