Thursday, May 05, 2011

It finally happen...Scream 4

This is an overdue post, meant to write it after watching Scream4 but I was away for a lonnnnng holiday..fortunately earlier I saw Scream 4 again with the 4 free tix I got from Red.Fm (which made me wait 2 weeks! I might add!). 3 other friends were invited, 2 are my friends from highschool who knows how much I love this franchise, and another is the chic where we both first meet online chatting /role playing ( im not joking ) Drew's scene in Scream I guess I pick the right people to join in the fun.

Before I continue talking bout Scream 4, I wanna add that the crowd that watched Scream 4 with us were too cool!...they screamed, they react!...all the things I love hearing in the cinema while watching a scary flick..

So Scream 4...well for starters I love the opening was unexpected. I told these 3 people that we could not miss the opening scene cause it was to die for! It was funny, ironic, a bit underwhelm (at first!), shocking, confusing which all in all roles into one big bundle of FUN!

The pacing was hot enough, would love for it to go longer like the other Scream series..but whatever..there was never a dull moment for me, I was jumping with joy the whole way..but maybe that was just the fanboy in me. The kills were in a way pretty brutal...Ghostface was pissed!..and I love it!, unfortunately I can't see the full gory details cause you know...censorship...baahhh. One thing though, I miss how elaborated the kills were in the 90s slasher flick, I love a chase...nowadays they just get to the point...stab..and ur done!

Characters; love the newbies! em love em, specially love Kirby played by Hayden...she oozes Randy from the original, not to forget..she's mighty fine! Marley Shelton was a bit off sometimes but I enjoy watching her again in the big screen. David Arquete was dumb as usual, but it got tired after a while. Courtney was cool as always!..and Neve was hot!...she age well.She's hotter here than 10 years back. Speaking of the originals...I never like these 3 character wise, I always like the supporting better (i.e Tatum, Randy, Jennifer Jolie and Cici) but somehow when Sid/Gale was in trouble..I actually wanted them to live...surprise surprise. I finally cared for these characters.

And the movie trivia part in Scream series is what I live for, they still rock in here..with the theories and all, I like..brings back memories of the first 2 Scream. And speaking of memories, notice how much of Scream 1 scene were brought back here?...that was awesome!

Motive, was weird and annoying..but it does make sense after awhile, but still weird..let me just say..Sidney's never gonna catch a break. So all in all Scream 4 delivers!..I love it! 10 years of waiting was worth it, plus...I got to see it at the cinema! line in the bucket list can now be scratch out!


fadz said...

hohohohohoho, sangat! sangat!! hahaha..! ohh, tapi awat lewat sangat bro?? aku pun sama, KIRBY tak boleh boleh mati! aghhh!!

reza said...

mana lambat..on the 19th dah tgk..nih 2nd viewing..
dan yes...Kirby xleh mati!

The Wan And Only said...

ur lucky getting a nice crowd... mine was talking loudly and chuckling when Ghostface was chasing someone to kill... stupid Scary Movie ruined it all...

the opening was original and but kurang punch mcm the other Screams... rugi siyut dah dpt Anna Paquin AND Kristen Bell tapi camtuh jer gunakan diaorg...

reza said...

Not all, awek sblh aku duk sms sapa ntah sampai membuatkan aku ckp "udah-udah ler tu"..not joking

Tapi ada betul kor ckp deran x guna kristen bell n anna paquin fully..but still it's a nice shock for me..ehehe