Saturday, November 25, 2006


No, im not making a confession.I-Kentut is one of my users name that I saw in the Q 3 days back, and it really made my day...i was doing my work and suddenly I notice someone in the Q by the name of I Kentut(camner?), i automatically turn to Juanita who sat behind me and yelled "JU JU TGK NAMA ORANG KAT Q FIRST SEKALI TUH!"...moments later she laugh till she shed a tear..personally i think I Kentut beats all the weird names i encountered in this company.IT beats Malik Tipu Sultan...yeah that name is also weird,both from indon FYI.

Anyway I saw See No Evil awhile back,It's one of the movies under the WWE wrestling production and one of the cast was Kane,it's bout some juvenile kids beeing killed by this big dude (acted by Kane) who have this mental problem.But im not going to talk bout the movie much cause it didnt make such of an impact much to me.Still ok though but meh...

Basically there's a scene in the movie where this chic got hung upside down and was bleeding,then this dog cameby and tasted her blood,you know what happend next?The dog ate her...oh dear.Ok,logic and poor taste aside, the reason I highlight this scene is because months back izar n joe suggest to make a top 10 most "keji" death, which one of it was the hot girl in Cabin Fever got eaten by the dog,it is a great topic but, unfortunately appart from that I dunno what other deaths can be "keji"(apart from that old man get eaten by pigs in Hannibal)

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Then this movie came along, and yet again another girl got eaten.And yeah gotta agree with izar,getting eaten by some dirty animal is kinda..ish sad and pathetic...if I've had read the script and see my death scene is that, i'll drop the script and wave goodbye (unless i'm a struggling actor).But do you think dogs are capable of digesting us?Me thinks it's possible,hey a dingo once drag a kid and god knows what happend...So it is possible,it's just that to die that way is way sad.


Ok moving on to another topic cause I have time and i wanna spend it in front of my pc,I wanna talk bout Drawn Together,it's one of the tv series that I'm watching/following now.Drawn Together is about 8 cartoon characters from diffrent types of timeline/type are joins a reality show like Big Brother, where they have to live together in a mansion.It's not really a game but somewhat of a story revolving them.Still going strong Drawn Together is in it's 3rd season and still as funny when they first came to the screen.But be warned,this cartoon is not for all because the humour is always crude and explicit not to mention XXX, but i still like it.Here are the characters in random order

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Who : Captain Hero
Which: Captain Hero comes from the era of Superman/Aquaman and such
Him : The most disturbed and highly messed up characters in Drawn Together.He's manly but then suddenly he can be very girly..not to mention once he went gay...what am i saying he went gay loads of times, and he acts like nothing happend.There is never a dull time if the episode is center around him.

Best Episode : The episode where his mom and dad came over,disturbing I tell you

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Who : Foxy Love
Which : Came from the era when Scooby Doo is cool
Her : She's the sex symbol of the house.Her...ehem goods are always pointing and nearly everytime the camera pans over there.She not really that funny, but her antics are.And i also like it when the other housemate jokes bout her beeing black etc

Best Episode : The episode where she get back together with Foxy5 * hey hey hey

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Who : Ling Ling
Which : Pokemon duh
Her/Him? : Ling2 is actually a dude,but why the heck they put her name as ling2, that alone made me laugh.But his character is not always showcase, but when it counts.She doesn't speak english but there's always the crazy subtitles

Best Episode : The episode where the made fun of Asians,fun stuff,specially the godzilla

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Who :Princess Clara
Which : Fairy tales
Her : Princess Clara is another disturb character,she's supposedly very christian and hate jews(her jew jokes are to die for) but sometimes she pull a 360 and strip and made out with another girl.

Best Episode : Gotta be the episode about her vagina

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Who : Spanky Ham
Which : Internet Cartoon
Him : The perverse pig.Who I couldn't care less,but sometimes his quotes are funny

Best Episode : I really dont have one, but when he married xandir that was funny

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Who : Toot
Which : The 20's sex symbol like Betty Boo
Her : Ok this is the funniest character in the house.Self proclaim a sex symbol,she thinks everyone is into her(season1) and she always mutilate herself when she gets sad...not to forget she's also very very loud

Best Episode : Many

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Who : Wooldoor Sockbat
Which : Sponge bob era,animaniacs etc
b He's the naive one, the very gay(happy) and full of life, but sometimes go wacky.He's sometimes match up with Capt Hero and do the nasties (don't ask me why or how)

Best Ep : The Strawberry Shortcakes story

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Who : Xandir
Which : Legend of Zelda/ Dungeons and Dragons sort of cartoon
Him : First season he was this dude who supposedly on a mission to save his gf,then he came out,now he's the gay guy who's very over the top( no pun intended)

Best Ep : Gotta be the gay bash Episode

that's it, i leave u with the excellent teased poster of The Hills have Eyes 2

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Che underscore Lee said...

My fav still Toot and Captain Hero. Porky's lines pun sometimes funny giller!

Fav episodes: Asian thingy, gay bash, captain hero brokeback mountain, nicaraguan baby!

malik tipu sultan punya anak said...

hey malik tipu sultan dari pakistan plis..

Che underscore Lee said...

Ahahaha Tippu Sultan tu kan ade citer sejarah pasal dia..

So aku rasa nama Tippu Sultan tu dah jadi common la kot kat Pakistan / India ehehe..

reza said...

really?do explain...

dan i kentut ada sejarah tak?

joey jo jo said...

suke episode toot eating disorder. Lawak giler toot jadi gemok and kurus!

Perlulah ada The Hills Have Eyes 2? ada tak possibilty derang the ppl yg intai the survivors from the first movie?

Ed said...

nak xander...

reza said...

eh perlu joe,wes dulu pon wat ada part 2 dan ed dah pulang dari thai?

Dela said...

Yak Allah lama nya tak tengok!!! (menjerit sangat)

my fav - princess sangat!

kor dah tengok colic tak? moh tgk beramai2?

ajurina said...

dexter ko tak masukkan?

Anonymous said...

Hi, saya henzman. Saya quite nice.

reza said...

jurina dexter bukan cartoon nih lah,walaupon bakat dia nak muncul ada jer, tapi rasa elok ko jgn tgk cerita nih kerana kekadang terlalu offensive

cyber,eleh mentang izar kata kor hot, duk datang sini bagi comment hi jer ah