Friday, January 12, 2007

The Best Of 2006

Sorry no post for nearly a week,been pretty busy...anyhoo,new year wasnt a blast, but hey i'm looking foward for 2007 and hopefully its my best year yet,2006 was ok I guess,learned many things meet many people,lost loads of goes on..anyway next post...You know it's coming...MY 20 BEST MOVIES of 2006,actually wanted to just make it ten,but my god there were so many movies i loved last year..

20 Fav Movies of 2006

20. X3 : The Last Stand
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Why : Well I am an X-Men fan since forever,though to tell you the truth I was pretty pissed with this installment,but hey...its X-men, have been in my life for so long and it's not actually that bad,it's just not as good as I wanted it to least there's Psylocke in this installment (although she got KILLED!, damn u Brett!)

Best Scene: Gotta be the scene where one of the main character got killed(didnt see that coming at all,I was like..biaq benar)

19.Over the Hedge
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Why : This is my favourite cartoon last year, it beats Ice Age2,Monster House and Happy Feet for me,though happy feet was actually marvelous, but fun factor?no-no...i love my cartoon to be fun and filled with lots of stupid jokes

Best Scene : Stella and that Shabaz Cat...stelllaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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Why : Hostel is one sick Mutha F of a movie...and me like it,it's up there with one of the grossest things I've ever seen.The scary thing is,this movie could be true...brrrrrrrrr

Best Scene : Definately the Asian girl that got tortured,but logic much?

17. She's The Man
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Why : Ehehe another teen movie,damnit Reza grow up!But truthfully this is one of the finest teen comedy i've seen in awhile.Amanda is the bomb, i think if she wasnt cast as the lead, it wont have the same effect,so kudos to Amanda for the excellent face expression

Best Scene : When she was hit at the crotch and acted cool.Love it.

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Why : This movie is a heck of ride.Brings back memories of those 90s movie I love where loads of people got trap in a bar/rundown building etc with monsters outside!Ahhh sweet2 memories, reminds me of Prince of Darkness,Dust till Dawn and Demon Knight. Also this movie's gross factor is also way up there, and the jokes are a riot!Not to mention cool editing and directing.

Best Scene : When a kid got eaten,i kid u not.

15.Casino Royale
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Why: I wouldn't have put this movie in the list but Casino Royale is one cool Bond movie,i dare say its really different from the other bond movies.Though i still dont like the idea of Daniel Craig as bond.

Best Scene : The first chase scene.hohoho kalau leh nak lompat2 sekali

14.MI 3
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Why : This movie is excellent,but tom aint.If the guy didnt pull a stunt over Oprah and other quotes, this movie would have gotten great reviews/buzz it trully should have gotten.It got an excellent cast,great villain,tom's acting skill is top notch and one very intense scene

Best Scene : The intense scene with the villain pointing a gun at Ethan's wife

13. V for Vandetta
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Why : Cause its weird and cool looking.Tell the truth i quite dont get this movie,i know its bout politics(no wonder lah aku lost)..but the mystery surrounding this plot really made me intrested,though i didnt get it at the end.Oh oh another thing..V is awesome!

Best Scene : Natalie Portman got shaved,tee hee hee

12.Final Destination
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Why : Cause its a fun ride and delivers all the gore and suspense that I wanted, if only they paid more attention on the characters in this flick,maybe it would have move a notch in this list

Best Scene : Sauna, gore, nudity and roller coaster song playing at background,wohooooooooo!

11.The Hills Have Eyes
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Why : Cause again,i love movies like this,road trip,wrong turn...disaster2.But what differs this from other movies is that it revolves around a family and not some annoying teens who we dont give a crap about.And guess what,this flick is far better than the original.

Best scene : The attack in the RV

10.Snakes on a Plane
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Why : Definately the best fun movie of this year.This is basically like Red Eye for me,minus the non stop action and cursing.It doesnt need any twist and turn,it's just what it is.But i could have live without the non-stop cursing.

Best Scene : Hmmm this is hard,i guess the first thing come to mind is the big Hawaian chick scene.

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Why : I can't believe it, a horror movie that still stands strong after the 3rd installment.Saw3 is as good as the first 2,and im having a hard time picking which one is my fav.And it's still intense and gory.Could have used more traps though ;)

Best scene : The end bit/revelation...saw is about that

8.The Devil Wears Prada
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Why : Cause Meryl can really act as a cold heartless bitch.And i love the resolution at the end.Many msg there.Oh and Anne is still a sweetheart

Best Scene : The end when Meryl saw Anne from afar.Still cold huh?

