Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Now last year I didnt make a list for worst movie,this year am gonna make one,though they are possibly more bad movie than the one i list, like for examplebloodyraynequite well known for beeing very very BAD,but I haven't seen it,so it's fair not to put in those movie who got bad reviews all around.
What upsets me the most,this year's movies have it's fair share of sucky horror movies,thanks to those remakes.Anyhoo, here is the list..top ten movies that spells B-A-D

Top Ten Movie that Sucks

10 .Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The Beginning
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Why : If it's not related to TCM, I wouldn't judge it as bad, But since it's related, this movie doesn't bring anything to the TCM series,sure we know it's roots, but meh, I could have figured that out on my own without going to all the trouble making a new movie.Sure there are somethings that brings a new light to the story, like how the sherif become a sherif, and from whose womb did Leatherface came from.There's nothing fresh in this movie.Everything's the same,though gorewise was a bit gorier than the tcm remake.This is like making a prequel to the Scream movies where you'll know Maureen gonna get it and yada yada yada

Saving grace : Actually the acting was great.Even that hot bimbo.That's it

9.Grudge 2
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Why : Gellar YYYYYYYYYYYYY,if not for my love of watching gellar on screen,this movie would be much shittier.It was soooooooooooooooo confusing and sooooooooooo slow, until halfway through I couldn't care less.Gellar or no Gellar.I can understand if they want us to figure out the ending, or what is what...but by god I really dont understand what this movie is about,(apart from that beeyatch wanting revenge...get a life girl)

Saving Grace : When that girl in the closet got attack in the counsler room,eh terkejut jap..jap jer

8.Basic Instict 2
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Why: Sharon stone kor tuh dah tua, nak kangkang2 lagi tuh pehal?This movie is actually ok in sense of mystery.It's kinda hard to guess what Sharon Stone's character is about.(FYI sharon stone botox galore in here).Other than that, its one boring show, I might have appriciate it more if it's running time doesn't pass 1 and a half hr.

Saving Grace : Sharon Stone Kankang..it's back!

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Why : It's trying to hard to be an epic movie.Believe it or not,I actually enjoyed Dungeons and Dragons more than this movie.It looks more of a Disney movie...all preppy and shiny..shessssssh.The main problem bout this movie for me is the characters, they are soooooooooooo annoying,specially the dragon(i blame the script!)...And most of time I doze of and dream that I was in my very on fairytale story saving princeses and killing monsters (dela)

Saving Grace : The Warlock was kinda cool...so's the elven princess,hotttttttttt

6.Little Men
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Why : I thought it would be as funny as White Chick,which suprisingly was very funny.But it wasn't, sure there are some good laughs but my god are the jokes stupid.Gu gu gaga gigi gugu is suppose to make me laugh?Nope...try harder

Saving Grace : The boobie joke

5.The Covenant
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Why: Yes I finally watched this movie,ok here's what bad bout this lame movie.no 1. the guys are stiffffffffffffffffff.KAYU!They tried to hard to be macho and all I can hear is mumbles rather than lines.Imagine Judge Dred talking(im the law)...2.The climax is kinda meh, so what?..and not to forget,this movie is boring,nothing of intrest, unless ur ED kan ed kannnnnnnnnn.But in all seriousness it would be a more bareble movie, if the acting was a lil bit better.

Saving Grace : Erm erm, the clothes are hot.

4.Date Movie
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Why : I have high hopes for this one.But this movie stinks.The spoofs are horrible,made me groan more than laugh.And i was checking the time when this stupid movie will end.It's a pity cause i like Allyson Hannigan,and this movie degrade her.

Saving Grace : The only time i snicker was the intro and the My Best Wedding Part..other cricket.

3.American Haunting
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Why : The tagline fooled me,the only case where a person died from a ghost my asss.Watching this movie is like watching a drama/movie made for tv.If that was the case, i could have forgiven it more,cause i know what to expect.American Haunting is so plain and dull, that i ended playing online games when watching this movie..ooo white eyesss..scary.Some more we have sissy and Sutherland acting in it,2 great actors acting in 1 dumb movie...fyi ed yg beria suh aku tgk,u owe me 2 hrs ed!

Saving Grace : The ending...no not the final.The credits.

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Why : Aiyoooooooo what the hell am i watching.Why Milla Y!..who pulled ur arms and made u join this dumbass movie.This movie is just plain stupid, and the flashy effect doesn't help.I dont want to say anything more cause this movie upsets me

Saving Grace : nadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

1.When A Stranger Calls
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Why : One of the most normal movie I've ever seen,like American Haunting,it might as well be a tv movie,heck i think it'll be a better short movie by some new kid.Again i repeat this movie is so mild, it's like Beff Burger in MCD,the cheapest and the least intresting of em all.The movie is nothing!...i repeat nothing,the scares are cheap!..remember Scary Movie spoofed about this big chick beeing frighten by everything in the garage (horse,cat,anything) well it happens here a lot of times and it got boring!eee sini eeeee sana eeee ais batu,eeeee pintu tutup,eeeeee perut dela.enuff!And why they remake this movie,the original wasnt all that,only the beginning was a bit spooky...sigh,like i said,might as well make a short movie,rather than bring us people to endless cheap scares

Saving Grace : the last chase was ok i guess.

that's bout it,nearly made the list : Davinci Code,Open Season,WTC

I also would like to wish Happy Belated to my excellent mom who turned 54 last week.


yukio said...

