Sunday, May 22, 2011

scared shitless

I've said a couple of times this year bout a couple of movies that scared me, but I only used the expression brrr but by god Insidious scared the hell out of me yesterday.

It started out relatively slow(20 min jer) but when the hauntings started I was totally spooked. When I saw the first ghost that emerge in th baby's crib my heart skipped a beat, hair's crawling..nipple's hard (aku tau lucah but I swear it's the truth!)..then the eering feeling of something is not right in that house! That door not close scene actually made me gasp..heavens to betsy sungguh.

Then the kid dancing ghost wtf!The ghosts were really spooky the main ghost(s) specially. When darth maul (cis Lyn) first appear, that was the killer shot for me. I drove back home alone recalling that face again + again..oh here's another room is basically qn attic! Baboon sungguh! Howeverrrrr, during the dreamscape scene..I was actually put off a bit..all the ghost were less spooky then, creepy but no longer scary..even the place itself was not really that hot for me. It's like that Poltegeist 2 other world dimension scene..agak blaaaggggh! But the ending was hot enuff I love it.

I also like the astral plane theory, it was cool.Well thought of and sorta logical (just a tad).Cuzz said it has an old school feel to it. I sorta agree. Normally nowadays after filmakers decided to put an xtra 2-3 mins after credits..I would stay put..but this movie..I stormed out ASAP..klu ada additional scene lantak la kamu..aku dah letih..overall..way hot!