Saturday, November 04, 2006


THIS WEEK IS A FREAKING MESS!FIRST AND FOREMOST, I WOULD LIKE TO SAY I WAS DUPED! ONCE AGAIN IN JOINING A FUCKING STUPID ASS COMPANY FROM HELL!Once what felt like a really ok place to work, and the balance of my worklife + social life is erm well, balance! is all flushed down the toilet.I'm not sure if im difficult, if so, do tell cause I really would like to know how and why or maybe what

Here's the case,after raya the my team/dept had a new manager,which is a anic lady(oh oh kan!)...oh oh indeed, and there was a rumour going about her antics (which most people say sucked).Well the brilliant "hip" lady(what am i saying,witch!) decide that we should work on SUNDAY! ...for 12 hourssssss! im like FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKK NO, like working on alternate saturdays isnt enuff(which is still on with added 2 hrs)Now to add things worst, they're are 3 supervisors(anic perempuan gak) who keeps buggin u in the back if it seems like we're not taking calls,"is there any problem?" "why are u offline so long" are some of the Questions asked....u know what,my type of work sometimes need me to take a breather and think what is my action...if im to do everything in prompt to, i'll go mad...HAH! JUST FINALLY REALISE WHY MANY PEOPLE MY AGE THERE HAS PLATINUM HAIR COLOUR!..DAMNIT I DONT WANT THAT.

Then the dreaded Friday where they called me around 7+ am in the morning and told me to come to work early cause someone cannot come in,at 8 lak tuh!,i hadnt even bathe yet u assholes!but whatever i just took my time and go, in which i got there around 8.30, so i started working tralalalala,then they told me i gotta do overtime today for 2 hours, shitttttttttttttttttttt! just yesterday i overtime,but because lin my mentor asked, i cant help and say ok(after much debate) 6.30 i gotta go off work...but i only manage to get off the phones around 7 because some users are so just plain needy/fucking messed up...

So now im planning to leave, the last few days i've been very very moody, and all profanity words have been said,also my patience is less than great nowadays..and unlike other fakers anic woman in my office, i wont! i repeat i wont be smiling nowadays or show any emotion..senang cakap muka aku akan cam cibai jer pasnih.(and it had started)

Why am i so pissed of bout this?
1. i never ever agreed to work for 12hrs...its not even stated in the fucking contract raise after adding 12 hrs?eventhough its once a month
3.perempuan anic boss mmg gampang
4.i left HSBC to have some of my life back,not push it to worst

resolution : mark my word, im leaving, in a bad way or good way, i dont care anymore.but what i am afraid the most is, that i cant control my feelings and i did what i did to pn sri, and some of the idiotic things i did in my schooldays

OK ENUFF BOUT THAT, so nothing much this weekend, i wanna rest, and not think of my work...oh seems like there are some great trailers i've seen lately,not really great..but there are moments and me likey the actors in it.

First up is :


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It stars Sandra Bullock and Julian Mcmahon, both fairly good actors, the first thing that attracted me to this was actually Bullock, and to hear it has to do with supernatural stuff, makes it even better.

Its bout Linda(Sandra), who recently just lost her husband in a car crash,but suddenly reapears the next day.And it goes back and forth, one day still alive, one day dead.After digging deeper, she realize her husband death is no accident, so she strive to amend it,good luck.

Trailer is just ok, but the crash seems exciting,and u got Bullock, u gotta love Bullock, its coming out next year,sigh.

Next is

The Messengers

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Now here with got a great cast,we have the ever intense Dylan McDermott, the ever talented Penolope Ann Miller and the great kid in Panic Room,Kristen Stewart.

Ok this trailer is only shown at 10 am - 5pm,hoho marketing much, but yeah there is a couple of times the trailer gave me chills.So im gonna rate this as a gonna watch, but it might be bad. oh fyi, Pang Brothers is directing.Out on 2007 also

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So here's the story im only copying cause i dont know much
An ominous darkness invades a seemingly serene sunflower farm in North Dakota, and the Solomon family is torn apart by suspicion, mayhem and murder

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there are a couple more trailers i wanna highlight, but that is for the next post


Azryn said...

hmmm... aku saj bukak blog ko pagi nih.. sbb akunye account seme disabled so aku malas nk wat keje... waha... anda snagat tensen... cepat2 laa carik keje baru,... gi lah tuko keje cecepat...dh pulak cam rasa bersalah cam secara tak lanusng mengheret anda ke lembah hina nih... huhuhu....

reza said...

