Thursday, December 14, 2006

Suprisingly great movies at the end of the year

Allrite here it is, Casino Royale and The Host review,both excellent movies and with addition Cinta,a suprisingly Great movie!

Casino Royale

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"kalau ending camnih aku bakar satu pawagam nih ngan budak2 tuh sekali"Nik Norli

First up, i wanna say this is definately one of the best Bond film.Heh, i know like every single new bond movie came it'll automatically be the best bond film ever!
Die Another Day was great cause it was hip! and high tech, World is not enuff was great cause the bad gal,kinda mislead me,but this bond..this bond is definately the best bond thus far

This bond got depth, more believable storyline,not over the top action and good plot.Who would have thought bond have actual feelings, forget the crappy On her Majesty blah2, this is time bond definately is in love.Not just "bang" once and bye bye.

And that my friends is why i love this bond,for once he's not using the women for the greater good.Then the plot.Yo great one they show how bond started out, naive and egoistic and way cold which later on he did a 360 and became this so in love dude. I think that's y they picked Daniel Craig cause he does have
the charisma to pull off this bond.He's a great actor BTW, however he still doesnt look like a bond to me, too buff and too blond.

Action was great and ok i kinda lied, it's not really THATlogical, but to compare it with other bond movies, i found this one more believable.I personally love the first scene with all the jumping2 from one platform to another,whoahhh..And not to forget there are no awesome/weird gadjets that makes u swoon.This time bond solely use the normal stuff, guns/fighting skills/and the cars.

The badguy?Good enuff, not that evil.Like im gonna rule the world type but he'll do.And me thinks he's motive or plans are far more believable than any bond villain's combine.Hot mamas? Eva Green is cute,at an angle
when the light hits her she's so pretty,maybe it's the eyes..oh and she's a great actress,she sold me.

So with great storyline,good layered characters and niceee action,I'm sooooooooo liking this bond.However!...the end needs to be cut down so badly, it got dragish at the end, personally i think they cutat least 10 min at the back.That's the only negative i have. Vote 4/5


The Host

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No Virus?

This movie felt like ages to come out...and finally it did.And thank god it was worth the wait.The Host is the most character driven monster movie I've ever seen.

I saw the host with Aniruj and it was the 2nd row!But I still suck it and watch the movie like i was at the back row.I don't know bout aniruj though,but thank you for also sucking it and watch the movie at the 2nd row.

Ok back to the movie,let's start with monster.Me thinks it was ok not as menacing as the other monsters I love,maybe because i've seen it before (the relic).however it's still good and scary when it rampage the city and ate/killed loads of people.This first scene is definately one of the best monster terrorizing a city scene ever.It was fast,scary and introduce the characters we will soon learn to love later on.And the best thing bout the monster is it's ability.This thing can store food in it's multi layered mouth and can swing like a monkey using it's
awesome tail.I think that's the monsters strenght,the ability. CGI was ok, not top notch,but since it was from asia,hey..good enuff

The characters!Now this is the strongest point of the movie,most monster movie is bout screaming and running and terror(which i sometimes loved it,but as a great movie?no-no) ,but The Host really centers bout the characters.And most important,they are soooooooooo likeable,so real that we don't want any oh em to get eaten.In a nutshell,the movie is bout a family trying to save the youngest member of the family who was taken earlier by the monster.So these really funny,really real and really clueless family sets out on a journey to find this kid
who could have been eaten already.The characters are so well written,they are not the heroes we usually see in the movies,the macho,level headed heroes.Here they are very silly!clumsy, clueless and dumb...but the way they strive to find the kid
no matter what is so endearing that I wish nothing at all will happen to them,and when SPOILER! some of them did bite the dust, it really was sad.

Storywise was also good,i see lots of hidden msg in it,like white guys
= bad and korean gov = bad.Kinda the same like Memoirs of a Serial Killer*thank you azmir for the cd and sorry for not sending it back to u yet :P. And also many korean culture related refrences that i dont quite get, but good to know.And the best line ever in the movie is definately
"no virus?".Buwahahahhaha,that was funny.The movie has a nice blend
of dark humour here and there,at one point there is a scene that suppose to be really sad, but few seconds later nearly everyone in the cinema was snickering/ laughing.Good blend.

All in all the host was a fun ride and Hollywood, pls no remake.Another 4/5,But a strong 4



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Majalah ini tak dapat dijual..
Boleh,mungkin...jika letak kat bontot kau

Cinta tersangat lah best, seriously i think it's the best malay movie i've seen so far,beats out the flashy still good PGL and beats out the controversial but good Sepet which most people deemed the greatest malay movie.

Watching cinta is like watching a really sweet romantic malay movie with top notch quality of a hollywood movie.Cinta is sooooo there,up the level with Hollywood gred A movie making style. The editing is nice, transition good,colours was breathtaking,story was good,script great..acting! excellent! there's no wrong in this movie.