Date Movie mmg annoying. Paling annoying masa makeover style pimp my ride....ah come on la...dah dah la tu...
dan yeah, ultraviolet bosan...aku tak abis tgk pun...u should put aeon flux gak...eh tapi cite tu last year ke?

S K R I N said...

Oh no oh no, TCM : Beginning sucks????? Ahh Shit, aku tunggu bagai gila2 DVD kluar kat sini. Kau dah hilangkan keterujaan aku. oh tidak.....!
Tapi aku nak tunggu jgk coz they said beginning offers more brutal & goriest since 1974 & 2003 remake. Betui ke? (cakaplah ya weh pls pls haha)

reza said...

Erm TCM tak lah sux like hell,tapi cam "ala takder benda baru"...dan yeah mmg paling gory,takmo reveal apa2 tapi semua mati teruk gak ah

reza said...

lupa lak

kazumi? : erm rasa aeon tak sama tahun,tapi tak ler seteruk ultraviolet,ultraviolet karut terus

dela the cute said...

ahaaha ko nyer 'my fanny' banner tu naper tak letak gambo kor peluk gellar? :P

the american haunting tu aku terasa tertipu tengok, so aku setuju ngan kor,

the covenant tak best? sib baik tak tgk agih.

little man? mmg tak de hati nak tgk.

hmm..eragon tried hard la..tapi for me so so..

when a stranger calls typical gila..mmg patut ko letak 1st.

lelain sme aku tak tgk agih. sib baik.

reza said...

good idea,takpon letak gambo kat indon kor kan?

covenant tak best,tapi kor cepat cair tgk laki gagah,so silakan

btw tgk basic instinct,dan tiru gaya stone plsssssssssss

S K R I N said...

haha doubt it. taklah sux sangatkan? btw, happy belated to your mum too.

Ed said...

erm.... cist... nama ku di kaitkan dgn movie2 sux... anyway american haunting tu aku tak tgk abes pun... tgk cd 1 jer... pastu doze off... hahaha... masa aku suh ko tgk tu aku tak tgk lagik... aku suh ko tgk pasal aku teruja dgn trailer dia... and yg covenant tu... aku tak tgk jugak plis... tapi forward2 jer part2 yg panas...hehehe... yg ko tgk jugak tu kenapa... kata tak nak tgk... muahahaha.... lenlain dlm list... aku cuma tgk eragorn (dgn ko... tiket free kan), grudge 2 (jugak dgn ko), dan when a stranger call... erm... nasib baik x tgk citer2 yg lain tu... baik aku layan betty...

reza said...

skrin : wah satu2nyer yg wish belated tuk mak aku,korang yg 5 tahun plus kawan ngan aku nih how??~~~berpeluk tubuh sambil tapping kaki hebat (acah je actually)

ed : bermakna , if aku tgk wayang ngan kor bakal sux...bahaya nih,eh tapi aku tgk prestige ngan ko,anyhoo not meaning to ngatakan apa kor recommend sux,tapi mmg aku sakit hati sangat ngan american haunting tuh....

joey jo jo said...

=)) kesians dela, kat tpt comment pon kena kutuk

I agree dgn review ko utk eragorn, covenant and little man. Sgt snore fest.

Date Movie memula kelakar gak sebenarnyer, last half jer cam ntah pape.

Eh, St Ange (dela's fav movie ever) tak masuk list ko? Tak sure which year movie nie klua tapi cam deserve to be the worst horror/thriller/scary movie ever!

Siberkop said...

Satu movie pun aku tak tgk lagi dlm list ni.

Aku mmg bijak memilih ker atau dah takde masa nak layan movie dah? HeHe.

Eh, eh, happy belated besday auntie. Kim salam mak ko. ;)

dela said...

daymne. sian aku. demmm ko reza.

tgk silent hill pliss. aku nak ko tiru gaya wanita nurse.

Jurina said...

aku tgk eragorn je dlm list ni..
comment aku? ermm 'i expected more'

Ed said...

ok happy belated birthday gak kat mak ko... isk terasa lak...

Che underscore Lee said...

AHAHAHA Saint Ange (yg Dela pilih) tu paling sucks dalam millenium ini!

Anyway Covenant best hape... ihiks!

Dan Da Vinci Code nearly made the list?? Ko tak ske ke citer tu??

reza said...

izar :yeah me yawn loads and loads of time in davinci

izar joe : aah yeh saint ange,tapi tuh cam ages ago kot,oklah tuh leh letak dlm worst movie of all time

jurina : lembap

cyber : aku channel ke kor

dela : i cant wear heels,sorry

ed : tak twist tangan kor suh ckp pon