eh kor dan jaa tak bersalah langsung dlm hal nih, vivian dan sewaktu ngannyer tuh jer yg celaka, ingat orang robot?!

tak sangka tiba2 leh jadik gini..tantrum seh

tapi apa2 mmg bukan salah ko dan mmg aku dah sedang process carik

oh dan tahniah jadik perm staff

Anonymous said...

bila kubaca seakan terasa kesengsaraan anda.perkataan sabar seakan tidak berguna.
bila kebencian membuak ape2 pun boleh jadik.dan menangis bawah shower pun tak kan ubah ape2
aku pun penah dan sedang derang bagooooos sangat kann.jalan terbaik ialah quit kot hehehehehe

. : obesiti perkapasiti : . said...

it's like a challenge for me to work in such company..thats why i still continue there evntho i can just quit like things i really like.. but yeahh u shud now..there's someone also at the office that made me stay..ahahahahha gatal :D

joey jo jo shabadoo said...

Membaca citer ko mmg agree sgt ko patut leave tat place. Im not saying this sbb aku ni compulsive job quitter (cue to make fun), tapi sah2 they crossed the line suruh ko wat OT then tak byr ko extra.

Celaka sgt ok keje hari ahad! 12 jam lak tuh.

Melainkan ada minah yg rupa cam Gellar kat situ, ada baiknya kamu mencari keje tpt lain.

reza said...

ano : ahahahaha perlu ke ingatkan aku nangis bawah shower,dan thanks kerana memahami

jaa : whatever suits u fine, at least kor tak jawab calls

joe :thank u for the support

Anonymous said...

terperanjat beruk jugak aku tetiba ko bagitau pasal ni. ingatkan semua nya ok happy di sana..ingatkan panas hingga ke petang, rupa-rupanya hujan di tengahari..

takpe la reza cuba la dulu. anggap ini sebagai cabaran..mana tau bende ni mungkin sekejap saja...test saja ke. bila sampai masa nya nanti semua nya akan ok. tapi tak tau la bila..

setiap hujan lebat bersama guruh dan petir...pasti ada pelangi di akhir nanti.. just wait for the rainbow's going to be worth it.


ajurina said...

ini ke kisah yang ko tak saba nak citer kat aku? ermm well.. buat je ape yang ko rase terbaik dalam hidup ko.. what now? pesta quit keje dan mencari keje baru? maybe it is not as easy as what u think.. anyway good luck job hunting..

reza said...

ano : aku ingat sapa lah sampai hujan lebat hujan terang nih,rupa2nyer kau,takper sedang bertahan nih, apa2 pon mmg nak blah,sedang mencari

jue :tuk kau special,ada lanjutan lagi actually khas tuk ko

Che underscore Lee said...

wahaa okey aku terkejut ko emo dlm blog bleh? ingat ko call aku masa kat rumah aritu dah lepas tu dah leh kkkewl down dah hehehe...


btw, itu Premonition cam best jek aku rasa.. ade Bullock dan ade McMahon!

Siberkop said...


Hmm, aku nak harapkan the best for ko. Kesian lak dgr cerita ko ni sbb ko tak bitau lak.

Hmm, aku harap next year company aku dapat resolve byk mende then dari situ harap2 ada good news, maybe for u. We'll see. I'll keep praying for u.

Dela said...

kan aku dah cakap..keje ngan aku :))...jom quit reza...


reza said...

izar : takleh gitu jer, kereta ada pls

cyber : mmg mengharap

dela : kor ckp jer lebey

Che underscore Lee said...

ouhh pahamm kereta yer..
halaa.. ko carik keje lain dulu, dah komfem, ko berambus je cecepat drp kompeni anic itu okey!

Razli said...

Bukak je lah production house sendiri yob. Idea utk features dah banyak aku dgr/tgk. Takpun, buat script, try hantor dkt Astro ke Metrowealth ke. Baru lah Kevin Smith sikit.

reza said...

oh kevin smith!tapi dude duitttttt lain lah aku jadi anak ikan datin mana2 ker

izar baru perasan kor mention pesal premonition,mmg nampak cam cool..tapi kena tgk dulu

coming 2007

Razli said...

Dude, Kevin Smith nak buat Clerk dia jual semua collection comics dia, so apa lagi??? Harharhar!

Dela said...

dah ko tanak cari keje ngan aku..aku ngajok arh...asik2 kene chat ngan iwan yg keje ntv7 tu je. dem.

Anonymous said...

lupa la nk ckp.. gi la jabatan buruh.. maner leh 12 hours straight keje..