As usual lets start with the acting,Fatima Abu Bakar, ur the best actress in the movie! I loveeeeee u.How can i missed such a gem.Before this, i seriously was like fatimawho?..or at least "ala mak aliya tuh".I should have respect u more, but now u got my respect.I would seriously like to learn from u,if i got the chance lah *nak blah dari keje nih pon susah.Rahim Razali, another great actor, kor selamba jer and it works..proves that with exprience, u'll be a great actor.

Nanuhas always been my fav, and in here she still delivers,also that Quairdude. Aliawas cute as usual,she can pull it off whether her acting is great or not, her presence covers it all.The lucky guy that married Vanida also did well, though at times he looks like he's smirking rather than crying,Rita'sa whore! nuff bout that. Fasha...erm oklah,Eizlan, ermmm not bad.The worst got to be, Pierre Andre, dude! wake up! e's becoming a typecast,since Gol and Gincu, he's acting ability is so limited ,It's always the same blank face.Maybe its his character i dont know, but so far the only acting I've seen him done is that same blank face.This is the 2nd time, if i see again...foul!

Character,I wont discuss all cause there are too many,I'll discuss my fav.Fatima Abu Bakar,Such a great character,the time she told her history about her husband is soooooo sad, I was nearly in tears *note: jika hendak elak dari nangis,buka mata luas2,cam aku wat..air jamin tak kuar*...That part alone made me love the movie,kudos to Fatima for really go into the character and also kudus to the writer for making such a great character.Spoiler! I love it in the end she finally found someone, it's like she finally found a purpose in life
and that's just plain sweet!*.Appart from that, i like that guy who got dump character,i also love the resolution, eventhough it screams LOVE ACTUALLY.However the execution is nicely done as i did went awww when he said as long as ur happy.nice.

Lines,loads of great lines,ju was right,the line isteri is anugerah is so touching, no woman would survive that line,jamin cair lah!But the weird thing is, y in the world did they highlight the scene : "majalah ini tak dapat nak dijual", what's so significant bout that I wonder.And one more thing, i love the fact that they add in some kinda english jokes cause so far,the line "i'll have what she's having" can only be seen in american movies.

Izar point out this in the movie, and i also did realise it,the color correction was
nicely done,especially Alia's part, she looked soooo beautiful with the purple t
and purplelish background,good job!

Music was well blend with the moment,so far this is the best malay movie that provides a well blend moment with the music.It seriously felt like watching Love Actually where they played old and new songs /remake throught the movie.Another well done.

Banyak lagi nak ckp nih,tapi i'll keep it short.The last two things i wanna talk bout
is the shot/angles.Two scenes come in mind.1st:the moments shot, i totally love it when i watch these american movies or whatever, when they slow mo the moment and one
character watches another character attentively.I love these savouring the moment shots. In here there are lots of it,it's like everything pause,when u see something u like..ish nak renung luar lah,pastuh harap everthing in slow mo.Next is the one single shot/take in the hospital,wow much,it went from one place to another and to another,yo!kudus 10x

So i end now with Cinta is the best movie thus far this year..really.Fatima sold me
she alone made me love this movie.Thank you whoever u are (director) for making
such an awesome movie.4.5/

p/s : ju aku curik gambo dari hang ya,thanks..dah nak tido N


Che underscore Lee said...

Dunno about Bond n The Host coz tak tgk lagik, but agree sesangat dengan Cinta nyer review.. i did mine, so feel free to baca k!

Anonymous said...

great review!

Anonymous said...

ajurina : blushing ahaks

izar: going there

Anonymous said...

Aku harap sempat tgk The Host lagi.

Anonymous said...

ada lagi kat pawagam tuh nyah, gi cepat...tgk2 kor tak suka, harus kena bamboo

Anonymous said...

Correction: its amani... not aleya..

BTW, its totally awesome... skrg aku cam percaya yg citer melayu dgn skrip melayu and pelakon melayu can produce such a masterpiece...

perasaan lepas tgk filem nih cam lepas tgk filem yg baru menang oscar plis!! perasaan yg sama cam lepas tgk Crash.

Anonymous said...

owh gramm error please... tolong remove 'a' sebelum masterpiece

Anonymous said...

The mag is important to show many things:

To understand Fasha's char. fasha doesn't have an irk watsoever about 'org kaya' or 'org miskin'. She just see things as what it is. She is what she is, a budak kampung making a living in KL, 'so what if u r an anak dato'?' attitude, hence "yg ini letak sini", to show Eizlan, "who de hell are u to show how i susun my mags in this shop?"

Also to understand Eizlan's. He is definitely 'manipulative' and a 'user' (he definitely see that he stick with Fasha not becoz of her radiant, but her sharp eye on mags design), thus watever he can do, he will do..thus that is why we would wanna see, whether he is 'true' to his word (saya sayang awak) or its just his way in handling business.

The good point of Cinta is, the objects, banyak main objek. Objek penting, dan majalah tu penting (to show oneself, to glamourzie- ie Eizlan, but that is where the question comes, "so is he?") dan dimain2 dan diulang byk kali.

Bravo for such great reviews.

Anonymous said...

ya allah dalamnyer kor pikir,
nasib mmg make sense dan diexplain ngan bagus ~thanks

kalau tak aku anto ed pukul2 ko