Friday, December 01, 2006

HEROES is my new X-Men

I'm watching loads of tv series currently, cyber was like what!, but hey, me likey tv..can't live without it,before this was bout Drawn Together, now I'm gonna promote Heroes, a great show that may last a couple of season.

When I first heard bout heroes, i was excited.A real life series about superheroes, before this there was one but it sux hell and not to mention cheesy (yes mutant X im talking bout u).The first episode was enough to make me plead for more.Most of the characters have similar powers to the X-men which i love(and had to stop because of bloody PTPTN..but!ha ada but,that's for another topic).The latest ep(episode 10) was ok in terms of excitement, but character wise,well we got to know more in details bout our heroes.

Oh where are my manner forgot the intro; Heroes is bout a bunch of people who out of sudden have powers..but for what?Now that is the real question.From the looks of it, it mainly centers bout the destruction of New York but I dont buy it,and Jurina(a new heroes fan..welcome to the club kekasih) did mention they might pull a The 4400(which i will scream bloody murder if it happens like that)

Now lets get to know some of the characters, I wont mention all cause my god the cast are big.I will only mention the characters i manage to cap base on the episode i'm caping (what the hell am i talking about)


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Nicki is played by Ali Later,the very first reason i decide to watch Heroes,as I saw the promo poster in one of my comics.But unfortunately, i'm not actually drawn to this character, maybe because of her "powers".In a nutshell,she's a mom with one kid and was abandon by her husband.(both are also heroes fyi).Nicki has multiple personalities, one is her real self(jessica) the other is..erm Nicki.The hardcore badass that can rip a person in 2(i kid u not).At first I was like meh,tuh jer?...cause multiple personality for me doesnt count as super power...but ripping someone in half...haaa now that's another story.Her kid also have powers,seems like he's good at fixing machine etc(like Forge in X-men) and the hubby can merge with the shadows.


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I love claire!, she's my fav hero.A history bout the actress Hayden.I actually don't like her,I hate her in Ally Mcbeal..I don't see her as a cheerleader in Bring It On 3.But here she sold me.Maybe because of the character, I love her backstory and character.She's the timid cheerleader who happens to have super powers.Her powers is vulnerability, she can heal very very fast...she's the hardest to kill,think Wolverine without the claws


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A hindu from Chennai that came to the States to learn more bout his father's project about human evolution.Mohinder is not a hero, but me predicts he'll become the leader or guide for the heroes..something like Adam in Muntant X.(p/s:Ju suka yg ni)


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Peter will definately lead the pack.I'm guessing he'll be the captain.He's the black sheep of the family,his bro is running to become a senator(who also happens to be a hero).And first Peter taught that his power is flight, but as the series progress, he learnt that he can absorb other hero's power.Think Synch in Generation X.And let me just say, personally he got the best power..and he's the most powerfull..if in company of other heroes that is.Oh the bro have the power of flight.


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Isaac is the artist who paints the future when high (kesian).I pity this character, he has to be high in order to paint the future,hopefully when time progress he'll learn to just paint without beeing high.Basically his power isn't much but he can be the oracle and guide the other heroes.


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I call her the whisper girl(oh how original AHAHAHA),she can trick anyone into doing her biddings.Kinda powerfull but not for a hand to hand combat,however who needs fighting skills when u can just ask the enemy to sleep.She's apart of another team who are intrested in these Heroes.I hope her character grows cause i like her.

Hiro and the wonderful Charlie

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Both make a cute couple.Hiro is another favourite of mine.He's the nerdy japanesse who travels to the States cause he believes that it's his destiny.He's travelling along with his no power sidekick(i forgot his name).Hiro can bend time, he can slip to the past and future, he is also capable of stopping time.The cutie by his side is Charlie, the very very cute and likeable character that appeared in episode 8.She can store information in her head.Basically she's like a living hard disk.I love u Charlie.


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The scary dude who I don't quite understands his power yet,i think he can absorb powers after he kills a hero.I think lah.But he is strong,if u see like a mother f.His character is futher explored in episode 10.

Appart from that,there's this cop who can hear one thoughts,his FBI friend who is played by Clea Duvall(not a hero)..and then there's Claire's father who seems bad but maybe good.Eden's colleague who can erase memory.There's this guy who is a human timebomb and Claire's friend who may become a sidekick.

That's bout it...wanna prepare for working now


ajurina said...

pebetulan: sylar

Anonymous said...

Kalau ko tak tengok lagi EP 10 sila jangan baca posting aku eh Reza.

Tapi memang aku love this show lah. First thing yang aku love sbb this show tak bergantung pertunjukkan superpowers yg semua heroes ni ada tapi lebih kepada bagaimana they handle it when they know they got it.

Power Sylar? Dalam byk arguement dan forum dan pemerhatian aku sendiri, actually Sylar asalnya takde power selain dapat see into somethig dan tahu apa yang rosak.

Tapi from all the killings dia buat, dia gain sedikit demi sedikit power.

And Reza, Charlie mmg mati.

reza said...

dude dah tgk
dan aku tulis apa?skylar ke?

Anonymous said...

Ya, nama Sylar ko tulis Skylar la dude. Skylar tu cam mende lain dah tu.

reza said...

tadi pon tercakap kat ju skylar

ajurina said...

dan ko lupe heroes lagi sorang..
budak india yang masuk dalam mimpi tu..

Ed said...

reza, thanx intro aku series nih... aku tak sabar nak dload ep 11... huhuhu... aku suka plisss!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eh tak nampak pun Izar hari ni. Ahaks.

SCRUBS final season dah kuar!

Che underscore Lee said...

Ahahaha sorry busy sket lately. By the way aku tak tgk Heroes ni tapi roommate aku dok pasang, so ade la tgk certain2 episode especially masa mamat nerd Jepun tu sampai US dan mamat yg lukis future tu... gempak gak laa..

Reza, kalau ko dah burn aku cam ingin bleh?

p/s: Cyber u still hot! ihiks..

Anonymous said...

Now, sorang lagi mati and you'll cry.

thanezra said...

bengang,bila suka jer mati, takpon eliminated!

argggggggh..takper2 life