Saturday, December 30, 2006

Penang - The Amazing Race -

Ok since the 3rd day kat Penang aku terasa cam amazing race so aku post aku nyer next cerita nih Amazing Race Style.Host aku kasik Razli, cause dia gagah dan macho macam whats his face dlm amazing race asia

Q Theme (..........................................)

Razli@PenangBridge : This is the 10th leg of the Amazing Race,teams are now at Penang, where they are having their manditory rest in which they can rest and mingle with other teams (shot reza pura2 shy).Who will survive this leg (gaya host penuh macho pandang camera)
Reza the first guy to arrive will leave first at 2.30 a.m (shot koyak kertas pastuh campak jer).

Reza : Get to Bayan Lepas airport by car, and pick the earliest& cheapest flight to K.L, there is your pitstop.

Luckily for me i got friends, here in Penang,so they dropped me off at Bayan Lepas (actually more like abandon,but whatever).So I got in and brrrrrrrrrrrrrr,cold man...and of course since it's 3 am, its like a ghost town there.I can see only 1 jap/taiwan? guy sitting at the waiting bay.Then I saw 1 makcik(guard),so I asked her "what time does the counter open?" and as predicted 6 a.m (history lesson, i've never been on a flight,there is once, but that was a long long time ago, with parents) what else to do?..called kat bluebar...noi?dah dengkur..oh whatever might as well sleep.And let me tell you the airport is cold!!!!!!!!(aku ngan seluar stengnyer)..but i didnt sleep well, I guess every 10 min or so, i woke up...probally because of the noise made by the people working there(which is not much) and also maybe I was afraid the jap guy near me will do something(NOT that something!...perv!).So sleept again,from time to time, i woke up...I saw more people coming in,then around 5a.m me thinks, I woke up..woahhhhhhh,It's like everyone is trying desprately to get out of Penang because there is an outbreak or then because I was afraid that there wont be anymore tickets I waited at the front of the MAS desk, Ha clue box!

Reza : Detour! (shot razli jalan tepi pantai dengan penuh gaya)
Razli :A detour is a task where one team must choose from 2 options(razli berhenti..1..2 jalan balik) in this detour teams must choose between MAS or Air Asia, there are pros/cons for each choice,but if they choose wisely, they may reach Kl 1st..(berhenti...1..2 jalan kuar frame)

Since I was already lining up at MAS, might as well check MAS out first lah kan,10 min before 6 it opens( yo fast) directly went to the guy."erm abg,first flight kul bapa?" he replied 7.15...ooooh cool,harga? RM205...neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.Next flight?..8.15?RM205 also?...neverrrrrrrrrr (reza kor ingat air asia ke?lain2 flight ikut harga?) so decided to go with Air Asia since i've already checked beforehand,and i know there is a flight at 8.15 (but if its full or that's another story), so tralalala go to Air Asia small counter,and it opens at 6.45!..pehalllllllllllllll?...anyway the receptionist dude was good enuff, he answered all my questions...then the best thing happen

Receptionist : Smoking or non smoking?
Reza: (dengan penuh bangga) non smoking
Receptionist : (muka penuh tanda soal)...erm abg saya mintak no telephone...
Reza : (aduhhhhhhhhhhhhh maluuuuuuuuuuuuuu, ada bunyi dekat ker pon?..)
Receptionist : xpa abg ,penghadang nih mmg susah bagi penumpang dengor apa kitorang cakap (ha elok lah kor carik alasan tuk aku)....(went to check in counter..fuh awek hot!)

history lesson : me watch lots of movies,sometimes i daydream in em, maybe...i was daydreaming, i thought i was in the english movies,where they sometimes ask for smoking or non smoking...and also in my defense, when i went to london at 7 i specifically remembered,there is a smoking sign that goes on and off.

ok i survived checking in,then went straight to the bench to,sleep..and this time i slept like a baby,but tied everything on to me,just in case,if anyone wanted to go grabby.And noi called,alaa noi,so we talked for awhile and just in time for me to board the plane.boarding was ok,but the hot stewardess at the counter was there!,and let me say,air asia's babes are hotter than MAS..
ok so Q up walk in Air Asia plane,OH GOD IT'S small, luckily I wasn't claustaphobic,then again i was a bit uneasy for a couple of min.Because i watched too many movies, my mindset was that airplanes are hugeeeeeee, and have 2 corridors.This is not what I got.So as we were all seated,the stewardess started demonstrating that thing they do for security reason,mucho fun...the ladies are hot..then suddenly a phone rang,haaaaaa cuak muka stewardess,rupa2nyer ada sorang indon kat depan nun pasang hp.mmg kena Hish dengan stewardess paling hot tuh.Anyway start lah flight, shaky gak,I was kinda scared,maybe cause knowing me,i remembered every movie that was chaos in flight related.

