Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Kau Hodoh

Oh such a tiring week man,really everyday I nearly doze off at work.Come one managers take up more people!Nak ot ot tiap2 hari nih sampai bila?!?!Bila hell freezes over????Mata skrg pon dah strain sakan!Dan takder masa nak berspeaking2 dah, agak emo

Oh oh tapi last week best cuti2 ngan Jaa pura2 MC, aku finally dpt lubang tuk comic!, finally! so takyah mengharapkan THE THONG kat bangsar tuh (useless much?)This dude at Borders was very helpfull (name is Bobby), he's so helpfull sampai aku terharu terus write a compliment letter dan dan tuh.Dlm hati dia kotakan lah gak janji2nyer.Amin.So im back in the game for buying comics, Yipee!

Then last week i saw two movie,1 is bond, finally!...the other is The Host.I love both of it, but the host rowks man,love it love it love it, i'll review it and bond later, but for the time being, u can go to Jaa's blog and read the topic "Hari Bodoh Sedunia" which kinda sums up the day i had watching bond.


Next intresting Tv Series me watching is Ugly Betty,if me not mistaken, it was...erm who ya..Dieha i think that pointed there is a tv series base on the awesome latin tv series Yo soy betty la fea, which is one of my guilty pleasures back in those days.Still remember the time i skip nearly every 3dmax class just to watch Betty, god was i pathetic.So here's Ugly Betty, a remake of the Yo soy betty.I think it's great, not Ally Mcbeal great(first couple season) but good enough.For those who isnt aware, Ugly Betty tells the story of this latin chick Betty,who wants to make it big anywhere, she got an offer to work as an assistant to this dick Daniel, who is the hotshot of the company.The only reason why she was pick is because Daniel's dad dont want him to sleep with his asst, due to the reason that Betty is sorta,not good that's the story.

Here's the excellent cast;

Betty Suarez

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Played excellently by America Ferrera.First saw her in the movie,sisterhood travelling pants or something like that.I think she's a good casting choice,but!...i dont think her makeover will be as stunning as the original betty was.However though still as naive and someone meek as the original,this betty is also kinda tough, she fights back sometimes.So that's a plus.

The Suarezs

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Well this version of betty is without a mother,but the wacky daddy is.Unfortunately he isnt as conservative and weird like the original daddy was.The additional family is betty's sister Hilda and her erm "special" kid Justin.

Wilhelmina Slater

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The bitchy boss played by the wow u can act Vanessa Williams.I think she's suppose to be Armando's gf in the original betty but in this one,they made her the hero's enemy.She's one of the higher power in the company who wishes,one day,that she'll take over the company.The nice touch bout her character is that they added a kid in her life,which sometimes shows a softer side of Wilhelmina


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The gossip queen in the company,he's wil's asst.He's funny at times, but his character doesnt intrest me much.


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The dumb blonde of the story, i think she's supposedly potraying Patricia in the original betty,though not as funny and dumb as Patricia.She does have some funny scenes.And also her character has more depth then Patricia.Cause this Amanda also gets hurt in an episode or 2.

Fav Amanda Quotes;

After introducing her to Betty's father...

Amanda : HOLA!
Father : It's actually pronounce O'la
Amanda : Not it's not,there's a H.i checked (while winking)


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The Hero, the armando of the story.At least this Armando is a bit macho than the short dude in the original betty.Though both are an ass.Danial got a bit soul in him,at least he seems to like Betty from the get go.While Armando only pitied betty like halfway through the series.Oh Danial is played by Eric Mabius, the dude in the original Resident Evil

there are more, like Danial's dad who seems to be hiding something(they added a mystery in this Betty), Betty bf,Betty's should be bf and betty's only friend in the office,there are more,but not really worth mentioning

that bout it nak go krooooh now
The Host BEST!


Ed said...

Reza, aku baru lepas tgk The Host... demm... aku suka the HOST. its super-cool!!!! love the cast, love the monster, love the plot, love the story-line, love the character, and love the sarcasm about those white peeps tuh.... worth my 10RM!!!!

reza said...

woah kor tgk,
ingatkan kor tak tgk
tapi yeah the host sangat best

azreen said...

yerrrr.. yang aku citer kat blog aku tuh bukan spoiler pon.. sape2 yang abca buku seme tahu sape mati ahahaha :P....
ouh yer ko keji tk bitau aku pasal new trailer tuh :P

Che underscore Lee said...

Armando was hot tapi Daniel ni yummylicious camne?
Ouh Mark pun will do.. ahaks!

reza said...

aku tak baca bukunyer lah reen, aku buku2 nih susah skit nak baca tapi takper lah if kor rasa hot...hmmm bilalah nak gi jumpa kor amik survivor nih