Sunday, April 06, 2008


Ada cerita Brit series..more like mini series kot..cause first season 9 eps jer...agak best..I was searching for Dawson's Creek's on the net..and somehow was told this is better than Dawson..and what do you actually is.It's hillarious!...walaupon susah gak nak tangkap...tapi gila lawak...first episode dah wat aku terpelanting gelak...dan drama cerita nih..fuyoooooo twisted!...budak2 dlm cerita nih leh kata semua twisted..skrg dah masuk season 2...dah 8 eps..and still good..aku dah sampai Season 2 Ep far still good..tapi emo gak cause cast akan tukar season 3...with reasons...they won't follow these kids through Uni.Demn...Anyhoo aku nak recommend kat korang...but here's the cast first...aku amik the core jer..and 1 fav regular of mine..

p/s : juga best bila dengor slang derang cam "u fu@!$ing Wanker/Twart!", ehehe cute


Ha I ask y'all...cuba tgk tak budak nih sapa..first time aku nampak mmg About a Boy jer..dan mmg betul...gila lah!dah ler betul...teringat terus adengan dia dengor lagu rap shake ur ass tuh..heh.Anyhoo...Tony's the main man...dia hero..but he's a manipulative asshole..and it's refreshing...hero uses everyone..his friends..the Gf..however near the end something life changing happens..and personally i think that's a great turn..and from an asshole..i find his current status pretty sad.Anyhoo..great of my fav character in this series.


Michelle is the above's GF...she doesn't really stand out for me in the first couple of eps...but when the drama kicks in..yo..she's fiesty..and hot..but thus far..not skin yet??boooooo foul!...and side boob doesn't count yeh!..anyhoo..she's love Tony..however sometimes Tony treats her like shit..but she's ok with it..not until she notices some weird character changes in Tony..she's needs more character developement cause i dunno what else to say.


The best friend of Tony and Michelle..who actually loves Michelle..and everyone knows bout it,even Michelle..however Tony decides to toy with Sid just to torture the poor sod.His plot is kinda typical however..wait until you see season sad.


The stoner and sex addict..who loves the Psychology teacher (who's wicked hot btw)..this dude is the other fav character of mine in the series..i think he has a lot of things to deal with...wtih the mom leaving him alone and being I wouldn't want to be in his shoe...oh i forgot to mention that he's freaking funny!..

Jai..or Jal

The good one of the bunch..the one with the least problem (thus far)..i see her as the friend who u'll never have any sexual feelings for..ever..but sometimes might fall for when she's there for always..this lady a good friend..she deserves a BF...someone write her a bf.


Another FAV of mine...the slightly saikotic one...she's really really weird...but cute! soo cute that you forget how weird she could be.And she stands out more than her love her love only concern is that the writers can kill her off..cause she's really unstable...bila2 jer leh mampus.


The gay dude...and sorta like Jal..he's always there for anyone..and suprisingly..Tony...He's best mates with Anwar(muslim yeh)..which i find quite amusing and interesting..and the on and off conflict between them is pretty interesting..He also has a stalker who is CRAZY.not just crazy..SCARY CRAZY


The I would never figured they'll create a muslim guy in this sort of series...i dunno if anyone is affended by how he is potrayed..but i think, it's good enough..not really a saint..but still prays..but he is slightly typical..i mean the minority is always the joker of the bunch.Blacks..Asians..etc

I add in Angie..she's not the core cast..but I just love fav scene is definately when the guys walk in on her @ the showe room..mucho funny..

Ok that it..aku rasa Izar ada bakat besar leh enjoy aku tak sabar nak pass kat hang.


Che underscore Lee said...

chehh ptg semlm aku tanya ada apa2 nak pass kat aku tak, ko ckp nothing interesting.. jentik karang nak? hehe...

Maxxie kinda cute hihi.. Chris pun

reza said...

oh time tuh juga belum burn lagi
xpa lepas burn kelak
kor leh amik

milo boyd said...

ok..chup after izar pliss..takleh nak dld dan hard disk penuh..huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

nnt dah siap tgk izar pass kat milo tau??.. :-S

reza..aku wonder..kalo aku yg belakon citer skin nih..aku jd watak cemana? hahahaha..saiko but cute ke?

reza said...

boleh!...aku dapat bayangkan kor ckp u fucking wanker dah..

dan no prob..pinjam jer...share the love..aku sangat addict ngan cerita nih...sampai nak abih dah latest ep dlm satu minggu jangka masa nih...

Che underscore Lee said...

okey jer.. pass to me bebila ko available.. dan milo nanti lepas tgk i pass kat u ye bebi!

Dela said...

series yg menarik untuk di donlod. any hoo aku cam baru perasan ada blog nuha. comel plis. dan english dia hebat gak for a std 2 kid.

thanezra said...

thank u, anak sedara hang dulu pon ada blog kan..tapi cam tak update berjuta tahun...suh miker start balik..or at least create daniel's moodification blog