Friday, July 22, 2011

gonna buy me-self a..

dunno yet..
tapi my colleague sorang ni nak pi US dah training..manusianyer agak mmg ku mau order something...last time when another colleague went there, I got me-self my first ever 3D DVD..My Bloody Valentine..pretty actually it was a gift from a dude I know there..bagus orang tu...bkn selalu orang nak bagi aku hadiah..tambah benda2 aku suka...even my parents pon bagi duit je time birthday

anyway kali ni mau beli something yg aku rasa..aku rasa lah..kat sana jer ada..
choices came down to two

1.Classic Marvel Figurine # Cannonball

I have 4 now in my hands, dulu beli kat OU, lupa nama kedai..but kedai tuh dah lingkup kot and near close to taking my money along too..I got Phoenix, Nightcrawler, Polaris and Rogue. Cannonball is one of my fav mutie..I grew up with his team..The New Mutants..I honestly wanted Dani Moonstar but she's not available..and Cannonball is the second best in my opinion...lagipon look at that statue...awesome!

Need friend

2. Scream 1997 poster

Been wanting this a looooong time..tapi takut mau beli online then ship to Malaysia. Bob (the colleague) did say agak risky beli this one cause ada bakat I dunno about this one. Another colleague said buy jer both...which is ok gak. Dunno but I would really love to stick this poster in my room..Favourite movie kot.

Decisions - decisions..also..bila la pulak aku kena anto sana..confirm aku menggila kat kedai comic dan blockbuster dema.