Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Sorry for the late posting,me very bz...with the weekend open house and all,not to forget the wonderfull working place/schedule.My life isnt as fun as it used to be,oh well,at least i got to bowl today with NORLI and others...that was fun...i imagined all the pins i had to hit as my managers a.k.a the bitches boggling heads.So as I was driving home, my god there was so many poster/promos bout the new bond...and so far i heard everyone said it was one of the best,except this one dude who flat out say it sucks big i dunno,maybe this weekend im gonna go see it...IF I HAVE THE TIME *im working this sunday f.y.i.OH and the bond promotion seems to be running strong cause everynight on channel 42...they are playing old bond movies,last night was For Your Eyes Only, one of the few bond movies that i somewhat remember most of the scene,but what i remember most was the gorgeous lead.

Watching through that bond movie, it hit me, how dumb and illogical these bad guys are...they have like loads of time to kill of bond but nooooooooooooo, they have to toy with him first and tup tap tup tap,bond got loose..dumb i tell u.just shoot the guy of the dumbest i remembered is Goldfinger,they left bond on a table, then a laser beam slowly beams near his crotch up.Then they leave him alone in that room...what the hell...kot yeh pon tunggu lah sorang kan!

So what makes bond movies great?me dunno,but the ladies are lets list the most memorable bond girl(my personal fav...if urs isnt in, too bad)



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Who : She's the other better heroine in License to Kill,but i dont remember her real name...leh?...what i know is that she is a much better heroine than the other one,which was Talisa no charisma Soto

Why Hot : To tell u the truth I dont remember this movie much(timothy dalton's one lor,can u blame me?)...but what i do remember is that this chic dressing is tight!!!!...she really showcase her goods,and all her publicity pic are to die for!Whatever it is she's hot!


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Who : She's the not so well known bond girl in Goldfinger,the sister to the chic that got painted in gold

Why Hot : I'm not sure,but personally she's definately hotter than the Pussy Galore heroine.That lady is erm...too mature i guess.Tilly however is way cute and independent,heck she tried to kill goldfinger herlself twice!..but alas she got killed after like 15 minutes of screentime?..damn!


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Who : She's one of the henchman who have limited screentime but is still sizzling hot...oh fyi, one of my fav bond film is A View To A Kill

Why Hot : The moment she stepped down from the hotel/house/mansion? where bond is going to stay...i automatically said,hotttttttttttt...hope she last long,my wish didnt came true,not only did she died, she has like 2-3 lines i think..but i still remember her in that blue jumpsuit...yummmmmmm

7.ELEKTRA KING in Tomorrow Never Dies

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Who : The Lady Villain in Tomorrow Never Dies...this is one hot mama

Why Hot : Pouty lips is one,sexual vibe is 2...the poster is 3.When the poster came out for TND, i was that thing natural or they stuff something inside it?..Those 3 reasons are enuff to make me search the net bout this hot lady


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Who : The smart heroine in Goldeneye

Why Hot : At that time when Goldeneye came out, i thought natalya is one of the hottest chic ever...however now...when i see her in diffrent movies(Vertical Limit) i was like *what happend..but in Goldeneye, she's definately an eye candy


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Who : The Lead Henchman for AVTAK,played by Grace muscles much Jones

Why Hot : okok people are gonna laugh,i know she's not hot..but she's one of my most memorable bond girls.she's spunky,tough and deadly...i would never go one on one with her.And in her defense, she does have an excellent build/body...look at those biceps...meeeeowww(tapi kena tutup muka)


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Who : The ever smiling henchman in Goldeneye, played excellently and supprisingly by Famke Jansen

Why Hot : Her name is personally one of my most memorable bond girls ,(next to pussy galore) and how she kills her,fitting with her name.Also i was on awe to see Famke can pull a villain, a really psychotic villain while looking very hot.Famke i love u in everything u played..N.


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Who : The only girl in For you Eyes Only worth mentioning,oh she has a crossbow

Why Hot : I remember her the most because of two things, her very long shinny hair..and then her thighs when she went diving...HOTTTTTTTTTT.Oh and she has this innocent and pretty face..too bad she can't act...but whatever,she's still hottttttttttt.


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Who : Another only girl in the movie worth mentioning,oh she's a spy who lost her husband

Why Hot : BECAUSE SHE IS.My defining moment is definately near the end,where she's wearing this very sexy sexy black dress,belah tepi.apa2 pon dia terlalu hot tuk mikir benda lain


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Who : That bimbo in AVTAK played by Hottie Tanya Roberts

Why Hot : She's sexyyyyyyy, her voice...oh!so husky and cute and..oh!I loved her in this movie,also loved her in Beastmaster, but then i saw her in 70's show i go eeeeeeeek,that's ok least once upon a time she way hot.But seriously, This chic is one of the biggest bimbo in all the bond movie combine,not to mention useless

So that's my fav bond girl,maybe someone will get booted when i watched casino royale..anyone wanna follow?


Che underscore Lee said...

First thing first... YAWWWNNN!!! hehehe...

Not really a Bond fan actually I guess Denise Richard and Michelle Yeoh can go under honorable mentions here..

and dancing penguins in Happy Feet beat Bond in the US after 1st week launching. Not really a good sign is it?

reza said...

denise richards sux pls

Razli said...

Dude, aku agreed with attempt to kill Bond in Goldfinger tu. Satu lagi scene big Asian guy with deadly cap tu. Beria nak strangle si Bond, baling je lah pliss topi tu! Dah lah lepas tu baling pun tersasar! And I also agreed with Elektra King, cam sungguh hot dan yummy!

Dela said...

Why Hot : She's sexyyyyyyy, her voice...oh!so husky and cute and..oh!I loved her in this movie,also loved her in Beastmaster, but then i saw her in 70's show i go eeeeeeeek,

entry paling gedik

oh anyhoot. denise richards tak masok. kecewa. ko fail.

reza said...

tuh lah,aku rasa denise richard gila tak sesuai,kot yeh pon kasik watak lain skit,scientist?i dont think so..

dela : ur just jealous because ur a has been, infact u've never even been

Anonymous said...

AKu rasa Casino ROyale adalah nicely done. Cukup dengan action dan melodrama dan mmg intense la lagi2 dalam poker game scene mmg aku cukup suka.

Happy Feet pun best. Tak rugi tengok dua2. I pun hot.

reza said...

ok harus tgk,dan fyi imdb rate casino royale is in the top 250? now what do u say bout that

ajurina said...

cara describe hot babes tu cam nak terkam je.. haha

Anonymous said...

IMDB just full of over-rating-rated people la aku rasa skrg ni.

Tapi bergantung kepada rating tu sahaja takper, takyah tgk movie tu top ke berapa jer.

reza said...

ju : tak selalu aku camnih, tuh dela jealous tuh

cyber : true but firsthand we gotta base it on reviews / hearsay before watching a movie

Che underscore Lee said...

Aku still rasa Denise Richards should in.. ko mmg tgk ke'hot'an nyer je, bukan charachter wise... yawn!

dan Cyber I agree.. u mmg hot! ngeeee...

thanezra said...

duh topic kisah hot

reza said...

and in my defense...GRACE JONES TUH HOT KER???????????!

eleh kor tuh selalu tgk cerita jantan2 hot banyak ckp lah


dela said...

dela : ur just jealous because ur a has been, infact u've never even been

--> i've been in your myspace. hate.