Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Hi Horror Fans!..

Lama tak wat topic horror related, anyhoo like every year aku watch some horror movies pre b-day..tapi tahun nih satu jer eden tengok..dan tajuknyer The Initiation.
It's a slasher horror flick from the 80s, so please expect a bevy of beauties (well actually one), killer in a jumpsuit, full frontal nudity,shower scenes, cheesy lines, cheesy kills, screaming babes and etc..oh did i mentioned full frontal nudity?

Tapi apa2 pon syok tgk film2 lama nih..lagipon slasher..sekarang slasher tame sangat...walaupon dulu effect cam hampeh..tapi aku rasa recent slasher terlalu..cautious?..entahlah

The Initiation mengisahkan wanita2 sorority nih yg nak add in new pledges..4 to be exact..last task is to do a prank, which was stealing a mall security's uniform (ZZzzZZ much).But there's a killer on the loose and he/she/it/dela is aftering the lead which is played by Princess Vespa!!( ala yg belakon dlm Star Wars parody tuh jadik Princess Leia).

Cerita nih start off sangat buhsan..some kills here and there, then peekaboo (tehee) blah3 u reach the mall and personally it gets better here.The kills are pretty gruesome from here on but expect 80s visual effect.And the most important..I actually liked the ending..didn't at all see it coming..low expectation kot.All in all an a ok flick..worthy of mah time.

Now it got me thinking, kenapa lah takmo remake2 cerita yg relatively unknown nih..it's better than remaking the great horror flicks, (Prom Night xpa cause cerita tuh bagi aku bongok!..tiba2 Jamie Lee nari2 apa kes?)Seriously, cerita nih kalau well made lagi syok..dah ler ada mall...me love mall movies..Mallrats, Phantom of the Mall dan Chopping Mall, so apa kata cuba nasib remake nih..anyhoo esok nak review an even better horror movie aku baru tgk nih..sambil promote kat dela yg sedang online di YM! nih

Sempat nyanyi sebelum mati..kekewl, mlm ni saya review yar


Dela said...

apa saja la movie yg kor tgk nihh :)) terhapa

reza said...

eh diam kau
slasher movie..obviously

Che underscore Lee said...

killer tu pakai glove ke? dan motive masih nyanyi? hehe..

thanezra said...

actually she was calling for help...saja jer ckp nyanyi cause nampak cam nyanyi..
dan i actually tak perasan dia pakai glove..oh well..zaman tu

Che underscore Lee said...

ko mmg suka kalau ada full frontal nudity ni kan?

Dela said...

ahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!! ko nih suka sangat movie pasal nudity....even if it's a cheap porn slash movie :))

tak pe la..sempena bday kor pon yer. *chuckles*

fadz said...

ohh, just look at that girl! either she's really in pain or really in ecstacy.. couldnt tell huh?

thanezra said...

heyyyy not fair...izar lagi suka tgk skins..i just happen to watch a movie with frontal nudity..bukannyer ku mencari

dan fadz..i'll go with just there for the money

milo boyd said...

update lah SLUTTTT!