7.Clerks 2
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Why : It has been on my desk a long time,luckily Razz reminded me.And just in time too,because any later it wont be in this list.What i like bout this movie? like many previous Kevin movie,it got heart..and laughter,...and great friendship

Best Scene : I love when they played Jackson 5's ABC

6.The Prestige *updated
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Why :How could I have forgotten bout this??!? Bad reza bad!...this is a great movie,very compelling.Great twist,saw 1 coming..DIDN'T see the other coming.Great acting by both Bale and Jackman,but not enuff of Piper.Whatever it is this is one of the best 2 hrs plus spent in the movie

Best Scene : Of course the revalation,my jaw dropped

5.The Lake House
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Why: Ok ok im also a sucker for romantic movies,and this one personally is one of my fav( i did watch the original one after that,but i didnt get the same effect)BUT.I would have like it more if the ending is the other way around.

Best Scene : It's a tie between the last chance of Sandra to send a letter and the night dancing with Paul Mccartney's song beeing played.

4.The Host
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Why : Because it has everything in it.Nuff said

Best scene : No virus?(bodoh tul)

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Why : Suprise2 a Malay movie in my list,seriously this gotta be the best malay movie i've seen and proud of.

Best Scene : I still remember when Fatima's character going " ye lah,saya tak guna.."something in the lines of that...aduh sedihnyer.

2.Hard Candy
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Why: Cause it came as a suprise.This is one great movie,love everything bout it.It's such a simple story and yet,very compelling.

Best Scene : The last life or death scene...good acting by Kitty(bkn nama sebenar)

1.Silent Hill
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Why : Well i loved the game,and the movie stayed close to the game.It have the same eerie atmosphere and gothlike enviroment,the nurses are hot and yet scary looking.Radha was excellent,the gore was a surprise.The mystery around the town is way cool.Everything bout it was fine!...however i would love to know what the hell is that ending suppose to mean,but then again...that's what good bout it.It left you hanging,figuring yourself what the ending could /suppose to mean


allrite that's my list, nearly made the list : Running Scared, John Tucker Must Die , Slither , Feed *updated


S K R I N said...

Reza, Hard Candy ada dlm list ko. Celaka aku kena tonton jgk nih. Aku tau filem tu bagus..isk. Kat tempat aku sini itu DVD rental 1 day release jer (new release), tu yg malas nak rent. Takut tak sempat tonton. Anyway thanks dude. Good one.

yukio said...

silent hill first dalam list? cite tu mmg dark dan aku tak expect ade banyak scene yg agak disturbing (better dari memana resident evil hehe) tapi still bole masuk top 10 horror last year. scene bes dalam silent hill; 1. antu budak pompuan tu kuar tentakel berduri ngan masa heroin lalu through bunch of nurses hehe. aku prefer the hostel, tapi maybe aku tak tgk lagi yg lain2 tu so no komen sangat.

reza said...

skrin : tempat kor ada dvd rental?!?!?! kor bukan kat malaysia kan...damnit,oh thanks kerana melawat

kazumi? : kenapa?awak tak suka silent hill?...beeyatch,anyhoo aku tak hostel so-so cause terasa overthe top skit,skit jer

Jurina said...

only 7 of them i've watched..

reza said...

aku nak teka,aku rasa :

1.over the hedge
4.The Host
5.Snakes on Plane
6.Lake House

tul tak?...tapi yg aku tulis ada gore tuh kor takyah lah tgk,karang kor emo ngan aku

S K R I N said...

Reza, aku kat Perth, Aussie. Dulu aku kat KL. Skang aku pindah sini bukak bisnes (family) cafe. KL mana ada dvd rental.. speedy video ada laa itu pun filem yg dah kena kerat/tetak dgn badan penapisan. bangang.

yukio said...

banyak gila review mamat skrin ni, terasa cam nak add dalam blog...

reza said...

kazumi : whore

skrin : tuh lah nampak profile kor awal2 dulu,tapi ingatkan melawak..pesan dvd leh ? :P

pada diri sendiri : leh ke lupa prestige??!?!?!?!

nih kena buat balik list nih,aku cadangkan buang hostel dlm list,kazumie tentu emo ya?

S K R I N said...

reza, takkan la aku melawak lak.
yukio, boleh-boleh silakan, thx. aku pun nak link kau gak.

yukio said...

jgn kuarkan hostel dari list! cite tu tak tipikal ah

Ed said...

oh my God... reza sukerrrrrrrrrrr... sumer top 10 aku ada dlm top 20 ko.... muahahaha... suker suker.... kecuali ah running scared dlm top 10 aku... prestige & hostel almost masuk top 10 aku... huhuhu....

thanezra said...

aku akan amend esok
tak patut prestige takder
pukul diri sendiri

Jurina said...

semua btol kecuali no. 7 ganti dgn last stand

reza said...

ju : pinjam lah apa lagi

anyhoo updated!

dela said...

sib baik ko tambah the prestige. sedih aku. jack hughman main plak tuh.

silent hill mmg best. aku target aku tido.

Oooo ko suker nurses yer. uu kinky...tgk la tu..saw 3 pon ada nurse. i know your fantasy.

reza said...

dela : fantasy aku abs kor