One example, i sat right by the window,then suddenly i remember Final Destination, and what happen to the chick that sat near the window,she was one of the first to go..hoho so i hop to the next seat,at least something...AHAHAHAHA.then i was like,hmm was it a good idea to sit at the back,in Alive the back got it first,but in lost the back and middle survive(most of it)...many movies ran through my thoughts and finally i had enuff and went to sleep.I woke up we were there around 9.30 me thinks.thank god.As I walked out the airport then i Realised, this is not KLIA!!!!!!!!! where the F am i!...i was really clueless.Luckily I saw a cluebox, i opened it and ...

Razli :
(shot kat dlm pantry plane sambil wat kopi)A roadblock is task only one person can do(i am already alone) this roadblock, u must find the receptionist and ask wisely 2 questions to get to the destination known as KLIA.

And like my early instinct, i staright away looked for the reception counter,luckily it wasnt that hard.Talk to the lady, since I need to ask 2 Q so i asked...

Reza : What is the fastest animal on earth
Recept : The Cheetah
Reza : how the hell do i get to klia
Recept : By bus, just wait there...(sambil point)

So i waited for like 15min, then the bus came, jump on it and slept :)) sempat lagi, and finally reached klia.Now to find ERL, it wasnt that hard but there were two stations, i went to the express one which doesnt stop at putrajaya.luckily the lady there aid me on where to go,also not that reached the terminal,gotta wait 20 min lakkkkkkkkk,hish camner nak sampai keje on time was 10.30 by then.So hop into the erl, which is heaven to sleep in.Luckily i woke right on time the train stopped at Putra.Me dad was there already, usual,thinking the worst

"bapak ingat hafez sesat"
"bapak ingat hafez tertido dlm ERL sampai ke KLIA"
"bapak ingat hafez tak reti beli ticket sangkut sana"...always assume the worst,sigh.

so reach home...cluebox!

Razli : go to TPM and looked for IT-365, there is ur pitstop, the last to arrive(dramatic pause)....will be eliminated.(in the shot also shows dela at the side looking big)

So got home,mandi manda,mkn cam piglet,sms hebat kat juanita dlm penuh drama.Drove! to TPM...and guess what I reached on time...oh there is Razli and Dela..(lari penuh pantas)..sampai

Dela : Welcome to Malaysia, im Dodo
Razli : Reza ..(long pause muka suspense,gigit bibir)..u no1(ckp laju2)
Reza : Wooohoooooooooo i reached on time

basically, the highlight of my trip,is my alone time going back to kl by was an awesome exprience...eventhough it kinda made my back ache...oh fyi,everything with cluebox and razli in just fiction. dan aku tulis nih kat opis dlm keadaan boring dan saikotic


Che underscore Lee said...

Aku gelak sampai jatuh kerusi pliss!!

part ni pemenang..
"Dela : Welcome to Malaysia, im Dodo
Razli : Reza ..(long pause muka suspense,gigit bibir)..u no1(ckp laju2)
Reza : Wooohoooooooooo i reached on time"

Dela memang seswai jadi maskot!

Anonymous said...

hmmm... tak sangka a bimbo menang amazing race episode nih kan.... but its wat always happen kan... congraz rez!!!

Siberkop said...


Nyah, ko mmg cilaka!

Anonymous said...

semua : ampun,aku tgh saiko time type nih

Che underscore Lee said...

ehh... abg Ber...
happy new year...ihiks!

Siberkop said...

Semua dan sesapa yg nak terasa: Happy new year juger! Ahaks...

pusakputih said...

gile obses terhadap amazing race.. but dude.. seriously creative.. looking forward for more..

azumiru said...

hahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha babiknyer lawak.....

Anonymous said...

yeah!! im glad people enjoy it!

dan happy new year to all

Anonymous said...

Takpe, nasib baik watak aku ko gambarkan cool, so tak jadi nak post dkt ko surat mintak royalti.

Anonymous said...

aku agak terkejut kor agak rilek aku expect kor dah berubah...tahniah...orang lain lak kuat tantrum jatuhnyer

Anonymous said...

isk.. bersawang bagai blog ni... nih blog ker gua niah ni... err... helloooo? anybody home? isk... byk nyer sawang la haiii....

shazanateh said...

wahahaha. lama tak jenguk reza ass nya blog. sangat funny ok entry Penang dengan entry Amazing Race. Sangat kreatif. Rajin-rajin la post cerita sebegini ye..... :P