Thursday, November 06, 2008

Halloween Baby!

Yeah am 6 days what..aku duk tertido jer kojer, sampai hapah movie tak tgk...tapi tv series masih sempat :). N'way Halloween was fun..initially me didn't want to participate in the day party (office party) cause didnt have time to buy anything, I was THAT bz, then AF came with his Darth Vader helmet! kor cool sial!..kudos and xoxo (minus the kisses), though it aint much, the effort IS there unlike other team members who konon abih "cool"...AND most important..i had a laugh following the dude trick a treating...NOW THAT WAS A BLAST..i laughed till i was in tears, and not just once...loads and loads of times

OH OH then the infamous Storm Troopers scene, where the ones who was in day shift that day wore Af's Darth Vader Helmet..the outcome was hilarious! And at this point I laughed for like 10 minutes non stop...seriously...ask Af..aaaahhh fun times..fav pic gotta be the one showcased below..eyes censored due to loads of reason.

After that me quickly went to Midval grab some props for the night party..which the lovely single Dela invited.And what a surprise after much search, i finally found what I want in a ladies accessories store...I was like eh?..don't worry though i didnt buy makeup..then me rushed to TGIF Curve.Sampai2...everyone took their time figuring out what i came was...until I point to the obvious...Dela got it first..surprisingly (ur not that bimbo after all eh?) then the other followed suit. Thank god gak cause tak, gila fail. And also macho points to Razli for getting "it" by just watching the pix...tak sangka..benda kor taknah jumpa pon kan? ke?

the ladies had fun

Anyway I had a blast there..oklah..better than i expected..everyone was cool,being the shy one (acewah) I wasn't left out.So me end there lah k. Again thanks time me come as Mic Myers k...aku try sedaya upaya..

Ok movies semperna Halloween, gonna make this fast.

Zombies Zombies Zombies

Suprisingly..aku suka nih lagi dari Zombie Strippers...maybe it's cause of the camp factor..dan juga pimp tuh lawak gila dengan back hand dia. I really didn't take this movie which maybe why i kinda like it.the only thing is,the ladies here didn't pull a Jenna Jameson in Zombie Strippers...bummer!oh dan near the end it got too dumb for my also didnt help that the actress all looked bored. 5/10

Return to Sleepaway Camp

Sucked..the end.

ada..lagi tapi oleh kerana short term memory ku lupa lak..demn..anyway..later kiddies!!


mahhass said...

Selamat kuota dl aku. Takyah dload RTSC tu.

Zombies3x plot wise, way better than Strippers, cuma acting depa macam sial nak mampus & tak ada humour. Zombie movie mana bleh serious sgt!

Che underscore Lee said...

ok seriously aku masih confius ko came as what mlm tu since aku tgk from pix jer.. care to explain? hehe..

reza said...

snow cap BIG hint
think of it as the dead ex

Che underscore Lee said...

ok masih confuse
u know me not a horror movie fans kan? :P