Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Dark of my Ass

Helloooo there!
Like many other normal movie lovers, I've watched Transformers 3.
But due to my constant bashing bout Transformers / Micheal Bay's work pre watching it..I guess Lord Michael Bay cursed me.
You see..I only watched like 1 hours worth of Transformers 3..why?..let me tell you why.

Left : Why!!!!aren't u in this movie ; Right : All hail Lord Bay..pfft

Firstly I got the venue fault actually..I was so used to Midvalley I automatically concluded that the show (which a friend earlier booked) would be there..15 mins before the movie starts none of those peeps appear..of course I called em to check where the heck are they..and...they're at the Curve..I realized I'll be 20 mins late..which is okay for I zoomed there as fast as I could with my very slow but reliable car. True to form I reached 20 mins late.

Now here's another thing, whenever I'm late or a friend is late..I normally leave the ticket at the collection counter..I asked the dude there if there's a ticket under my name..there's two (which is correct cause I came with a friend)...under the name Rezo..I'm like *dela wat lawak bangang apa lak nih*...but it is close right? The difference is just a I took it..went into cinema 6..and being the very nice movie goer that I am...I just walk right to the front and picked the 2 empty seat 2 rows from the front (cause I don't wanna bother people..I was in fact late) expected the movie already started...

Beforehand I was told by a couple of people that the length would be like 2 hrs 30 doing me maths I've missed 30 mins of the show..still hot enuff...but watching the movie...something was fishy. All the newly addition characters were pretty much established..Dampsey was already bad..some robot name Sentinel is already there...and the one that is not Megan Fox is already a girlfriend. However I figured that's Michael Bay being lazy. Oh btw I came in just right on time to see Optimus exiled to space. Then the war begins...and then an hr later...the movie ends. Imagine my confusion! My friend was confuse as well..and I pitied her cause she was actually wearing a transformers t-shirt..she was THAT excited. So we looked at the ticket and notice this movie session starts at 8..I was suppose to be in the 9pm session..WTF right?

Then I see Dela whatsapps me asking where I was (after 1 hr baru cari la?)..she said she was in cinema 10. The option now is leave..or join Dela..but the thing is..if I joined Dela and the others..I'll be watching the same last hour by then..not worth it. So left..sadly. Only yesterday after Dela called..I found out that she was holding the ticket and was waiting for me to call. ok 1. I don't call people when I know they're in the's unethical (cewah), ok I have 1 only. So apparently I took someone's else ticket..which coincidentally was sharing nearly the same name I had...(you see!..Lord Bay don't want me to watch Tran3!!!)..and that's the end of the story..I'm still pissed..granted it's only Trans3..a movie I wasn't really diggin but wouldn't mind seeing, but since I already bought the ticket I would at least like to watch 90% of the movie...haih..rugi rugi. I don't know if I'll be watching Trans3 again...depends on the friend that tag along with me that day..If she wants..I won't mind. Apa-apa..I'm so gonna book Harry Potter on my own.

As for the last 1 hr of Transformers 3..I was actually diggin it..The action scene was rad!..that collapse building scene was solid. Also I love the fact that humans actually did some damage to the least they didn't roll over and died. However the new chic sorta sucked..her job is to scream and deceive Megatron..which was laughable. Where's Megan Fox?!??!?! That's it.