Saturday, May 14, 2011

Its Friday the 13th!

A day late just cause bloody Blogger went Kaput for a day...yesh!

Anyhoot, how was ur Friday the 13th? Ikutkan hati memang nak marathon lah Friday the 13th (and baru sejam tadi dapat tau dari Lyna yg ada marathon kat HBO!) tapi apakan daya...kojer belah mlm nih pon x dapat gi...sedih weih!

But I did manage to usha 1 Friday, I got all the Friday movie all in DVD except Jason Goes to Hell, I dunno why it's not included in the boxset...pelik. I decided on Friday the 13th VIII : Jason takes Manhattan..personally the WORST of the bunch. And after 3rd?..viewing of the movie...yeah It still sucks balls!..

Friday the 13th VIII is one of the first Friday movies I saw as a kid. Three stuff I remember the most bout the movie

i) That Slut Tamara Seducing the teacher and then stabbed to death after
ii) I thought the lead looked like Gloria Estefan back looking back..hahaha..Gloria Estefan lah sangat.
iii) An asian chic got killed ...and after using the wonders of the Internet, I came to know that chic was Kelly Hu...awesome.

Others? Nothing really memorable..the ending still sux, the kills sux, THE ENDING sux and don't make sense..and pace was a bit lame. Oh well it was my choice anyway to watch this..maybe next Friday the 13th I'll pick the first 4 films which I love!...and Jason X. Wokey that's it...I leave you with Kelly Hu..yummers